OK, I've Decided...I think

OK, I've Decided...I think

This is a discussion on OK, I've Decided...I think within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I've decided to purchase a Springfield EMP. And, believe it or not the better half is ok with it. However I run across a pretty ...

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Thread: OK, I've Decided...I think

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    OK, I've Decided...I think

    I've decided to purchase a Springfield EMP. And, believe it or not the better half is ok with it.

    However I run across a pretty sweet Dan Wesson on gunbroker.

    Which would you buy? A brand new EMP or this masterpiece? I've never owned a .45 before and I want one. However, I really like the manageability of the 9mm. I have owned a S&W Mod. 66, Beretta 92F, and a Glock 22 so that's what I've had experience with before.

    This will be for my EDC.

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    Great deal on the Dan Wesson, being a fan of the 45 I would try to win it first, if not then go for the EMP.
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    Hey, Ed, stick with 9mm ammo. Buy more 9mm ammo. In the current environment, "variety of calibers" could easily leave you with a 50 shot(assuming you can fid A box of .45), $900 .45 cal paperweight.

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    Both 9mm and .45 ACP are common rounds (especially in the inventory of a hand loader). Put some thought into the cartridges available and select the one that suites your perceived needs and dedicate yourself to it. Learn to shoot it well and have the forethought to stock enough for lean times so that the vagaries of supply don't trouble you.

    For myself, the 9mms will go before the 45s.

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    Go with the EMP it is sweet. The DW will always be around.
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    I would go with the Dan Wesson. Even though I'm not a fan of external extractors on a 1911 and I prefer front strap checkering, these early Patriot CBOBs were made when Bob Serva was at the helm of Dan Wesson. He was instrumental in getting Dan Wesson 1911's where they are today. This one, without the front strap checkering, is one of the early models. It would be worth it. The other nice thing with the 1911 is there are so many accessories / parts you can purchase readily for it. Not so much with the EMP.

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    Of your choices...the .45 DW...
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    I bought an EMP because like you I shoot the 9mm better.
    If you ask me now ,would I do it again ?
    Or would I go for the .45.
    I would tell you that I would buy the EMP again, I love it.
    And the truth is if you shoot the 9mm better, thats the gun you
    need to carry not a .45.
    Most handguns will out performed the people carrying them
    Find the one caliber that brings you to your max proformance
    and go with it.
    If it .45 great , bigger is better , but if it a smaller bullet like the 9mm , don't sweat it , remember , you will always be the weakest link , not he gun.
    Pick the one you shoot the best and that will rise you to your max
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    Ditto on the EMP.....and it is cheaper to shoot at the range, much cheaper.....more than 50% based on Wal-Mart prices.
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