Narrowed next purchase down to these two:

Narrowed next purchase down to these two:

This is a discussion on Narrowed next purchase down to these two: within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Your opinion please. Since the VA is providing my duty pistol (Beretta 9mm) my brother wants to buy my full size .40 M&P. I am ...

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Thread: Narrowed next purchase down to these two:

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    Narrowed next purchase down to these two:

    Your opinion please.

    Since the VA is providing my duty pistol (Beretta 9mm) my brother wants to buy my full size .40 M&P. I am selling it to him.

    Now - I've wanted a small .40 compact - with a rail - for quite a while.

    I know I don't want to buy a compact Beretta.

    I had been looking at the M&P .40c - especially since it would be same as my duty pistol.

    Product: Smith & Wesson M&P Compact .40 S&W

    Now that's not the case.

    I'm still looking at the M&P Compact - but also heard a lot of good about the Taurus 24/7 .40 subcompact.

    Taurus International Manufacturing Inc

    Your opinions on both please. Thanks in advance....
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    I've shot both the M&P and 24/7 platforms.

    I own an M&Pc. The 24/7 is a nice gun, but it really doesn't compare in quality or ergonomics to the M&P line.

    Especially since it matches your duty gun I don't think you can go wrong with the M&Pc
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    I carry the M&P9c and my son the M&P40c.

    We both really like the guns.

    Very accurate and easily concealed. I sometimes have to remember I am wearing it.

    I don't know about the Taurus but I sure do recommend the M&P compacts.

    This was last month.
    50 rounds
    20 center mass
    10 double taps center mass
    10 head shots in under 10 seconds.
    M&P9c 7 yards
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    I have a M&P9C (9MM)and a Glock 26 (9MM) ,both work
    flawless and I,m sure the M&P.40C and G27 would work just as well.
    But just to throw you a curve,I'll ask you this.
    Because you now carry a 9MM at work , you may be better served carrying a 9MM so you are practicing and CCing with the same round you will have to work with daily.
    I know the .40 is a stronger round, and if thats what you like to carry
    by all means do so, but as you did ask for input, theres mine
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    The M&P40c woul dbe my choice of those two....that being said i would buy a Glock 27.
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    The compact M&P shoots just as well as the standard size. Both shoot better to me than my G27 and are not as "blocky" for concealed carry. I'd definately go with the M&P..
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    Both are good guns. Both have excellent warranties. However warranty service for a Taurus has been painfully long in the past.

    As an aside I recently found out that you can order an M&P WITHOUT a magazine disconnect which is a plus for me.
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    Definitely go with the MP40c ... mine has functioned flawlessly, and is easy to conceal.

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    glock 27 or MP40c done deal with either one.
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    Have you thought about the HK P2000SK? Awesome gun...

    Heckler & Koch - USA

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    You shoot like that all the time you could probably get by with a Daisy BB pistol.
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    Get the Smith & Wesson M&P Compact .40 S&W...
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    I have an M&P40c and have compared it to many. It is still one of my go to guns.

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    Wife has M&P40c and really likes it, I carry the 24/7 Pro Compact in .40 and like it better due to the grip. I would say handle both and see what fits. Just my .02.

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    I have a buddy a compact M&P 40......I had a G27 couldnt handle the snappy nature of the caliber but am fine with the 26. The M&P in 40 is snappy for me too.....I must just be a 40 wuss!

    Seriously, I would go for a compact 9 in G or S&W.
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