Wheel Gun For My Wife

Wheel Gun For My Wife

This is a discussion on Wheel Gun For My Wife within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I've been to the range with my wife twice and she seems to prefer a revolver because of it's simplicity. While I definitively want her ...

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Thread: Wheel Gun For My Wife

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    Wheel Gun For My Wife

    I've been to the range with my wife twice and she seems to prefer a revolver because of it's simplicity. While I definitively want her to pick out her own handgun, I'd like to narrow the field a little. She fired an older, large frame S&W .357 (I can't remember what model) and really liked it. She especially likes being able to pull back the hammer and shoot single action. Is a wheel gun with an exposed hammer a detriment for concealed carry? What are some good recommendations? Thanks in advance.

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    I carry a S&W 637 airweight with a hammer and have no problems concealing and drawing. The hammer is only noticeable pocket carrying. Let her look at the S&W j-frames and I would definitly recommend a Ruger SP101. The S&W Airweights are much lighter and are a dream to carry but the re-coil is more felt. My wife shoots my 637 with Federal hydra shock 110g low recoil loads. I guess it depends on if she will be carrying or just for HD. Good luck.

    There is a thread down below from newhunter1 looking for a wheel gun for his wife.
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    +1 on the SP-101. Small and built tough to handle the magnum loads. The only drawback to a revolver is your pretty much limited to 5 or 6 rounds unless carrying a speed loader of some sort.

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    The 637 is a good option...but maybe a model 36 or 37 in steel frame format...it still is ultra concealable and can be fired SA. It wll soak up recoil with the steel frame. I think ths would be the ultimate in all ou are looking for.
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    I have 5 different revolvers with exposed hammers and carry them all at different times....some work in a pocket holster, some in an IWB holster. No problems with drawing them at all.
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    If she likes the steel frame revolvers, have her pick one. The Ruger SP101 is a great choice, offering the option of .38 or .357 rounds and easy to conceal.
    My personal favorite is the S&W 686 Plus, but at 36.8 oz. empty, it might not be ideal if she will be carrying several hours a day.
    The weight doesn't bother me at all, and I normally carry mine about 18 hours per day. If she does choose something fairly heavy remember a good strong belt is essential.
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    I like the S&W 637 also. Although it's not my EDC, it does provide easy concealment and draw...great pocket gun.
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    I've always thought a double action revolver (which ever one fits her hand) is a great choice for a woman's defense gun. For that matter, I think it's a great choice for ANYONE--especially those who are newer shooters. But I have this major concern about standard, double action guns: We must teach DOUBLE ACTION shooting. I shudder at the thought of anyone going into a stress-filled situation with a light-trigger, double-action, cocked and ready gun. I think it's an invitation to accidents or worse. For this reason, I think there's ample cause to consider "bobbing" the hammer spur on guns we provide to newer shooters (and it won't really handicap experienced shooters, for that matter).

    My 2 cents.


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    I agree with the others about the S&W 637.
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    +1 more on the S&W 637
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    One does under pressure what he has been trained to do, or does under most circumstances. For that reason I do not favor a hammer on a carry gun.
    In an emergency you will only have time for double action fire, and if you have gotten used to cocking the hammer you have lost valuable time.

    In addition, if the occasion should arise where you needed to hold a BG at gunpoint a cocked hammer on a revolver is a bad choice.

    In some CC carry methods, a hammer might catch on clothing.

    To each his own.


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    38 special snubby..no hammer

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    A steel framed hammerless J-Frame Smith(40 or 640)or a DAO(hammerless SP101 in 357. The Ruger weighs more but is built like a Swiss vault and allows 38Spl round as a cheaper practice alternative. Good Luck
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    Look into Charter arms revolvers. My wife just got one and loves it. Its light, J-frame size, and handles +P.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thebigdl86 View Post
    Look into Charter arms revolvers. My wife just got one and loves it. Its light, J-frame size, and handles +P.
    Yeah, nothing wrong with those. Very light too. I bought the Rossi for the wife and picked another up today.They are K frame but I can carry one of em in the pocket of cargo shorts just fine.

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