Ruger P94 opinions

Ruger P94 opinions

This is a discussion on Ruger P94 opinions within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Anyone have any experience with the Ruger P94? I seen one today at a new gun shop that just opened in my area. I like ...

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Thread: Ruger P94 opinions

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    Question Ruger P94 opinions

    Anyone have any experience with the Ruger P94? I seen one today at a new gun shop that just opened in my area. I like Ruger and want to here about this gun so not a bunch of Ruger bashing. It felt very comfortable in my hands and feels well made. Tell me what you think of this gun.

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    I had two of them in .40 caliber. 1st one blued. Wanted a stainless one so sold the blued and bought the stainless. Great shooter. I just wanted more capacity and sold the stainless to get a S&W full size M&P in .40 caliber.

    Never had any problems with the P94.
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    From those I know with the Ruger P series they like them. I looked at them at one time, but the "feel" wasn't there for me.

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    Aye, I can't speak on the P94 personally, but I formerly owned a P95 and thought it was a great little gun. Fairly accurate for fixed sights, fed every kind of ammo I put through it reliably, and was fairly easy to conceal.
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    Can't tell you about the P94..thats the .40 cal version right? But our P95DC (9mm) is still running strong and we bought that used at a pawn shop 11 years ago. Dad's P90 (.45) works great for him and the mags are the same that i use for my EDC p345 (.45). I can only assume that the p94 will have the same Reliabilty and longevity as the p series that we own. You'll always find someone who doesn't like a certain manufacturer and those that love them. My dad and I happen to be Ruger fans for life so if you find one, it fits your hand and feels comfortable I say go for it. They may be ugly and bulky but they'll get the job done and probably out last us all

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    I don't have a P-94 but I do have the P-95DC and it is a good gun. The P series guns are bigger and clunkier than they need to be but they are tough and reliable. Good guns. I can even conceal mine. Buy with confidence. Ruger will back you if you have any problems, which I'm sure you won't.

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    Ive had my Ruger P94 9mm for a year and love it. It is a little heavy but feels real good with the Hogue grips. Built very solid and can take anything you can dish out

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    I have a P94 .40 that I bought new in 1999 and I still love it. It also has the Hogue grips which are very nice. It's a bit bulky for me to conceal, but that's no big deal. If you like it I see no reason not to go for it.

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    I love my p94 40 cal i have the all stainless version it shoots great and never jams just to big to conceal im buying a glock 23 to conceal.

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    The Ruger "P" series is a good value. They lack some refinement that the top shelf pistols have, but they are a solid pistol.
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    I just bought a P-95 and love it. It ain't fancy but the price was right and it's accurate. It holds 15 + 1 and it barely kicks. It's my 2nd Ruger and I have been nothing but satisfied with both. I don't have the expertise of most of the guys on this forum but I know when something works good.
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    I also have a P95 9 mm (well I used to till my wife stole We love it. I have not had one FTF in several thousand rounds!

    Also shoots well in a sand storm!!
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    The P series from ruger is great you really cant go wrong.

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    love my p95 too, I love that rocking mag release in them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    The Ruger "P" series is a good value. They lack some refinement that the top shelf pistols have, but they are a solid pistol.
    "Built Like A Tank", as most Rugers are. Everyone should have at least one Ruger.
    Have had 2 Mini-14's. Wish I still had one.
    I have a P94 in 40S&W. They came in both 9mm and 40.
    I bought the Hogue finger groove grips for it and it fits me great! The heft helps with recoil. I actually carry this bugger on occasion. It's not bad for me.

    On Ruger's site they're all listed as P944 now. I have only seen a slide marked as such in pictures. The 9mm appears to have been dropped in the P94 line-up.

    If I could save enough pennies I would also be picking up a SP-101.
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