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Smith & Wesson 642 vs 638

This is a discussion on Smith & Wesson 642 vs 638 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Get the 442 or 642 and you'll be happy! I have one of each....

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Thread: Smith & Wesson 642 vs 638

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    Get the 442 or 642 and you'll be happy! I have one of each.

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    My Reason...

    Lint free.........I Love mine. Now the wife wants one in PINK!

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    I have 640 and 60, 642 and 637. The hammer guns are for backup if the hammerless goes into shop or (GOD forbid) evidence locker. I fire the hammer guns DAO only all of the time. Snubbie is for 25 ft and under (realistic SD range.) Shooting beyond that is an issue of gun weight and sight radius, not SA or DAO trigger. It is an in close, send them downrange fast weapon. DAO is fine.

    For those who plan on taking on multiple AK47 armed Al Quaida types, use those 2 lb service autos and 5-6 extra magazines. Don't use snubbies, this isn't what they are made for. I don't intend to shoot until the BG finds my hiding place!

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    IMHO I just don't see the advantage to being able to cock a self defense weapon like a snubby. I think it's been pretty muched been hashed out that if and when "it" happens,you won't be cocking the gun,you will be pulling the trigger. My point is this - Some people are suggesting they might practice with it by cocking the gun. when you practice you should practice in as real of life situation as you can do. ( with a self defense type gun...not a target plinker ) That doesn't include cocking the revolver, it includes pulling trigger for 2-3 center mass shots rapidly. Again...JMHO.
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    BlackEagle has"iron in his words".....right on the money about the advantage of the DAO 642/442 revolvers!!
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    I much prefer my 642. No dirt can get into action, as easily as it can in the 638. That hammer shroud would make it very dangerous to let the hammer down safely, if you did cock the gun and now want to decock it under the rush of a defensive situation.

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    "I was able to play with a 638 at my FFL and it is really a neat little CCW gun, especially for summer. Any insight you can provide is greatly appreciated."

    I wish that I still had mine.

    "That hammer shroud would make it very dangerous to let the hammer down safely, if you did cock the gun and now want to decock it under the rush of a defensive situation."

    Actually...not true...It is easy to lower the hammer down safely. It is not dangerous.


    You folks cannot imagine ANY defensive scenario where it could possibly be advantagious to be able to cock the hammer in order to take a single action shot?

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    I carry the Taurus equivalent to the 638, the 651SH2, in Total Titanium. Shrouded hammer, .357mag.

    The shroud does not bother me, and I have a secret weapon against dust bunnies:

    The concealed hammer variants are fine & dandy, but the lint that does get in is not going to interfere in the operation of a snubbie, unless it is cleaned only, say, once a year.

    I would also be cautious when making flat out assumptions when it comes to a scenario where you have to clear leather and fire. It might not turn out to be as one has envisioned it. A snubbie is already compromised in the effective ranged fire dept. Compromising it even more by making it DAO buys one no advantages during an encounter.

    One last note...Anybody besides myself recall those articles by Ross Seyfried shooting revolvers WAY out there, as in hundreds of yards? I seem to recall he would also put a .38spl snubbie to work, fired single action. My point is not that one will dispatch goblins at 100yards with a snubbie, but that a snubbie is no more inherently inaccurate than any other revolver. If one has the time & ability, one can wring the most out of one.

    Either snubbie, 642 or 638, is a fine choice.


    "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."
    ----Theodore Roosevelt

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    I carry a bobbed 637 and love it, of course I wished I would have just bought the 642 to begin with.

    Love these little J frames!
    10mm Rocks

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    I carry a 638 either IWB or pocket every workday in a wood shop. The lint/dust is a non issue. I've let it gunk up for a month with dust as a test and taken it to the range to go bang every time despite large quantities of dust and crud. I normally keep it clean, don't worry. A Q tip works fine on a weekly basis.

    Like others here I can envision scenarios where I can use the single action and it might not be a two legged threat either.

    I also have a 649. And yes, you can make accurate shots at ranges that just might surprise you with practice.

    Still like my 1911's just not in the shop.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SaddleSC View Post
    I was wondering why it seems that the 642 (DAO) seems to have a larger following than the 638 (Shrouded Hammer). My initial impression is that both offer the same snag free design; however, the 638 gives you more flexibility by allowing you to thumb the hammer back manually, whereas the 642 is DAO.

    I was able to play with a 638 at my FFL and it is really a neat little CCW gun, especially for summer. Any insight you can provide is greatly appreciated.
    That generally the idea that the 638 gives you the option of single action firing. I prefer the DAO 442 and the 642 to the shrouded hammer 638. For me the only thing that does is allows for some accuracy at the range but trying to deal with the shrouded hammer in an emergency situation just is not worth it and you'd be better to go DA with it anyway.
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    I have the 638. I would never try to pull the hammer in ccw defensive situation. Maybe for a home invasion, but that is a big Maybe. I mainly bought mine because I wanted a snubbie and at the time it was cheaper( slightly used). So for me the ability to cock it back is useful when I am doing the whole "you looking at me punk" bit in the mirror.

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