need help deciding?

need help deciding?

This is a discussion on need help deciding? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; helo everyone, i've had my concealed carry permit for several yrs.i've owned a few ruger revolvers and some S&W j-frame revolvers.i currently have a S&W ...

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Thread: need help deciding?

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    need help deciding?

    helo everyone, i've had my concealed carry permit for several yrs.i've owned a few ruger revolvers and some S&W j-frame revolvers.i currently have a S&W bodyguard 38 and i'm looking at buying a new 9mm auto. i've learned over the years that if the gun is not comfortable,too bulky or too heavy your not going to carry it.i've looked at the kel tek pf-9,kahr cw-9 and the glock 19/26.i was amazed how light and thin the kel-tek was,although i don't know how reliable they are.the kahr cw-9 was also very close in weight and thickness.then we have the glocks which are more blocky and 4-5 ounces heavier but very reliable and accurate.what's your opinions?i want something light,thin(if possible) in 9mm caliber.i prefer to carry in the front pcket,ankle or a sholder holster in cooler weather.i'm not much for carrying the gun inside the waste band.
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    Crue, you are going to have to make your own decision but I have a PF-9, one of the first and it goes bang every time. Seems to be good quality and they have outstanding service.
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    I agree with Der Alte about making your own selection. I like the XD sc for what its worth.

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    The Glocks are good too.
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    I am a Kahr P9 fan, but everyone is different. I have a XD sc in .40 that I would like to carry OWB, but I really haven't found quite what I want holster wise. The P9 is very light and slim which really works for me. Try renting a few at a local range and see what works for you. My first was Glock 30. While that is one awesome weapon I could not get comfortable carrying it. For me it was a little bulky. To me smaller was easier to carry.

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    The Walther PPS is pretty thin, but I have no experience with it. I can conceal my Glock 19 just fine which is not exactly thin due to it being double stack. If I lived in a warmer place like Florida I would probably opt for a thin single stack 9mm, but I wear jackets for the better part of the year, plus I won't get in trouble if my sidearm is ever exposed.
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    Shoot the Kel-Tec before you decide to buy it if you can. I've got one and I'd say it's harder on the hand and substantially more difficult to shoot well than a j-frame.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crue2009 View Post
    I want something light,thin(if possible) in 9mm caliber.i prefer to carry in the front pcket,ankle or a sholder holster in cooler weather.i really don't care for carrying the gun in a inside/outside the waist band holster.thanks in advance
    I would never carry my primary ( only ) firearm on my ankle if
    my intent was to use it Defensively.

    If you wear "fashionable" pants - make sure they have ROOMY

    I would suggest a Kahr auto if you are prepared to spend a bit
    more Bucks.
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    How bout a S&W CS9 Chiefs Special.
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    I own a PF-9 and it is quite comfortable to carry. It is also very reliable. Given its size and weight the recoil is quite snappy but not uncontrollable.
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    The Kahr PM9 is the ultimate in small 9s
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