For those who Carry Glock-26

For those who Carry Glock-26

This is a discussion on For those who Carry Glock-26 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I currently own a khar tp9 (9mm) and a Sig-P245 (45ACP). My Sig P245 just sits in the drawer now. I find it too big ...

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Thread: For those who Carry Glock-26

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    For those who Carry Glock-26

    I currently own a khar tp9 (9mm) and a Sig-P245 (45ACP).

    My Sig P245 just sits in the drawer now. I find it too big to conceal.
    My wife is thinking about getting her CCW, the Khar TP9 is actually hers and I know he wants it back.

    So I am looking to do two things.

    One, get a pistol I can carry that will easily conceal.

    Two, I am looking to consolidate and just having to buy one type of ammo (9MM).

    So for all you Glockers out there. What is your opinion on the G-26 ? Is this a good pistol to conceal. I currently carry IWB with my wife's Kahr.
    It is so easy to conceal wearing shorts and tee-shirt.

    Thanks Guys
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    It will be easy to conceal, but for the comfort you are used to why not buy... ANOTHER KAHR!! The grip lengths are comparable, but the thickness difference is huge, IMO. I think you'll find the G26 feeling like a box of crayons after fondling the Kahr for so long.

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    Quote Originally Posted by titleist View Post
    It will be easy to conceal, but for the comfort you are used to why not buy... ANOTHER KAHR!!
    I was thinking the same thing. Maybe a bit more for the Kahr, but not much. I carry a P239, but I'm seriously contemplating a PM40 or an MK40. Love my Sig, but I think the Kahr might conceal a bit easier with cargo shorts and a T-shirt.

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    My wife's EDC, as well as my EDC, is the Glock 26. We have two, and they fill our needs very well.

    Now, since you have one Kahr, I would consider another - same model - then you have absolute conformity across your weapon platform. Interchangeable ammo, parts, and you both will be familiar with the others EDC. Buy a set or two of spare parts and you're good to go. Plus, you're already using the Kahr as your EDC. What's not to like?
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    I too carry a Sig P239most of the time, but also own a G26. IMO the G26 is slightly more concealable, plus you get the added rounds.

    I also know that the G26 is 10 ounces lighter which will make a difference when you are carrying all day.

    Bottom line...I do love my G26 and think you can't go wrong with that choice. Great shooter and you can carry a G19 spare magazine which will give you the added comfort of having a 15 round magazine handy should you need it.
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    My EDC is a G26. This gun is very concealable. I wear it in a IWB & OWB. I don't regret making my G26 my primary EDC handgun.
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    No problem concealing the Glock 26. I pocket carry mine in a Desantis Nemesis pocket holster. But IWB will work just fine.

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    My EDC is a G27, same size .40 cal. is very easy to conceal. It is light weight and very, very accurate.

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    Get a Walther PPS.

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    Certainly a Glock-26 will work, but if you want to use up some of that .45 ammo, step up to the Glock-36...just pick one up, I dare you!

    Stay armed...use a .45...stay safe!
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    The G26 may or may not be more concealable that a P245! It depends on where you wear it, and at what angle. On the hip, on my body, at a canted angle, a G27 was found to be no easier to conceal than a full-sized G22, and MORE DIFFICULT to conceal than a full-sized 1911 pistol. Why? All Glocks have blocky slides, and the striker mechansim necessitates that the slide extend farther to the rear. The outside upper rear corner of a Glock slide causes the all-too-familiar "print" that tells the world there is a Glock under that garment.

    All else being equal, a hammer-fired pistol will be easier to conceal, due to less rearward protrusion of the slide. (Obviously, a large hammer spur can lessen or negate that advantage.)

    All else being equal, a narrower pistol will be easier to conceal. Glocks are wide and blocky!

    Of course, a G26 is more likely to work inside a pocket than a P245, but a snubby revolver beats them both. Yes, I tried a G27 inside a pocket, and its competitor, the "heavy" SP101, won the pocket carry contest. The SP101 also won the ankle carry contest, and the hip holster contest. I sold the G27 to a co-worker, and just carried the full-sized G22 when I felt like concealing a brick. (The G22 was my duty pistol at the time.) Usually, at the time, I just toted two SP101 snubbies.

    If you like the Kahr, I recommend getting another Kahr! Narrower, less blocky; what's not to like?

    There was no actual overlap in my ownership of the G27 and my first SIG P229, but my perception is that a P229 is quite a bit easier to conceal than the G27 was, in a holster worn OWB in my usual spot just behind the point of the hip. (The G26 and G27 have identical external dimensions.) My P229 is chunkier than your P245.

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    I have a G27. All I can do is tell you what you keep hearing here. Buy the Glock and Live happily ever after.
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    Get the G26 and don't look back. At least the Glock doesn't require a minimum of 200 rounds for a "break in" like the Khar. The G26 will digest any ammo that you throw at it right out of the box.

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    LOVE IT! Easy to conceal, nice trigger pull and shoots great! Mine is 1998 because here in crappy MA its not legal to but new 26's. Did I say MA sucks? Oh ya.

    Also lots of holster options out there too. I have a S&W 99 that's just about the same size but its hard to find holsters for it!

    Good luck!
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    I second the PPS. Much thinner than the Glock. Easily conceals under a tee shirt and a little less $ than the Kahr. I love the Glock but when the weather dictates minimal clothing out the door I go with the PPS.
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