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Extra Mags vs Extra Capacity

This is a discussion on Extra Mags vs Extra Capacity within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; To me the answer is obvious. A high capacity mag can keep you shooting longer rather than taking time out to reload. The one hi-cap ...

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Thread: Extra Mags vs Extra Capacity

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    To me the answer is obvious. A high capacity mag can keep you shooting longer rather than taking time out to reload. The one hi-cap mag in the gun is probably all you'll need.
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    extra mag is more for use if a malfunction happens, rather more rds to be fired. But, it serves both purposes. If you carry a semi auto pistol you should also carry an extra mag, regardless of the capacity.

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    My daily carry usually consists of my Glock 19 (15+1) AND not one but two spare 15 round magazines. I take into account the possibility of multiple threats and having to empty the magazine. There is also the possibility of having a malfunction, and would be easier to dump the first mag and reload rather than trying to clear the jam with the mag still in gun. Every law enforcement officer I have ever seen carries at least two spare magazines, so why not me too!?
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    I like extra capacity. I carry a spare magazine occasionally with my Glocks, and maybe I should more often. I always carry a spare mag for my P220 8+1.

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    I vote for extra mag. My every day is a Glock 23 with 10+1 and at least 1 extra sometimes 2 mags.


    BTW, what are the laws for hi-cap mags in Indiana?

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    cz 75 EDC. 16+ 1. If I have room I still carry an extra mag. If I even need a fraction of that firepower, I'm probably already screwed!
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    I've got a G23 but still carry at least one more mag.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pgrass101 View Post
    I might not have time to reload so I want to as many rounds on tap as I can realisticly carry
    Same here.

    I hear of very few gunfights (and almost no non-LEO gunfights) where someone needed to reload. Something I heard once which stuck in my mind: "You're going to finish the fight with what you've got in your gun."

    I do carry a spare mag, mainly for malfunctions. If I were to shoot dry and the fight was still on, I might grab another gun vs. reloading.

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    I thought i wanted high cap but I don't like the bulk. I carry either my Colt defender 7+1 w/spare mag or my Ruger SP101 w/1 speedloader 2 Bianchi strip loaders.
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    I sometimes carry just my PA 63 with 7+1 and extra mag for malfunctions, the way I see it if I can't stop an attacker with the 8 rounds of 9x18mm MAK HPs then I'm not getting enough practice at the range. Remember the Clint Eastwood movie Unforgiven, he says something along these lines, that it is not the guy who draws the fastest or shoots the fastest but the one who takes time to aim. Remember you are also responsible for any bullet that leaves your weapon, so don't just start spraying lead towards the target.

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    Some folks get tunnel vision when an extra magazine is mentioned. I don't carry an extra magazine for the primary benefit of additional rounds, I carry an extra magazine primarily in case of a malfunction, secondarily for additional rounds!
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    13+1 od 180gr, Gold Dot in my G23, 13+1 of 115gr. Gold Dot in my P228. Like retsupt, said that should get me out of the WW parking lot...which is two miles from the house, and heavily parolled by the Local PD. If I travel outside that radius...I take an extra mag of 13 rounds and I keep two older 10 rounders of .40 in the truck which is my primary EDC.
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    Before I got my PF9 I would have voted high capacity. But now it's extra mags for my little sweetheart that is with me always.
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    I do both,I carry a subcompact Glock27 40cal. 9+1,with a Glock22,40cal., 15 round mag,with sleve,for spare mag.

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    Personally I think these high capacity rd pistols should be implemented for LE armed forces only! There are very few sit reps that qualify the need for civilians to be quick stepping around with a 30 rd glock maybe in his mind he's rationalizing he's Rambo's cousin about to save every last person in the next mall incident but really, in majority of cases sSD scenerios usually are with in a few feet and after just a few shots its all over! Yes there's always the chance you'll need more but like I said it's very small chance that training with a mag should cover and be ample enough.You keep on trying to keep up with the next guy and we'll all have to carry 100 drums for crying out loud,I think it's getting rediculous myself

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