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Researching Revolvers, I give up !!!

This is a discussion on Researching Revolvers, I give up !!! within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Let her shoot a S&W 642 with 38 spl and see how she handles the recoil. Heavier steel frame revolvers like the Ruger SP101 and ...

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Thread: Researching Revolvers, I give up !!!

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    Try a 642

    Let her shoot a S&W 642 with 38 spl and see how she handles the recoil. Heavier steel frame revolvers like the Ruger SP101 and the S&W 60 reduce recoil, but are a lot heavier to carry. My wife does not enjoy shooting the 642, but she can handle it.
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    I wish my wife carried a revolver for ease of use/reliability. She likes my 642 with standard loads ( I think they would stop a threat BTW ) but it's the bulky-ness she has a hard time with. The slim trim semi's are appealing to them. So if she'll carry a revolver my vote goes for a j-frame hammerless airweight 38 with standard loads.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BikerRN View Post
    First have her learn how to rack a slide. Here's a link to a site that teaches that.

    Cornered Cat
    I'll second this. Almost everyone can rack the slide on a full size or compact autoloader using the proper technique

    Here's a direct link to Pax's instructions for racking the slide:
    Cornered Cat - Rack the Slide

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    My wife bought the SW 642. After shooting the LCP, she wants one of those as well. Wife is petite, 4'10" 100 lbs and both work good. The LCP has smaller grip and fits nice with her hands. FWIW
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackeagle View Post
    I'll second this. Almost everyone can rack the slide on a full size or compact autoloader using the proper technique

    Here's a direct link to Pax's instructions for racking the slide:
    Cornered Cat - Rack the Slide
    This is how I tought my wife to rack the slide as well, anyone can do it. However my wife still prefers a revolver because of the simplicity I guess. I could care less as long as she carries something.

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    The new Ruger LCR could be a nice option. I don't own one (yet) but I have shot one with HOT +P .38 Spc. ammo. While a S&W Airweight J-Frame can get a little "tedious" toward the end of a long practice session, the polymer component of the Ruger frame assembly is designed to absorb a portion of the recoil. I can honestly report that I found it made a substantial difference late in the day (~200 rounds). I know polymer in a wheelgun seems kinda' strange, but 20 years ago it seemed a GLOCK. And GLOCKs have worked out pretty well!
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    I have an LCR and due to its accuracy (great sight picture), grip, and recoil absorption, it is my carry arm. At least let her handle the LCR, it is amazing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mi2az View Post
    Ok, My wife went to Shooters World to take her CCW class. She passed both written and shooting portion of the test. Now all she needs id to have the Federal Background Check. This won't be an issue because she is squeaky clean as well and already went through the NICS check when she bought her Khar 9M.

    Asked her how it went and she replied "My Pully Backy Thing " was hard to do. I said "What ???" oh, you mean the slide ?

    So I felt that getting her a revolver will help her in firearms.

    Thanks Marty
    Why did you Buy , or let Her Buy , a gun she can't operate??

    If you won't educate or train her then PAY an Instructor to do it.

    We're talking about Defense of her LIFE here........
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bosun View Post
    My vote is for J frame S&W.
    +1. Squeeze trigger and revolver goes bang EVERY time. Recommend a non lock model. 3 weeks ago saw a 686 with the lock freeze up shooting 125 gr. 357's.
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    My wife tried an S&W 637 and hated the trigger feel. She carries a Taurus 605CH and absolutely loves it. Based on her experience with the 605CH, I recently bought a Taurus 650, and so far, I am very pleased with it.
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    My wife has the S&W 637, but it was my pick for she is moving into the Glock-26 world.

    Let your wife pick out her own...
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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    Let your wife pick out her own...
    A big +1.

    Would you let your wife pick out what gun you carry?

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    Try a gun with a "spinny thing with bullets in it"

    I might be repeating others but here goes: A steel-framed Smith J-Frame in 38Spl(+P rated). The new Model 40 comes WITHOUT the stupid lock. Also an pre-lock "hammerless"(Centennial) Smith will do the trick. If a little extra weight is an option the Ruger SP101 is rock-solid also. Good Luck.
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    Suggest that the July 2009 issue of Guntests be read rearding concealable .38 sp revolvers -- compares Rugers LCR with S&W 442 and comparable Charter Arms model. LCR was rated the over the 442, particularing for the trigger index feel, and its high degree of accuracy, esp shooting +P ammo. Intend to try it out soon on the rangeso I can judge for myself. (Trouble is, those suckers are mighty tough to find around). I also want to compare the CT laser model with the one without using Hogue grips.

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