My birthday present

My birthday present

This is a discussion on My birthday present within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I had asked a couple weeks ago for info on the Browning Hi Powers. Well, after deciding I did in fact want one and getting ...

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Thread: My birthday present

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    My birthday present

    I had asked a couple weeks ago for info on the Browning Hi Powers. Well, after deciding I did in fact want one and getting the green light from the husband to get one for my combo birthday (today) and Mother's Day present, I began to search for one. UGH. Talk about frustrating. The only one I found in the Charlotte area was not the exact one I wanted, and it was over $1200 too. So on to the net to search, sold out everywhere. Used ones that were beat up are going for $650 and up, way up. So I had kind of resigned myself that I wasn't getting one right now. Today is my actual birthday, so my kids and I went out to lunch, then my boys (teens) wanted to buy me a range bag I had been eyeing, so after a quick trip to the mall we stopped by the local gun store on the way to my parent's. I only planned to get the bag and ammo, but of course I had to take a moment to stroll along the cases. I looked in the used case- which was an afterthought, I don't normally and lo and behold- there it is- the EXACT Browning Hi Power Mark lll I want in 9mm which is also what I wanted. It is like NEW, I mean not a scratch, all the original paperwork, etc. And the best part? It is $550, which is a lot less than I had seen even the worst beat up internet for sale one. So of course I bought it. Now I cannot wait to go shoot it. I normally don't go on the weekends since it's so busy at the range, and I can easily go on the weekday, but I don't know if I can wait.

    Only one quick pic that I took with my phone right now, but I am in love.
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! For most of us that would be a dream come true. A wife that asks for a 1911 on her birthday.
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    Awesome. Nothing like finding exactly what you are looking for when you least expect it. Good find
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    Happy Birthday and nice Hi Power!
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    Happy 16th(?) Birthday! Can you legally carry??
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    That is a pretty gun.

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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! congrats on the new gun

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    Happy Birthday and congrats on finding what you wanted.
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    Happy belated birthday! But . . . more important, thank you for sharing shooting with your sons -- and letting them be a part of your decision to carry and protect yourself and your loved ones!

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    Nice find and happy birthday.

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    Happy B-Day...belated, and nice find.

    Stay was calling your name...stay safe!
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    Happy belated Birthday and congratulations.

    That is a beautiful Mk III, and one I would love to own. What caliber is it, 40 or 9?

    I think you will learn why people say, "When John Browning designed the 1911 he hit a Home Run. When he designed the High Power he hit a Grand Slam."

    The High Power was way ahead of it's time and is still a very good combat handgun IMHO. I like them so much that I carry one off duty and used the one in my Avatar at a recent LFI 1 class. After toying with 1911's for years I have finally seen the light and recognize the superiority of the High Power over the 1911.

    No handgun points as well in my hands, unless it's a Revolver. I am fond of Revolvers, 1911's and High Powers and don't consider myself undergunned with any of them. I don't bat an eye at the lack of a Grip Safety. It's really not much of an issue for me. Also, I may be one of the few that likes the Magazine Disconnect Safety from a weapon retention standpoint.

    If you haven't already been over to Mr. Camp's excellent site I suggest you go check things out over there. There's lots of information specific to the High Power there.

    Hi Powers and Handguns

    Happy Birthday and congrats again.


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    Happy Birthday, and nice Gift.

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    Happy Birthday & Happy Shooting!
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