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MIM Parts - Good, Bad, or just Ugly?

This is a discussion on MIM Parts - Good, Bad, or just Ugly? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Your right springfield is loaded with them to but they dont break as much or else you would have heard more about it...

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Thread: MIM Parts - Good, Bad, or just Ugly?

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    Your right springfield is loaded with them to but they dont break as much or else you would have heard more about it

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    Well all I can think of is maybe people like to shoot their Mimbers more and the Springers sit in the safe!

    Just given ya trouble Bud!

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    MIM can be problematic, but (from someone who does his own fitting and contouring), you can achieve decent finishes(SS) and they will harden to "tough *******" very easily. The brushed finishing I like seems to take a couple of extra steps, but, all in all, I'm more than happy. I've got all the bells and whistles on my STIs now, so I'll see if I can get some decent pics, this weekend.

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    My Springer had more cast parts than MIM.
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    I've got a few tungsten carbide machine parts from different manufacturing processes sitting here on my desk. Another problem with the process is the mould lines aren't just on the surface, they tend to reappear after sintering no matter how well they were deburred when green.

    I've got one rejected part here that made it through manufacturing, dewax, sintering, QC inspection, H.I.P. stress relief (hot isostatic press) and QC's final inspection under a microscope just fine. When our end customer was applying a mirror polish a void opened up (at a depth of .001" to .003" deep). There's simply no way to predict which parts have voids and which parts will fail until it happens.

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