What Mil-surplus or LE surplus guns make the best CC?

What Mil-surplus or LE surplus guns make the best CC?

This is a discussion on What Mil-surplus or LE surplus guns make the best CC? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have seen a bunch of threads on Mil-surplus and LE surplus weapons. I am curious which ones make the best CC weapons. I have ...

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Thread: What Mil-surplus or LE surplus guns make the best CC?

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    What Mil-surplus or LE surplus guns make the best CC?

    I have seen a bunch of threads on Mil-surplus and LE surplus weapons. I am curious which ones make the best CC weapons. I have recently seen P64 and before that H&K P7 and so on. Anyone carry a surplus piece as a daily CCW? If so what is it and how much $$ was it if you don't mind sharing? Pics would be awesome too
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    a ma-duece in a Mika pocket holster.

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    That would have been even funnier if I didn't have to Google "Ma-Deuce"

    Where did you get a pocket holster for that?
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    The Makarov and its other east bloc cousins in 9x18 seem to be popular. There are also LEO trade in SIGs, Berettas, and others around.
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    My backup rig is a German PD trade-in H&K P7 in a Sparks VM-2...

    IMO, the 2 best options currently available in PD trade-ins (for CC anyhow), are the P7 and the P6... Both can still be had for far less than the US-commercial models would have sold for even a couple years ago (i.e. the U.S. commercial Sig 225 and the U.S date-coded P7's).

    Both are nice, thin single-stack nines that conceal very well, are quite accurate, and supremely relaible (Although, if you decide to go w/ the Sig P6, make sure it will feed your preferred HP ammo; I think there was a redesigned feed ramp some time around 1988 or something, and a lot of the surplus P6's are dated earlier than 1988)... Some of the P7's out there are literally NIB, never-issued (look for serial #'s in the 77,XXX range) - All P7's I have ever seen and/or shot were dead-nuts reliable with any and everything I stuffed into the magazine...

    When it comes to U.S. PD trade-in pistols, most seem to be high-mileage Glocks and Berettas... I'm sure they are quite functional, but hey, I'm kind of a German pistol snob - That being said, however, I'm quite sure that you would be very pleased with the deal you would get on either the Sig P6 or the H&K P7...

    OMO... Good luck w/ whatever you buy!



    ETA: I believe I paid around $700 for my trade-in P7 (which was graded 'A' by H&K - Technically a used gun, but just BARELY - The internals are pristine) - For just a tad more (like maybe $750 + S/H, transfer, etc.), you can get one of the 77,XXX serial numbered ones - imported by PW Arms, not H&K, which are, for all intents and purposes, brand-new guns, just without a factory warranty) - This is the route I would go if I were you...
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    Although I do not normally carry it, I think the Makarov is the best of the surplus guns. I bought about four when they were in the neighborhood of $100. I sold one and gave one away.
    Later I bought an East German like new for about $157 I think.

    No SA handgun is more reliable or simple to maintain.

    They are a little heavy for the cartridge, but I prefer them to the PPKs.
    Unfortunately the supply has dried up, and the gun shows have them at prices like they were married to them.

    If I could get a good Glock that was an LE trade in I would probably buy that.

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    The Sig P6/P225 was my first carry gun and is still currently in the rotation. It now plays second fiddle to my P220. It was my first semi-automatic at a time when money was tight. I paid $325.00 for it and it was worth every penny. It has functioned flawlessly everytime I've picked it up. I was so impressed with it, that I have purchased three additional sigs.

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    I carry the P6 in rotation. Love it . For a single stack 9mm you couldnt do better.
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    If you do get the P6 (that is, a German police version of the SIG P225), there are a couple of things to keep in mind. First is that it probably has plain black iron sights, so you'll want to put night sights or fiber optics or something on it, most likely.

    The second thing is that the only physical difference between the P6 and the P225 is the barrel (and that means the feed ramp, which is part of the barrel). The P6 feed ramp was designed for ball ammo, and tends not to feed reliably with all JHP ammo. You can try it out and maybe find yours does fine, but it may not. The good news is that the P225 barrel is a drop-in replacement for the P6 barrel and has a hollow-point friendly feed ramp.

    The P6/P225 is, however, a great shooting, concealable gun.
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    The CPO Sigs are generally a decent deal. If you look high and low, you can sometimes find a cheaper Sig, but these come with new springs and a good "going over," and should outlast a few generations of shooters.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LeCalsey View Post
    I have seen a bunch of threads on Mil-surplus and LE surplus weapons. I am curious which ones make the best CC weapons. I have recently seen P64 and before that H&K P7 and so on. Anyone carry a surplus piece as a daily CCW? If so what is it and how much $$ was it if you don't mind sharing? Pics would be awesome too
    Get you a police trade in and pay the extra 100bucks to send it off to get refinished. A buddy of mine bought a heavy carried P226 from the City PD at a LE Supply store and the rifling looked like new. He took it to Gander Mountain and had them send it to "tennessee". it took two weeks and he got it back two tone olive drab and metal grey blue...unreal looking now. And shoots like a dream. He paid $369 for the gun then $125 for the finish with ship/handling..

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    Its all subjective but here is my opinion and I own several examples of all these and have put a lot of ammo down range and carried all these pistols at one time or the other. All these handguns are quality made weapons, of course some may be in better condition than others because they are used guns. Size, caliber, cost and other factors would determine which handgun would be best suited for you as a CCW option. These are my top three.

    Best buy in a C&R handgun, or any used handgun for that matter
    CZ82, its a CZ enough said. Great handgun for the money (around $225 retail, $185 with C&R) 12 rounds of 9x18 and super reliable and handles well.

    Bulgarian Makarov

    The Makarov is one of the simplist and reliable designs of all time, only 27 total parts.....they just work everytime.

    SIG P6
    Its a SIG.......I bought this a couple years ago when they first came on the market with my C&R for $230, those days are long over but still for less than $350 its a great handgun.

    Other contenders:

    Polish Radom P64

    FEG PA63
    When I leave the home port:
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    I I had my druthers...IMO, I would go for the P7, if money were no issue, always wanted one. Dont know why. But realistically check out summitgunbroker.com...for a good used Glock or a Smith 5906.
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    CPO Sig and Glock agency trade ins.

    A little to a lot of purely cosmetic does not affect function holster wear, while having light to if any internal wear.

    Further you can get parts and service on either from anywhere in the world.
    While most importantly they always go bang outside of suffering tremendously and significant obvious damage or actually missing pieces and parts.
    Best of all they both are very well known to be competition accurate as OEM from the factory stock.

    - Janq
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    Police Dept trade in Glocks, the Sig P6, HK P7 would be my first choices, the HK P7 supply is all ready starting to dry up but the Sig P6s are still abundant.

    The BIG problem with the P7 is finding mags at a decent price, currently you're looking at a minimum of $50-$55 for a spare mag, that alone will offset the "savings" of a surplus P7 which still costs more than a P6. I paid $750 for my P7.

    I've seen (heavy accent on the past tense) LE trade in Glocks for under $400 but that was about three years ago.

    Of those listed in the above posts. I'd say that the P6 is going to be the best choice due to:

    1: Caliber
    2: Readily available parts/magazines
    3: Cost
    4: Holster selection

    My P7

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