Conceal Carry Caliber

Conceal Carry Caliber

This is a discussion on Conceal Carry Caliber within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am looking to pick up a new gun for possible CCW. I have me eyes on a few glock models along with the XDSC. ...

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Thread: Conceal Carry Caliber

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    Conceal Carry Caliber

    I am looking to pick up a new gun for possible CCW. I have me eyes on a few glock models along with the XDSC. I am looking into the Glock 26,27,29,30, or 36. Also looking into the XDSC 9mm or 40 S&W

    Which caliber is best for CCW to stop someone if the time came. Hope it never does. I like the 45 auto for the size of the bullet very bigger diameter. Is the 10mm bullet bigger than the 45 auto far as diameter. I seen it does travel at a 9mm bullet speed. So you have a heavy bullet moving fast should be great round right

    Not worried about what brand of gun or weight and etc just mainly the calibers how they stack up to one another and amount of rounds you gain or lose per caliber.


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    Just my opinion, but with proper shot placement and modern hollowpoints, it doesn't really matter all that much (with that said I do carry a .45, but have also carried 9mm's and .38's). Handguns in general are poor fight stoppers, but they are a compromise in power to allow for easier carry of the weapon.

    The 10mm bullet is .40 cal in diameter (.40 S&W is a shortened 10mm round).

    Basically these days I choose weapons based on ammo compatibility with what I already own, and what I really want. What you are able to control shoot and conceal the best should determine your caliber and weapon.
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    I have a couple of Kimbers and a Glock-36...all in .45.
    My EDC is almost always something in SD choice.
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    The 10mm is the same diameter as the .40.

    For round count, you can get the most from a 9mm because it is the smallest, but the Glocks carry plenty of rounds in any caliber for their full size guns.

    If you are looking for power, the 10 will give you the most, but will cost you more if you don't reload. Flexibility and availability are the best from the 9 or 45.

    I have no real comments on the .40 because I have very little experience with it. Many people like the round, though.

    If you care only about stopping power and not about size or weight, the 10 or .45 is the way to go. You will get a lot of very true comments relating to shot placement being more important than power.
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    I really like the stopping power of the .40, I think its a happy medium between not enough power and to much power for some situations, thats just my humble opinion.

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    In order of my own personal preference list as based on multiple factors as ultimately relating to stopping power narrows down to the following in order of least preferred to most...

    * .38 Special
    * 9x19MM +P
    * .45 ACP +P
    * .40 S&W
    * .50 GI
    * 5.7MM
    * 9x23MM
    All running JHP or EFMJ projectiles.

    I EDC two .45 ACP 1911s as well as a 9x19mm 1911 to which I will soon have re-barreled in to 9x23mm.
    Additionally I will likely very soon pickup a S&W M&P40 full size (maximal velocity) as well for carry.

    - Janq
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    "A license to carry a concealed weapon does not make you a free-lance policeman." - Florida Div. of Licensing

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    I think if I was going to get something for EDC I might lean towards the 45 ACP deff much bigger diameter and can get a few +P loads to pick up some extra FPS. I also think the 45 will do more damage than the 40, and have less snap recoil. I shoot a XDSC 9mm often and its not crazy but its got a little snap to it, i couldnt imagine the 40, the 45 I hear is more of a push than a snap

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    Most everyday carry is .45ACP but I also carry .357mag or 9mm.
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    I picked .40 cal. I think it is a happy medium between stopping power and ammo capacity. Im sure with the right ammo any of your choices will be fine. Go shoot them and see what you shoot best.

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    I like the .40 simply because it is a good compromise between .45 and 9mm and I can always swap barrels to .357 Sig. Very flexible. I like having the capacity and a little more "oomph" than a 9mm....

    Just my opinion. Shot placement is still king.
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    It's either my H&K P7 loaded with 9 115 gr. Speer Lawmen or my 2.5" S&W 19 loaded with 158 gr Speer Gold Dot's. Swapped over to the P7 as it's the most accurate semi I've ever shot and I ALWAYS practice on making the 1st round the best. Carried my old trusty 5" Springer for 17 years and the P7 out performs it in accuracy, has VERY little recoil for FASTER follow up shots, is easier to conceal and weighs way less. You have to try one to believe it!

    I do not feel undergunned with either weapon. It all comes down to shot placement and a good bullet that will expand and penetrate. Better to have 6 solid hits with the 9MM or .357 than spray and pray with a high capacity auto.

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    Quote Originally Posted by highoctane View Post
    Im sure with the right ammo any of your choices will be fine. Go shoot them and see what you shoot best.

    I have to say .40 since my EDC is a Glock 23. I am looking at both the G26 and G30 for my next purchase.

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    Any of the choice will do the job if you do yours. I prefer .40 loaded with Federal +P HST rounds. It's what I practice with and carry.

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    My personal preference is for .45 in a G21.

    I also carry a 9mm in a G19.

    It is mainly situational. I don't feel "under-gunned" with either of these calibers.
    *WARNING - I may or may not know what I am talking about.

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    I would choose any of them, and have all but the 10mm. I look for a pistol that fits me in size, weight, reliability, recoil, how I am going to carry and ammo that I can afford to shoot alot. Then I choose a caliber for that pistol.

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