1911 Owners

1911 Owners

This is a discussion on 1911 Owners within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am looking for another conceal carry gun. I currently carry and xd40 subcompact in a supertuck. It is very bulky and I am concerned ...

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Thread: 1911 Owners

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    1911 Owners

    I am looking for another conceal carry gun. I currently carry and xd40 subcompact in a supertuck. It is very bulky and I am concerned that printing will become an issue as the summer months are upon us.
    I would like to get some opinions as to what others recommend so I can go look at them. Here is my criteria.
    1) I would like a gun that is not much heavier than the XD
    2) Has to be 40 cal or .45
    3) Single stack for better concealability

    I appreciate any and all responses.

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    Dan Wesson Concealed Carry Officer (CCO):


    I don't own one (yet) ... but it's at the top of my list for a CC in .45.

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    There are alot of 1911 companies that make a commander and compact models. Colt, S&W, Para, Springfield just to name a few. Para also has some double action 1911s if you are still looking for something along those lines.

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    My everyday carry weapon is a Kimber Ultra CDP II - I switched to this from a Glock 19 - am quite happy with this firearm.

    I use either a Crossbreed Supertuck or a Milt Sparks VM II

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    I thought my 1911 was too large so i just purchased the Kahr P40, and its soo very comfortable to carry, and the weight is less than the XD at around 17 oz I think. They make a .45 as well.

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    You will find that pretty much any 1911 you get will conceal much better. I have 2 XD SC's and I do enjoy them, but I wear a 5" full size 1911 every single day and almost forget it's there. I think that if you're looking for something a little lighter one of the smaller 1911's would be a great choice. Others above have listed some great companies
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    I carry a Kimber TLE II in a "Supertuck," slacks and a dress shirt or a golf shirt. The full size 1911 disappears, it does have some weight to it but a good gun belt takes care of the weight distribution.

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    Well I carry a full size 1911 and it is rather large but it's slim profile keeps it from printing with the right holster. I have an IWB leather holster for it and I can carry with just jeans and a tshirt and it doesn't print. But if your looking for something lighter you might want to check out a S&W M&P

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    Colt Defender .45

    The Colt Defender .45, a small 1911, fits your spec. It is single stack, holding 7+1 rounds, weighs about 24 ounces empty, and is very thin - 0.90 inches slide flat to flat, and 1.05 inches grip thickness (using slim grip panels). I've had one for about 3 years and it has functioned perfectly for me. Because the barrel is short, it works in a high riding OWB holster like a horsehide Kramer belt scabbard.

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    WOW, XD40 subcompact carried in a Crossbreed Supertuck was my edc for quite some time. I bounced around from a S&W M&P-9c to a Glock-19, to an XD-40sc. I carried the SW and Glock for only a limited time each before deciding on the XD. I wore that XD brick on my side for quite a while. Finally I decided that it was time for a new CCW and went to the 1911 platform. WOW, What a difference. I replaced my xd40sc and supertuck combo with a Colt Defender in a K&D defender holster. The difference is like night and day. The Defender carries so much easier, the difference in width between single and double stack is a huge plus, the Defender feels better in my hand, shoots better in my opinion, never jammed-burped-hiccupped-or farted, it points more naturally, and my wife prefers me carrying the 1911 with it's safety features when I am rolling around with the kids. For some odd reason I also feel a certain bond with my Defender that I never felt with my XD, or my old S&W M&P or the Glock.
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    You already own an XD, Sprinfield makes a line of 1911's that are affordable.
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    After trying about half a dozen compact 1911s before finally learning they caused too much drama, I stuck with reliable 5" Government Model-sized 1911s for the last five years of my 1911 days. (I carry .40 P229s at work, and feel it wisest and expedient to carry P229s on my own time, too.) If/when I go back to carrying a 1911, I will start with my Les Baer Thunder Ranch Special.

    Assuming IWB or OWB hip carry, I would rather CC my TRS than a Glunck of any size; flatness DOES mean a lot.

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    I carry a Kimber Compact CDP in a VM2, it's lightweight and comfortable.

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    Kimber CDP...the Ultra or the Compact...both great guns, I have both.
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    EDC-Kimber Raptor, Ultra II with Crimson Trace grips in a Cross Breed SuperTuck holster.

    Some folks here about have made comments about not liking the small 1911s. I have an old Colt Commander, with a longer barrel, and heavier than my Ultra. I find that I actually enjoy shooting the 3" Kimber Ultra more than the Colt--it just feels better.

    There are always trade-offs--single stack = greater concealability, better comfort and fewer rounds.

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