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    Fail Zero


    Anyone ever heard of this? Sounds like a good idea but also like it could be snake oil.
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    Saw an ad for there products and thought it sounded interesting so i scooped out their site. I personally would not pay their priced for a frame and slide and whatever else. 650 for a 1911 frame? Price when i looked. I could get gi 1911 and just maintain it for that price and buy ammo assuming there was some available. lol

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    It seems like it would be cheaper to buy regular components and send them to Robar.

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    There are three coatings I'm familiar with. QPQ for steel. Hard coat anodize with Teflon impregnation. And Diamonex coatings. This last one is very expensive but should work wonderfully. Adds almost nothing to the over all part dimensions but not much that will cause it to wear and diamonds have one of the lowest coefficients of friction of any carbon based materials out there.

    Look them up yourselves QPQ and Daimonex are pretty impressive. Diamonex can even be applied to synthetic compounds for you plastic lovers out there.
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    I would be a little skeptical about this stuff. The company I work for manufactures parts for the aerospace and defense industry where the lubrication is critical. We have a few applications that use dri-film lube but even those get a small amount of grease or oil. If this was as good as they claim, my company and our competitors would be doing it.

    You can buy a whole lot of gun oil for the price they are asking.

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    My answer...Gunzilla!
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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    My answer...Gunzilla!

    How much of a difference is there between Gunzilla and CLP?
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    Failzero is a wholly owned subsidiary of UCT Coatings, which seems like a mainstream outfit. I don't know anything about them, but was browsing their website, and this coating is apparently used in multiple applications.

    Here's the technology page: UCT Coatings - Technology

    It says it's a nickel boron coating. I didn't know this was lubricious, but this class of coatings is well known for durability and resistance to wear.

    So, who knows? It might just work. I didn't check out their technical papers, but if they have some peer-reviewed work, it might be completely legit. I'll ask our metallurgist at work (I'm in the oil and gas business) and see if he knows about it. He's always looking for wear resistance anyway.
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    I recall that a breakthrough polymer was recently patented - something like 10 times more slippery than teflon, almost diamond hard, abrasion resistant. That was only a few months ago, they should still be in testing for long term stability. I would expect to see them in the news again - DoD, automotive industry, oil recovery industry, before they get to little niche markets like personal arms.

    Edit - found one link:
    Material slicker than Teflon discovered by accident

    * 16:28 21 November 2008 by Kurt Kleiner
    A superhard substance that is more slippery than Teflon could protect mechanical parts from wear and tear, and boost energy efficiency by reducing friction.

    The "ceramic alloy" is created by combining a metal alloy of boron, aluminium and magnesium (AlMgB14) with titanium boride (TiB2). It is the hardest material after diamond and cubic boron nitride.

    BAM, as the material is called, was discovered at the US Department of Energy Ames Laboratory in Iowa in 1999, during attempts to develop a substance to generate electricity when heated.
    Eternal lubricant

    BAM didn't do that, but was found to have other desirable characteristics. "Its hardness was discovered by accident. We had a terrible time cutting it, grinding it, or polishing it," says Alan Russell, a materials scientist at Iowa State University in Ames.

    Those chance findings have now developed into a $3-million programme at the Ames Lab to develop the BAM into a kind of eternal lubricant, a coating for moving parts to boost energy efficiency and longevity by reducing friction.

    BAM is much slipperier than Teflon, with a coefficient of friction of .02 compared to .05. Lubricated steel has a friction coefficient of 0.16.

    One way to exploit this slipperiness is to coat the rotor blades in everyday pumps used in everything from heating systems to aircraft, says Russel. A slick BAM coating of just 2 microns (see image, top right) could reduce friction between the blades and their housing, meaning less power is needed to produce the same pumping power.

    (article continues, with lots of links)

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    Is there a 3 day waiting period in Florida?

    If not why are they asking to wait, or maybe it takes 3 days lead time?
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    There is a 3 day waiting period in Florida, although there are a few locales that make you wait up to 5 business days.

    If you have your CWL, the waiting periods do not apply and you can walk out with the weapon (you can bypass the background check as well).

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