P3AT - Retired to the Safe

P3AT - Retired to the Safe

This is a discussion on P3AT - Retired to the Safe within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm done looking for ammo in .380. Haven't seen any since the day after Christmas. The prices I see on the online auctions is profane. ...

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Thread: P3AT - Retired to the Safe

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    P3AT - Retired to the Safe

    I'm done looking for ammo in .380. Haven't seen any since the day after Christmas. The prices I see on the online auctions is profane.

    When I bought the P3AT I was originally looking for a PF9. I wanted a pocket gun. The P3AT fit that bill perfectly. The PF9 is still a contender for my need and with the current ammo shortage I'm going to have add another resident to my household.

    Question is.... Should I keep it (after all it's not eating anything) and hope .380 ammo becomes available again or just part ways?

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    Hell .380 is the ONLY thing i can find here in MI, trying to get 9mm or .45 acp is like asking the government for a tax refund

    Maybe we could work out a trade if i pick up .380 for you (at a reasonable cost of course) you could pick up an equal $ amount of .45 (at a reasonable cost of course) If your interested PM me

    Note: i like to pick up that 100 count of Winchestor "white box" @ Wal-Mart because the price is still the same (when u can get it)
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    If you like the .380 keep it. Eventually the ammo will be available again. 9mm, .40 and .45 is beginning to make it's way back onto the market, so will the .380.

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    winston-salem, NC
    I hear that ammo will become more available (& reasonably priced) soon, but if you decide to sell it, I would be interested in taking a look at it.
    I live near Winston-Salem, NC.

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    Exclamation My 2 cents...

    If you can afford to keep it, the .380 ammo is making a comeback.

    BTW...the Kel Tec PF-9 is a sweet carry piece...here's a pic of mine with a LaserLyte that I added:

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    Keep it it is always good to have a little pocket pistol.

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    Ammo is starting to make its way back to the shelves slowly. A friend of mine made a days work out of it and hit every Wal-Mart and other sporting goods store in our area and came up with 1200 rounds of .380 just this past week.
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    You certainly must have SOME .380 ammo to at least use the P-3AT as an extra carry gun. If not, just let it sit in the safe for a while, the supplies will return eventually.
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    I have been seeing .380 out here again and at reasonable prices.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hardlivin View Post
    Should I keep it (after all it's not eating anything) and hope .380 ammo becomes available again or just part ways?
    I have Kel-Tec .380 that I don't carry anymore, and I've faced a similar question. However, sure as the world if I get rid of it, I'll need a tiny gun for some occasion that only a Kel-Tec or Ruger .380 can fill the bill.

    Of course, a PF-9 is pretty small, too, and I could eliminate a caliber.

    Oh great. Now you've got me thinking about trading... Thought I had resolved this already.

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    Member Array Romans623's Avatar
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    I have 380 ammo but not a 380 gun anymore. I did however purchase a Ruger LCP finally and plan on picking it up hopefully Tuesday.

    I almost broke down after the long wait and buy a Kel Tec P3AT. I'm glad I waited not knocking Kel Tec but the LCP just felt so much better. I actually go the Ruger cheaper then what P3ATs are going for around here.
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    .380 is experiencing a shortage. No one said they're discontinuing it! Keep the gun, you'll only regret it if you sell it.
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    Keep the .380. I agree that ammunition for it will become available, and they you would regret selling it.

    I have a P3AT. I also have probably 300 rounds of ammo including 125 rounds of HP. It is not fun to shoot so the ammo will last me a long time. Since it has proven reliable, I just shoot a mag or two every few months.

    I would retire mine before I would pay the going prices, but I would keep it until the ammo supply permitted bring it out of retirement.


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    I vote keep it, just because a .380 is a great backup or primary carry. Also Ive made it a rule now, don't sell anything. You just regret it later.
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    I have to agree with TerriLi. As soon as you sell it you'll regret it. I sold 2 semi autos and wish I had not. I have been seeing .380 here and there and the price is not too bad considering. Avg $13-16 a box.
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