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Thread: goofball gunstore employee

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    if you are a frequent customer, I would say something. maybe to the manager, and if it happened again, I would say something to the customer. kind of mosey over there while the fool is giving his speech (that could cost the customer their life), and same something like, you don't want to .22 for self defense, unless you have a squirrel problem....or something llike get the peoples attention. I have made conversation before in the gun store when I have heard bad advice being given. I would rather have the worker mad at me, than to see the lady dead on the six o'clock news.
    And yes it is the customers decision, but if they are new to guns and asking the "expert" for advice, then they are being deceived.

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    You said he was already helping them when you walked in. Is this correct? Well, maybe they had informed him before you got there that she needed something in a smaller caliber. I am not saying this is the case, but if that is all you have to go on, give him the benefit of the doubt until you find out all the facts.

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    Most .22’s autos will jam on you
    Hmmm, I don't think so. Well, not with all the .22 auto's that I've fired anyway.

    What does bug me is hearing a clerk promote only his or her likes and preferences just because they happen to only know about those.
    Solved that problem, got a whole bunch of different in all types of calibers.

    I visit a lot of the local guns stores as i go buy a lot of them during various working days.
    Freudian slip maybe


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    Quote Originally Posted by glocksmygun
    I own a .22 pocket pistol and love it. I am a great shot with it and even carry it as a backup to my backup while on duty. Yes thats right i normally carry my main then a backup and then another backup. IMO it doesn't matter the size of the bullet but the shot placement. I have seen training video's of officer who have been gunned down with a .22. As long as the customer is happy with the gun and can place a good shot and has a good shot pattern then this gun will do the job. I would rather have a larger caliber than a .22 but sometimes you take what you can get and afford.
    I agree shot placement is the core of the matter but still a .22 is a small caliber. But I have no desire to get shot by one! As for taking what you can get and afford, you have it right. I own a Walther P22 and enjoy it greatly. Enjoy the sport!
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    When i worked in a gunshop years ago
    i always tried to sell people the
    largest caliber that they could handle.
    I ended up selling plenty of 357mag
    revolvers,plenty of ammo choices and
    they could start with 38spl's and then
    advance to +P's and 357mags.

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    I myself carry a p-220 most of the time , but my Arthritus is getting really bad, So i am in the process of testing a Sig Mosquito, i can
    hit the target and there is no recoil to worry about. I think its better
    then no gun at all because unlike a lot of the 25s and 32s its not
    so small that i cant handle it, just my opinion.
    quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

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