Reliability of CZ Rami

Reliability of CZ Rami

This is a discussion on Reliability of CZ Rami within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Can people that have the Rami tell me how reliable these are as a defensive compact pistol,Pro's & Cons...

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Thread: Reliability of CZ Rami

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    Reliability of CZ Rami

    Can people that have the Rami tell me how reliable these are as a defensive compact pistol,Pro's & Cons

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    I don't own one personally. If you don't get any replies here, you could always check the CZ Forum - Rami subforum

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    Curious myself. I have no personal experiance with the RAMI but have heard only good things about it. Pic's look good. I'd like to hold / shoot one to see how it feels one day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DirksterG30 View Post
    I don't own one personally. If you don't get any replies here, you could always check the CZ Forum - Rami subforum
    That's good advice. I was considering the RAMI but after poking around the web, including the linked site, I decided to hold off. My research indicated that there have been significant issues with the 40 cal. model. The 9mm model is better, but there have been some issues with it too, esp. with the hi-cap magazine.

    I have a CZ 75B and it has been a real winner.

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    There were some early issues with the 40 cal however they have been pretty much resolved. The 9mm has a good reputation. I've owned one for almost two years and haven't experienced any issues with the pistol or mags. As mentioned, check out the CZ forum.

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    I've had mine for about 2 years. Hundreds of rounds down range w/o any problems. Trigger stings a little bit on me but I seem to be in the minority. Great gun for ccw I recommend it.

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    I have a RAMI .40 and my wife has a RAMI 9mm. Both guns have been reliable, while mine is an early model I had no problems with it. The weight of the gun helps tame the recoil quite well. They do take some getting use to, since your pinky finger ends up under the magazine, but it isn't a big problem.

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    Since 2004 and going strong.

    Don't put any of the ultra-hot 9mm in them as they won't feed well.

    Standard pressure or most +P works fine.

    The Chunky Munky in .40 is an improved version.
    People are reporting better reliability with the new ones.

    I'd put my .357 barrel in it and see what happens.
    The previous owner cited improved recoil and reliability.

    RAMI season is just beginning. As the weather warms up, people
    will look at smaller guns, including the Mini-Z.

    RAMI pics and info:


    FB: CZ 2075 RAMI Owners USA

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    Still breaking in My new RAMMI in 9..It makes me work harder to get smallish any sub-compact would in comparision to its larger brothers at the same distances. With a loaded magazine in the weapon ,when you give it a little shake you can here the ammo rattle against the side of the inserted magazine. I would like to get some 14 round mags for it, but ,have heard that many have had problems with theirs and have had to purchase alternative springs for them to function 100 percent. I find it telling that on CZ-USA ,they get a "premium" on all their mags, but the RAMMI mags are on special. After you get reliable springs and go thru the small hassel to trade them out really isnt a deal anymore now is it?
    All the nit picking aside...I like the gun and as I am writeing this Bob Hazel is makeing me an IWB rig with a OWB mag holder in medium brown ...

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    I really like the Rami FWIW. Held several, shot one and enjoyed the experience. I imagine having one down the road. It was on my short list but I went the H&K route instead.
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    I have a CZ RAMI in .40, purchased it when they first came out, of the hundredes and hundreds of rounds put downrange, I have had NO problems with it.

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    I used to own a RAMI in 9MM. I put a lot of rounds through it and it w as 100% reliable. I used it as a CCW and, for that, it was superb. One day my eldest daughter saw and shot it and said, "Oh! daddy, it is so cute!" And that was the end of my RAMI. It now lives with my daughter, her husband and kids, and is still reliable. I sure do redommend the RAMI. Daughters is another thing
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    Carried a 9mm one for about a year and really liked it. No problems at all. It was a little picky about +P ammo, but did fine with normal pressure stuff. Only got rid of it because it didn't have an ambi safety and I shoot lefty. The new polymer ones have an ambi safety, so I may have to look at picking one up again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CharlieP View Post
    That's good advice. I was considering the RAMI but after poking around ... I decided to hold off.

    I have a CZ 75B and it has been a real winner.
    The nice thing about CZ is that they've got the full-size model, the 75; the compact model, the 2075 RAMI; and the mid-sized model, the PCR and P-01.


    One thing about these is that they're all fairly thick. The 14rd magazine of the larger units takes up a bit of space, so be sure that your clothing and mode of carry supports concealment of that, if you're going to go with the mid-sized members of the family (PCR or P-01).

    There seem to be plenty of folks that don't have issues with RAMI reliability. Then again, there seem to be plenty of people reporting issues, as well. About par for the course for compact pistols, it seems.

    If I were to consider my primary gun to be something smaller (with size on the order of a CZ 2075 RAMI), personally I would pick the HK P2000SK. It's about the same size as the RAMI, but the ergonomics and fit are a bit better (for me), it's got ambidextrous controls, and it is hard to find folks that have reliability issues with it.
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    Bought my 9mm Rami used and had some FTF problems with the 10 round magazine. Never ever had a problem with the two 16 round magazines or the two 10 round magazines which are for my 75BD. Of course these four magazines work in the Rami, they just stick out the bottom of the grip. Anyway I thought I had a magazine problem with the 10 round Rami magazine but the thing started running fine. I probably have 200 rounds through the Rami 10 round magazine now with no problems. Seems like it fixed itself.

    Mine is a DA/SA with a safety and the trigger in both modes is the best of all my handguns. The gun is scary accurate for such a short barrel and site radius. The gun's chunky mass it a joy to shoot.
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