55 weeks for my NY CC - Now I can seriously look for a gun!

55 weeks for my NY CC - Now I can seriously look for a gun!

This is a discussion on 55 weeks for my NY CC - Now I can seriously look for a gun! within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Well after 55 weeks of waiting around wondering - i received my NYS CC. So now I can actually think about what gun i am ...

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Thread: 55 weeks for my NY CC - Now I can seriously look for a gun!

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    55 weeks for my NY CC - Now I can seriously look for a gun!

    Well after 55 weeks of waiting around wondering - i received my NYS CC.

    So now I can actually think about what gun i am really going to buy...

    I had been seriously leaning towards a Springfield XD but that seems to be fading very quickly into a Glock. I am considering the 19 and the 23

    I am also open to other suggestions although all of the above fit in my hands nicely.

    I have a lot of experience shooting other SA pistols but not Glocks, so I must say I am a bit "more respectful" of the glocks due to my lack of experience and knowledge. All of my training with guns has been to keep a safty on at all times so walking around with a hot glock makes me a little nervous but nothing that im sure wont go away after 500 rnds. Just looking for some thoughts on that from others specifically to the safety mechanisms of glocks

    The handle safety on the XD was a selling point... Not something that i need to think about disarming if im holding it correctly but one more layer of protection from AD. I do have young kids and i grew up with/have guns so i would never and have never left a firearm in a place that they could get it... but i have a second fence around my pool just to MAKE SURE that nothing ever happens to the people i am carrying a gun to protect :)

    I am a professional sales rep - i wear a suit 2-3 times per week if that will influence your opinions on my gun selection.

    Thanks to all and especially to the great state of NY for putting me in danger for the last year... I am excited to finally have my right to protect myself!


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    You had to wait longer than kids do between Christmases.

    Get whichever gun you feel more comfortable with and will carry. If it's not comfortable and you don't carry it, it's no good.

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    wow! congrats! 55 weeks huh? makes 90 days sound less annoying.

    Welcome to DC also!
    Μολὼν λαβέ

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    Welcome to DC!

    Are you limited to 10 round magazines or are normal capacity magazines allowed? I would think it would be easier to find pre-ban or NY legal (or however you think of it) Glock magazines.

    Both of your choices are as safe as the revolvers people have been carrying without a thumb safety for 100+ years. Pull trigger=bang. Don't worry about it.

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    from Central Florida!

    Congrats on the 'soon to arrive' permit...55 weeks+?
    Get the Glock-19.

    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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    Holy Mother of Crumbcake, 55 WEEKS?!!?

    Super-duper congrats on that! That's incredible, you must have the patience of a Saint!

    Seriously, congrats and welcome :)
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    I wear business attire every day. I would recommend what is in my signature line below. Wear the holster low and to your off side - center the bottom of the grip on your zipper line.

    To keep the kids safe, I use a Gunvault safe - with the four buttons on top. Can be opened in seconds, but keeps the kids away from the guns.

    The number of people killed because they didn't have "enough gun" is dwarfed by those who had none at all. Get a gun you will always carry, and add more capability as you grow.

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    55 weeks. Terrible.. I hope after that kind of torture it's at least for a non-restricted permit.


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    wow 55 weeks....
    that makes my 90 days seem like a blink of the eye.....
    to be safe, you should teach your kids about fire arms and get a gun safe
    also I find a small gun easier to conceal therefore more likely to be carried
    just my 2 cents

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    In what county do you live in that it took over 1 yr to get CCW?

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    If you're intending on carrying while wearing the suit, though I love Glocks, I'd suggest a smaller, thinner pistol. If CC is the primary goal, Kahr makes very small, reliable 9mm pistols.

    You could also go for a .380, however ammo is harder to come by, especially due to current situations. That said, the .380 is a good defensive round for very light carry.

    The Kahr isn't exactly a range gun, though. If you also want a range gun, the G19 will be a great middle ground. It may even be doable with a shoulder holster, depending on your body built and personal comfort preferences.

    As for me, with all the firearms that I own, only four of them are in my concealed-carry rotation.

    • H&K P2000 V3 - A great gun in a DeSantis Cozy Partner. I'm looking into finding a shoulder holster for this. You could look into the P2000SK if you want a sub-compact. The accuracy you hear about with H&K, I've learned, is NOT just hype. This thing is a tackdriver.
    • Dan Wesson CBOB - An amazing gun, best of all worlds. And for the price, it is hard to beat.
    • Smith & Wesson Model 40 - A great pocket gun, but sometimes a bit too heavy for very, very light clothing. With quality +P ammo, the .38 Special is a great round.
    • Kel-Tec P-3AT - Very good for light carry. Disappears into anything you're wearing. The .380 is a great round, also, if you buy quality ammo.

    One thing - don't believe all that "guns are supposed to be comforting, not comfortable". A quality holster can be very comfortable.
    Newest Purchase: Glock 17 Gen4

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    Congrats and welcome to the forum!

    Good idea considering Glock over SA XD. I suggest (and recommend) the G19.

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    Was that Monroe County that took that long?
    What was the hold up if you don't mind?

    Wayne County was under two weeks for the wife back in July 08.
    Man over a year is crazy!

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    55 weeks. One has to ask what they could possibly have found out in week 10 that they didn't know after the first screening. Nutz. Absolutely nutz.
    Your best weapon is your brain. Don't leave home without it.
    Thoughts: Justifiable self defense (A.O.J.).
    Explain: How does disarming victims reduce the number of victims?
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    I have a G23 and love it...that being said get the 19. It is the ultimate in compact 9mm CCW packages IMO.
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