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NAA PUG .22 Magnum For Everyday Carry?

This is a discussion on NAA PUG .22 Magnum For Everyday Carry? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I would have no problem at all using that for a carry weapon. The .22 mag is a viscious weapon, and I for one....would not ...

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Thread: NAA PUG .22 Magnum For Everyday Carry?

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    I would have no problem at all using that for a carry weapon. The .22 mag is a viscious weapon, and I for one....would not want to receive a slug from one. Better calibers?.....for sure.....but don't think for a minute that the .22mag is not EFFECTIVE.
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    Yes the .22mag is effective for its size, but why not carry something bigger? With todays technology you can get a 9mm thats not much bigger then the pug.
    "Anyone worth shooting, is probably worth shooting several times."

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    What are your split times with that thing?
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    Something is better than nothing. It's not something that I would trust my life to.

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    I have both a NAA .22 magnum and a Ruger LCP, and IMHO, I can't see where you are saving that much weight and size by choosing your mini revolver over your LCP. I can though see your Sig P239 being appreciably larger than the other two handguns and being left at home. I chose the 7 rounds of .380 jhps of my LCP over the 5 rounds of .22 magnum hps from my mini revolver to always be with me. Not that the .380 is a powerhouse cartridge mind you, but to me a bigger and heavier bullet and more of them from a package not much bigger than the mini revolver is a better option anytime.

    I know you plan on carrying a pair of Pugs for 10 shots, but you can also carry a pair of LCPs for 14 shots too. JMHO.
    Actually I would carry both your Pug and your LCP instead of a pair of Pugs. I do that myself on occasion.
    God bless our troops!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    Its a neat addition and an interesting novelty, but I dont think one would ever be my primary carry. With that said, I wouldnt mind having one for certain occasions.
    Ditto. While I do like and still am considering the Pug, .22LR/.22 Mag, particularly in SA, is not a "fighting handgun."

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    I AINT carrying no .22mag mousegun a primary. MAYBE as a bug. Carry your .380 or a 9mm. Buts thats just me.
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    i have a mini master that I enjoy shooting--as well as a Berrsa thunder. To me--the element of surprise would work in your favor. Shoot someone in the eye or groin with one, could end their day.

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    practice with that thing I have one and they are hard to master and I always carry a snubnose revolver.
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    Like others have said, something's better than nothing, but I've seen squirrels, possums, and raccoons run off into the woods with one or more .22 rounds in their guts, and they're a lot smaller than people. In the heat of the moment, I think it'll be hard to get a well-placed shot with that, and even if you get them right in the numbers, it's going to take a long time for the BG to realize he's dead.

    I've never shot one, but knowing that quick-drawing a full-sized SA revolver and getting a COM hit takes some practice, I'd say doing so with something that size would be a lot harder.

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    I have an NAA black widow and it front pocket carry’s just fine and it will be as equal to a .25 and a .32 in ft. lbs. of energy

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    if YOU are comfortable carrying two, and you can get to them reasonably quickly, and can shoot then fairly accurately, i say go for it.

    personally, i'd prefer something in a larger caliber, but you are the only one whose opinion matters here.

    any honest citizen who carries ANY gun is OK in my book.

    "they aren't going to ask to see your 'expert' qualification. all they need to know is that you have a gun and you're just aching to use it. no one wants a slug in the guts, even if it got there by accident."

    "first rule of gunfighting: have a gun."

    "the small gun you have with you beats the big gun sitting in your safe."
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    These are fun little guns, and I like the 22 Magnum. But, I think they are awkward to use
    and therefore not suitable for EDC. My opinion only. If you want to carry a 22 Magnum revolver,
    there are better choices.
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    To quote from Michael Martin's new book, when you're facing an SD situation away from home, a .22 in your pocket is better than a .45 on your nightstand.

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    I have one, used on certain occasions.
    "A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on."
    - Sir Winston Churchill

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