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Opinions on Carrying 'in pocket'

This is a discussion on Opinions on Carrying 'in pocket' within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Maclean and I carry the exact same rig. I carry mine in Levi 565's and have no issue. You can see that something is in ...

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Thread: Opinions on Carrying 'in pocket'

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    Maclean and I carry the exact same rig. I carry mine in Levi 565's and have no issue. You can see that something is in my pocket but you can't tell what it is. During the winter months, I carry it in my coat pocket, but still in the holster. It took a little while to get used to not using that pocket for other stuff but now it's second nature.
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    I carry a P-32 with Armalaser in a JNJ pocket holster in a pair of (Wal-Mart) denim, cargo jeans. This give me ample space to carry both my piece and spare mags. These also have zip-off legs, so when it gets too warm, I just zip off the pants legs, below the knees and I have a pair of walking shorts. When it turns cool in the evening, I just zip the legs back on.

    This works very well for me and no one ever knows that I'm always carrying.


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    Baby Hulk - My opinion closely follows the description by P95carry w/ a bit added; proper position for presentation is important in addition to "breaking up" the outline/ shape of the pistol from someone elses perspective. Anymore, this is my most common carry method. I do most often carry an Auto pistol of one form or another but once in a blue moon I'll still tote my RB "J" Frame...

    Hope this helps a bit...
    Eric Howland
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    I carry a little KelTec in my right front pants pocket without problems. Some large men carry the little Polish P64 in their pants pocket easily and without printing.

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    Everyone above has given great info/advice. I carry my 642 in a nemisis pocket holster at times. Nothing else goes in that pocket except the holster and the gun. Works extremely well in pleated front dockers when on the job. Much faster to aquire then when worn in the Galco belly band.

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    Baby Hulk,

    I dont know what you are planning to carry, but I have pocket carried for about 5 years now. I started with my Ruger SP-101 hammerless then migrated to a Kel-Tec P-11 and for the last two years I have carried my Taurus PT-145. I carry in a Desantis pocket holster now but started with an Uncle Mikes Pocket Holster. I have practiced in numerious situations, many, many times and become very proficient in drawing it out with one quick swipe. Of course this mthod of carry will always be slower than a holster draw, but mine is usually carried as a BUG to my 1911 or my new XD-45.
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