Kahr PM45 groing pains?

Kahr PM45 groing pains?

This is a discussion on Kahr PM45 groing pains? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Have a PM45 that now has ~350+ rounds through it. Last range trip was a 150+ round practical shooting test at a 7yrd distance. had ...

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Thread: Kahr PM45 groing pains?

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    Kahr PM45 groing pains?

    Have a PM45 that now has ~350+ rounds through it. Last range trip was a 150+ round practical shooting test at a 7yrd distance. had 2 mags left of Winchester HP "defense ammo" that shot POA. Using UMC 230 hardball all shots were low left and I made sure I wasn't pulling the gun that way as I pulled the trigger. While shooting the UMC, had multiple FTF/FTE with the ejected casings looking like they were hitting the top corner edge of the slide while ejecting causing a single "crimp" in the open end of the spent case. Ran 1/2 a box of the Hornady TAP ammo and every case flew directly to the rear with at least half bouncing off my shooting glasses.
    I love this pistol for its caliber and great concealability. Has anyone had similar experiences with this gun? I hadn't heard of this pistol being "ammo picky" and I know Kahr strictly recomends a 200 round "break-in" to work out most issues but having to dodge projectiles from my own weapon is not what I call normal from such a high quality (and price!) firearm. Just thought I'd try to get some helpful knowledge before contacting Kahr on this one.

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    It sounds like an extractor issue. Check the hook to make sure something didn't break or chip off on it. You also may try disassembling it and cleaning it real well. Sometimes they can get crud built up which will affect it's function. Get some areosol gun scrubber and give it a few blasts. You could have possibly got a bad batch of UMC ammo too. Did it just start doing it or has it done this all along?

    It's also possible it might be your form but please don't take offense to that statement. That is the drawback to the smaller weapons is they are less forgiving of shooter's errors. The first time my wife shot her M&P9c, each round failed to cycle and I was thinking "crap, gonna have issues". I shot the next magazine and it worked perfectly. After a couple of pointers for her, the rest of the session went without a hitch. The PM45 is a very lightweight gun shooting a potent round. You could be doing something minor when trigger breaks while trying to correct the low left hits and this "slip" is causing it to eject erratically or not at all.

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