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NAA PUG .22 Magnum For Everyday Carry?

This is a discussion on NAA PUG .22 Magnum For Everyday Carry? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; In "No Second Place Winners" Bill Jordan put forward the idea that an airweight J frame in .22 WRF, the precursor to the .22 mag, ...

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Thread: NAA PUG .22 Magnum For Everyday Carry?

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    In "No Second Place Winners" Bill Jordan put forward the idea that an airweight J frame in .22 WRF, the precursor to the .22 mag, would be an ideal summer concealment weapon.

    If Bill Jordan thought it'd be a .22 WRF would be enough then that's good enough for me.

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    I have a black widow 22 mag I carry on occasion. One thing I read somewhere is that even with the safety notch, just a little pressure on the hammer will allow the cylinder to rotate freely, possibly resulting in firing pin resting on a rim. Kinda worrisome. I tried it and it's true. If you leave it on an empty chamber, though, it will not rotate unless you place far more pressure on the hammer. I now carry on an empty chamber.
    Obviously this limits the gun even more, but I figure that the fifth shot is not really what a black widow was meant for anyway.

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    I don't see any utility in carrying Pugs in a pair of belt holsters. If one is going to carry in a belt holster, then a slightly larger, more powerful gun is a better option. My suggestion would be carry the LCP and the Pug since you have both guns and they are both small and light. I understand the draw of carrying a gun that feels like nothing, but we carry because we might actually need to use our carry weapons. I don't relish the idea of actually having to use a NAA Mini-Revolver to save my life. I would if that is what I had, but I also wouldn't intentionally limit myself by choosing one as my primary carry gun.

    Still, there was a thread several years back in which a gentleman in South Africa was attacked by several armed carjackers (4 IIRC) while on his way home from some sort of event where he was wearing black tie and was armed only with a NAA Mini in .22 Magnum. He managed to repel all of them, killing one and injuring another in the process with four shots. His NAA blew up on the fifth shot, likely because the cylinder pin had backed out and the cylinder didn't rotate completely into place before it fired. The story was sort of outlandish, but it was backed up by news reports and pictures of the NAA in question. So, it can be done if necessary. One does, however, need a lot of skill and a significant amount of luck.

    I chronographed some .22 LR and .22 Magnum loads out of a couple of NAA minis a while back. The .22 Magnum CCI 30 gain +V JHP load averaged 1058 fps out of a 2" Black Widow, while the .22 LR CCI Stinger 32 grain LHP averaged 1006 fps out of the same gun with a .22 LR cylinder in place. The same .22 Magnum +V load only did 962 fps out of a 1 1/8" NAA mini-magnum, and the Pug has a 1/8" shorter barrel. I wish I had chronographed the Stinger out of the 1 1/8" barrel also. I did try CCI 40 grain FMJ magnums in the 1 1/8" barrel, and they only averaged 868 fps. Overall, the .22 Magnum was faster than the .22 LR, but the differene was nothing like one sees in rifles.

    Now, I think NAA minis are great little guns, and can make reasonable backups. While they are better than no gun, they are not ideal for the role as a primary carry gun either. Unless, of course, one has a choice between the NAA or nothing.

    "The Engine could still seemed to scare them" -Felix

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    I've have a freedom arms in 22lr 1 1/8 barrel since 1980 and it's been carried more times then any pistol I have owned. However since the newer small pistols out on the market now, the keltec PF9 is getting the primary carry now in a IWB and it in a pocket holster now. I want one of those NAA 22 mag pistols in the 4 inch barrel . I want to design me a leather pocket holster for it and a knife...

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    My biggest problem with a revolver like the NAA series is single action and so small it then takes extra time and movement to control , cock and fire rounds. For 2oz extra weight you can have a 32 or 380 with one more round and just squeeze off 6 rounds. Plus a bit more grip to hang on to.

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    Yes - NAA Pug is for everyday carry

    Prior to doing actually reviewing one of these guns I thought the 22 magnum from a 1" Pug was just short of worthless (better than nothing).
    While certainly not my first choice for a SD caliber it is much better than I thought.

    Allow me to explain......

