Colt Defender owners...

Colt Defender owners...

This is a discussion on Colt Defender owners... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Sound off..... I would like to hear all the good, and bad (hopefully not alot) about this pistol. Do you owners absolutely love'em or are ...

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Thread: Colt Defender owners...

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    Colt Defender owners...

    Sound off.....

    I would like to hear all the good, and bad (hopefully not alot) about this pistol. Do you owners absolutely love'em or are they just ok!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Defender experience

    I've had a Colt Defender for about 3 years and my experience has been positive. The best things about it are the reliability (has worked every time through 800 rounds) and the easy concealment in a belt holster. It holds 7+1 rounds of a potent caliber.

    The weak points would be the stock rubber grips (which I quickly changed), the sharp edges on the slide (which I had dehorned by a gunsmith), and the healthy recoil. The gun only weighs about 24 ounces compared to 38 ounces for a regular size steel 1911, so you feel the recoil a lot more.

    The picture below shows the Defender next to my Sig P239, which is a slightly larger gun weighing 27.5 ounces and a little thicker in the slide.

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    I used to have a Defender, but got rid of it due to reliability issues. The problem was, the hammer would only fall sometimes when I pulled the trigger. NO, the safety wasn't on. I adjusted the screw in the trigger and still could not get it to be 100% reliable. Took it to a smith, he tried to get it to work, but had as much success as I did.
    Instead of going through the time and expense of returning it to the factory, I sold it to the shop where the smith worked and got a Para C-6 which does work 100%, is DA and even more compact.
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    Great looking pair Pogo. I can't add much, but have handled a Defender and like them a lot.
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    Mine has been great. No feeding or ejection problems. The only thing I changed are the grips. I put thin Aluma-Grips on and love it. Great little Colt. jh

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    I like mine
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    Just my two cents worth... IMHO

    Had mine for a while now and after a little over 500rds with some JHP's included in that I've had no FTF's or FTE's. I realize that you will get people posting problems but, that's got to be said for everything that is sold out there. You also have to remember that until recently Colt's were all hand made. Only recently did they start putting in CNC machines. When you have a hand made product with today's work force you are bound to have a problem every now and then IMHO. The skilled workers that were trained on the old equipment just don't exist. That's why Colt finally went to CNC.

    Mine is more accurate than I ever thought it would be, very reliable, and feels great in the hand to boot.

    IMHO if you get one you won't be sorry. If something is wrong Colt will make it right for you...

    Stay Safe
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    Had mine for a decent amount of time. First thing I did was replace the stock rubber grips. Those grips are not exactly made for concealing. I went to my Defender from carrying an XD sub. I am close to 750 rounds now. I had some ftf problems when it was new with the factory mag. I switched to wilson mags and have had zero issues since. I absolutely love carrying my Defender. It's amazing what a difference it is carrying the Defender over the XD. At one point in time I have owned and carried a S&W 637(still carry it sometimes), Glock-19, M&P 9c, XD-40sub, Taurus PT-111(wife's gun), and now my Defender. I have complete faith in it and it is my absolute favorite gun to carry thus far. I carry it in a K&D Defender holster.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jhh3rd View Post
    Mine has been great. No feeding or ejection problems. The only thing I changed are the grips. I put thin Aluma-Grips on and love it. Great little Colt. jh

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    Different grips, used only Wilson mags. Changed the grip safety and the mainspring housing. Not one problem in probably 1,000 rounds. Absolutely stupid accurate.
    Ended up going to a Glock 19 (the change had nothing to do with the Colt) - and noticed that a G19 and a Defender are virtually identical in size.
    If it didn't end up "Glock time" in my universe, I would have bought a second Defender with no hesitation.

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    I had one for a short time, and I really liked it. It was a little fickle at times, but all the 3" 1911's have quirks. I traded it for some cash and a better equipt Springfield micro that became the project from hell.
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    Loved mine. I'd tote another in a second.
    My son will be carrying one soon.

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    I love mine... its my permanent carry weapon. I changed the grips and added Wilson magazines. Goes bang every time I pull the trigger. My only compliant is the sharp edges... Its hell on leather holsters.
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    Add me to the fan list.

    I've been running one for 5 yrs. now upon buying it used.
    Unlike a normal build and length 1911 the recoil spring assembly must be replaced every 800 rounds as per it's design. Kimber units are a drop-in replacement.

    Aside from that minor maintenance item it's been for me no different than any other 1911 I've had.
    Rock solid reliable and eats most everything.

    I use it for when I have business meetings and must be very low profile. As well I if I'm out at night and expect to be jostled or touched such as at a dance club I may bring it along rather than my other 1911s which are all full-size.

    - Janq
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    I've onley had mine a few weeks but I love it. She has taken the EDC spot. I had to get rid of the ugly rubber grips but no other changes needed.
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