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Why did you choose your ccw?

This is a discussion on Why did you choose your ccw? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I got a Colt Commander because: - I shoot the 1911 platform best - Colt's reputation for reliability (borne out in my experience) - .45 ...

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Thread: Why did you choose your ccw?

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    I got a Colt Commander because:

    - I shoot the 1911 platform best
    - Colt's reputation for reliability (borne out in my experience)
    - .45 caliber holes do more damage to bad guys
    - It has a thin profile which I can conceal easily
    - It's just plain cool
    - Kurt
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    I carried a full size 1911 for many years. It concealed extremely well in an original Sparks Roadrunner holster ( now known and sold as the 60TK). I then got sucked into the dark-side and sold the 1911 and purchsed an HK USPc45. I carried it for about 2 years but was never quite comfortable or satisfied with the way the gun would, or would not conceal.

    Recently I sold the HKs (a USPc45 and a Tactical) and decided to go back to the 1911 platform, but in a compact size.

    After extensive research and good ol "apples to apples" comparisons, I decided to purchase a Kimber S/S Ultra Carry in 45acp. This, for me, is as perfect a CCW there is!!
    - It performs flawlessly.
    - It will devour any type of .45acp load.
    - It possesses superior accuracy at CQB distances.
    - It weighs only 25 oz.
    - S/S and aluminum components prevent rust or discoloration.
    - Unique double spring/rod design tames recoil very well.
    - Endless aftermarket component surplus.
    - One of the smallest most reliable 1911s ever made.
    - Extremely concealment friendly.
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    I was taught to shoot with a 1911. While in the military i was taught to teach with a 1911.After a brief period of carring what my bosses thought was the right weapon for the "job",a revo,I went back to carring a 1911 that was built by me. After retireing I continued to carry a 1911 with my permits from Me. and N.H. I carried the 1911 while working as a heavy equipment operator and as a guide in the Maine wilderness. About 4 years ago I noticed for some strange reason the 1911 started getting heavy. I looked around and finally settled on a Kimber UC CDP II. The 25oz weight was appealing and the concealability was just what I needed in the Flah-Da lifestyle. I bought the exact same weapon to train with. Both with the int.ext. I did a F&B on both weapons and they have never had a FTF or fire or a FTE. I have 800rds through my carry weapon and approx.1900rds through my training weapon. My next weapon will probably be a 5" 10mm Kimber Stainless Target II. The 1911 style is the platform for me. -------

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    If it goes BANG i will carry it.... doesnt matter if it is a Makarov or a custom 1911 .. the only thing that matters is it goes bang.

    Now if I have a choice i will take a 1911 because it is what i feel goes BANG the best for me...
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    This would take way to long.. but sort version

    Started with XDSC then found out ya can conceal full-size went to Hk full-size could never find a good left hand holster.

    Switch to 1911 for the big 45 and when i had back problems switched to glock 17 9mm kept carrying a 17 till back healed up.

    Then back to 1911 back flared up again so went back to 17 wanted something with little more power and always wanted a 10mm had a 29 on hold and it walked out the door so dealer made me a deal i couldn't refuse on a 20 Kevin made me a awesome holster for the Glock and I've mostly been carrying it ..

    Tried the lightweight 1911 other day and still bother back over the glock not sure why.

    i do like to switch every now and then ..

    Also forgot have carried the 500 but it deff is a large coat only gun

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    Kimber Ultra Elite for a number of years .. easy to conceal and I can depend on it.
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    Wow this thread has gotten a lot of responses. Its funny how we all said the same things and yet there is some much diversity. I might switch to the GLOCK 27 eventually so I can use the same holsters. Although a Kimber Tactical Ultra Carry is really speaking to me. I fell in love with one at a gun show a few months back.

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    I started with a Glock 17 as my first, based on the criteria listed in the first post, including:

    9) Price (as previously noted by another poster)
    10) I don't want to be required to tinker & toy and "gunsmith" my guns (don't know how - I'm a newbie)

    My wife chose a Glock 26 - same reasons, and it fit her better.

    We wanted the same ammo platform, same manual of arms, etc.

    We've both added Skyy CPX-1's to the toolkit for hot weather. They're still going through testing, and we're getting "happy", but need more downrange to be totally, 110% confident they'll go bang, every time.
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    Kahr P9.

    *Tight Fit
    *cheap 9mm ammo=lots of practice to keep me sharp

    "Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it."

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    Reliability is of course Mucho Paramount Importanto to me.
    I'm sold on .45acp also. It's accurate ~ shoots easy ~ large diameter bullet.

    I'll put my Colt Combat Commander #1 because the trigger is fantastic.

    SIG/Browning BDA .45 ~ Great gun. I love everything about it. Some will hate the Butt Magazine release but, I'm used to it.

    GLOCK 36 .45 ~ Nasty Obnoxious Little Ugly Bugger but, reliability is also 100% ~ SMALL LIGHT COMPACT ~ For those "Light" days. Mine is equipped w/ night sights & laser so...it's very versatile and useful. It's actually very accurate for a chopped .45.

    Walther PPK/S for a B.U.G. ~ Very Accurate ~ Reliable ~ Once you find the ammo it likes to eat.

    Soon to grab a Rohrbaugh 9mm as a BUG...I can't imagine a better Combination BUG & low threat Primary.

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    Glock 27 most days. Glock 22 on raids with Glock 27 as backup. Kel-Tec P3AT as the backup gun to the backup gun (on duty and off duty), and also as the primary on weekends. But I also carry the Model 60 as the backup gun. It just depends on the mood and how I am dress. It does not matter as long that I feel and I know that the guns will shoot when I pull the trigger and/or that no one can see them and/or know that I have them on me.


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    My EDC is a S&W 642-1 pre-lock and a S&W 37-2 pre-lock, both ride in a DeSantis Nemesis holster in each front pocket. Why?

    1. They are exceptionally light in weight

    2. Extremely reliable

    3. Highly concealable

    4. Last but not least they make you improve your markmanship so you can have expert shot placement!

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    G26. Size of pistol and the ammo is cheap.

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    I carry 1911's because I shoot them the best and I have faith that when I hit my target it will go down.
    Have Fun and Shoot Straight !!

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    bersa .380 and s&w 649, usually at the same time. bersa is easily concealable and i can shoot it well. 649 because i like wheelies and both have been 100% reliable.
    i just got a cz pcr and if it works out, i'll probably carry it instead of the bersa.

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