    A 22 magnum from a 1" barrel can do much more than send a bad guy to the hospital.
    It could send him to the morgue.

    The NAA Pug can be aimed as quick as my lCR 357 or my Kahr 40.
    The first shot is just as quick. The follow up shots are somewhat slower but not by much.

    Most studies show that all handguns regardless of caliber are about the same in stopping an attack which is different than incapacitating the attacker.
    No handgun is truely effective against someone hopped up on drugs or hell bent to kill you.
    The only way to stop this kind of attack is to stop the brain with a shot to the head or central nervous system.
    Any caliber that takes it out stops the threat now. There are many examples of hopped up people taking a full
    clip of 9s or 45s without stopping.
    Please don't get me wrong, I would rather have a full size gun with full power loads (like a 12 gage).

    I regularly carry a 357mag or my 40sw for SD. I always have the NAA Pug in my pocket. I just add on when I am ready to carry.
    The Pug is there when I don't want to carry. It weighs 6.4oz and is very small. I often fall asleep with it in my pocket as it is that comfortable.

    Please don't get me wrong I do buy into the theory of carrying the most powerful gun that you can shoot well.
    I just don't like to carry them all the time. That is the only time that I recommend a mouse gun.
    So I say the 22 mag Pug is my everyday carry but not the only gun I carry.

    Please check out this video - you might be surprised how effective the 22 mag from a short barrel can be.
    Please watch it to the end. This is where you will see how well it performs against bone and flesh.

    NAA Pug Review - YouTube
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    Live,,laugh,, and love....if this don't work,,load,,aim,,and fire,,,,repete if necessary...

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    Quote Originally Posted by goodhope View Post
    live,,laugh,, and love....if this don't work,,load,,aim,,and fire,,,,repete if necessary...
    we should not forget that the spark which ignited the american revolution was caused by the british attempt to confiscate the firearms of the colonist.........patrick henery 1776...

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    Better than no gun.
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    This thread has been chugging for quite a long time.

    I now have a friend who carries this hanging from a "lanyard" and tucked in beneath the collar of his T shirt. It sure is deep concealment,
    and he can get to it readily.
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    Yes, better than nothing, but the reason we choose to carry a weapon is to deal with surprise. I suppose if a .22mag was truly all I could carry in a given social situation, I would, but I'll bet I could just as easily pocket a J-frame or baby 9mm. Doesn't have to be a big honkin' gun, but there are a lot of packable options these days that would be better, IMHO...but have a gun, no matter what.

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    I thought about getting one just for the belt buckle holster and carry option.
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    I really believe these little NAA 22 mag revolvers have their place. Although I own and regularly carry something bigger, there are times when I have not been able to risk carrying a larger gun. For example, last year I was working in a place that has a strict no guns policy. Now this policy has no legal standing, but it does have employment standing. I did not want to risk my job enough to carry a bigger gun but I was willing to risk carrying the little NAA revolver, because I was absolutely convinced that the risk of detection was absolutely microscopic with the gun in it's little pocket wallet holster.

    I've got two other very small guns: a Kel-Tec PF9 and a Kahr CM9. Both fit easily in a pocket. Even so, neither is as small, light, and as completely hide-able as the NAA revolver. Under the circumstances, I went with the NAA.

    Some observations about the NAA mini-mag revolver:
    - Sights on mine were minimal. Practical accuracy was assured only out to about 15-20 feet using my gun. The Pug has better sights.
    - Purely a last-ditch, defensive, get-off-me weapon.
    - Not visually intimidating like a bigger gun, making it excellent for carry, but poor for scaring BGs without having to fire a shot.
    - But once fired, the noise and blast are truly impressive! and could certainly put the fear of God into an attacker.
    - The .22 magnum round is not ideal, but it is hardly impotent. It can certainly be effective at close range.
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    NAA PUG .22 Magnum For Everyday Carry?

    Man. I thought I was living on the edge toting a .380 ACP Glock 42 around. OP - you really do live dangerously. Small caliber AND single action? Gah!

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    Even if not for a defensive weapon, they kinda look fun to shoot!


    Student of the gun (dot) com
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