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I need some advice on CC Handguns and Lasers

This is a discussion on I need some advice on CC Handguns and Lasers within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have to admit that I'm still torn on the laser issue. I have as we speak my 340PD in a shoulder rig with a ...

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Thread: I need some advice on CC Handguns and Lasers

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    I have to admit that I'm still torn on the laser issue. I have as we speak my 340PD in a shoulder rig with a CTC Laser on it. However, on my duty gun, I removed them after a year.

    On a snubby, I feel that they are a great aid as the sights on snubbies are not all that great and a snubby is designed for up close contact and the laser sight works.

    However, on my duty weapon after a full year of trial and usage, I found that I was actually slowing myself down on target engagements by my "searching" for the dot, AND my groups opened up. So I removed them and sold them and my scores have imporved and my TOT (time on target) went down.

    For me, I'll stick with iron night sights for my weapons and keep the lasers for the snubbies.
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    For a civilian, like myself, I'd just stick with night sights. A lazer on my chest would undoubtedly scare the crap of of me but if you have to use a gun to protect yourself you'll have no need for intimidation. Only quick action will be needed and everyone else has stated that the laser actually slowed the down. So the laser could be look at as a handicap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bubbygator

    Intimidation is fine for LEO's, but if a civilian does it, it's either brandishing or assault. There was a recent Florida news story about a LEO being spotted (with a laser pointer) by a teen as he got out of his car on a call - the kid was charged with assault on a police officer. Civilian CCW is for self-defense from lethal threat - if you go mixing other things into what is legally approved, you run the risk.
    The word intimidate needs to be used here in a specific context. A kid, or anyone for that matter, who goes around pointing a laser dot at someone just for kicks is just plain stupid. It's no different than the fool who aims a toy or paintball gun at a person trying to be "funny" and ends up shot because of it.

    My reference - and of some others here - was in the context of pointing the sight at a BG and potential target, not horse play or kidding around. If that BG and potential threat sees my lasers dot pointed at his chest or head and turns tail and runs, so much the better for me. I now don't have to deal with the aftermath of a shooting, whether justified or not. If I do find myself in the position of having to fire, at least I can be assured that the bullet will hit where the laser is pointed and not something (or someone) else, especially in poor light conditions.

    Again, just because you have a laser on a gun doesn't mean you always have to use it. They have their place and are a great training aid. If you don't feel the need for a laser, then don't buy one or if you have one already, don't use it. As has been said here many times before about other things, it's better to have it and not use it than need/want it and not have it.
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    Good experience with laser

    I've only had my Crimson-Trace equipped S&W snubbie for several weeks - but I believe it is helping me develop good form and "muscle memory" in my stance much quicker than using iron sights alone.

    After 20 years of not shooting, and now having bifocals to deal with, the laser is really helping me zero in on where I need to be. I shoot several rounds with the laser, keeping my grouping as tight as possible, first with the right hand and then with the left (both using a support hand and one-handed). Then I shoot several rounds without the laser. My groupings on iron sights alone are rapidly improving - much more so than if I had not "zoned in" with the laser first.

    Let's face it - not all of us can spend the time or money to shoot hundreds of rounds at a time! Using the laser makes my time & bullets much more efficient. And for a new shooter - and a rookie CCW - it's a great confidence booster. If I do have to use my gun, I don't fear that I'll have collateral damage.

    Having said that - I have a backup set of batteries available and do continue to train on iron sights alone!

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