Gun Advice for the little missus!

Gun Advice for the little missus!

This is a discussion on Gun Advice for the little missus! within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I would like to get a gun for my wife. She likes my PT145 but I was thinking something a little smaller. Recommendations? She likes ...

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Thread: Gun Advice for the little missus!

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    Gun Advice for the little missus!

    I would like to get a gun for my wife. She likes my PT145 but I was thinking something a little smaller. Recommendations? She likes shooting, so I am not too concerned about recoil issues, heck she likes to shoot my Mossberg 500 and that kicks like a Clydesdale. I know that a shotty isn't a handgun but she is pretty tough! Just a good stopping power gun that will fit into her hands,

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    Why not give her what she likes?
    Has she tried any others?

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    Definitely let her pick out her own weapon!
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    You have to let her pick her own. If she likes your PT145 why not get her one?
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    It is very important for a woman (Or anyone for that matter) to pick out her own gun. My advice would be to take her to a gun store that has a large selection, even if you aren't going to buy from there. Let her take her time, look them over, hold them, work the slide, etc... If they happen to have a range, even better! Rent the first three that she liked the best and let her shoot them and THEN purchase whichever one she wants. I know it sounds like a long process but it's not AND it might save you some moolah later. The first carry gun I pruchased was one that I had done a TON of research on. I held it, liked it, bought it..... couldn't get used to the trigger. Sold it and bought something else that I had fired and liked. Just my .02, good luck!

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    Let her try as many as she can get her hands on and pick her own.

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    Been there, done that, got the T-shirt "My Bad, Should Have Let Her Pick It Out!"

    I tried two times to get the 'boss' her own gun...and expensive lesson and two safe queens later, she found her own.

    Stay armed...let her pick it out...stay safe!
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    Steer her towards Sig :) Let her pick out the P239 by herself though. (Good gravy, I adore mine!)
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    I agree with everyone, let her pick. Also don't fall into the trap of woman=small gun. I have bought 5 guns since September and my favorite is the Browning Hi Power, not a small gun. And I much prefer the Glock 19- the first one I bought- to the Glock 26 (rented this one). Renting is really a good idea, based on just handling the gun I would have bought the 26, as soon as I shot it I didn't like it at all. Love the 19 though.
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    Same here. Its a HUGE mistake to choose a weapon of any kind for your wife. Take her to a range and let her shoot as many guns and calibers as she can. Take her to a gun show. Let her cruise around the internet and find a gun.

    HOWEVER, its always good to give advice and the pros and cons of each gun. Especially if she isnt that savoy on handguns.

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    Mine is in love with the Glock 26, but has meandered towards the Kahr PM9. Dang it I want that too....But def let her pick. Maybe a PT111?
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    Since when do we allow women to make up their own minds, let alone buy firearms?

    I mean, really!

    Next thing you know they will start to have opinions, work, post on the internet...

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    Take her to the store and let her hold as many as possible (If she can shoot them even better, but this is a lot harder to accomplish). In the long run you'll be a lot happier.

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    I agree with the others, if she likes the PT145 get her one. No need to get something smaller just because she's a lady (assuming that's the line of thinking). My ex-wife carried a PT140. She was a small girl,5'3 110.
    Just be glad that she is willing and able to protect herself, too many people,male and female don't.
    I have a PT145, it's a very soft shooter. 23 ounes,10+1 in a small easily concealed weapon. I like it a lot.
    There are a lot of guns out there that I like but this one fit the bill for me best overall.
    I'm not a fan of grip safeties, that, size/weight and capacity were big factors for the PT145.

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