Researching Revolvers, I give up !!!

Researching Revolvers, I give up !!!

This is a discussion on Researching Revolvers, I give up !!! within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Ok, My wife went to Shooters World to take her CCW class. She passed both written and shooting portion of the test. Now all she ...

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Thread: Researching Revolvers, I give up !!!

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    Researching Revolvers, I give up !!!

    Ok, My wife went to Shooters World to take her CCW class. She passed both written and shooting portion of the test. Now all she needs id to have the Federal Background Check. This won't be an issue because she is squeaky clean as well and already went through the NICS check when she bought her Khar 9M.

    Asked her how it went and she replied "My Pully Backy Thing " was hard to do. I said "What ???" oh, you mean the slide ?

    So I felt that getting her a revolver will help her in firearms.

    What do I look for in a revolver ? Do they come in 9M. She is quite petite, 5ft 2 and 100lbs.

    She can handle the kick of 9M with her Kahr TP9, but my 45 is too much for her.

    I really don't even know where to start, what ammo should shoot and so on.

    This will be her carry weapon.


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    I'd say a .38special snubby, close to 9mm but better IMO. You can get lightweights or regular, the lightweights will kick more but they are much lighter to carry all day. Look at Smith and Wesson for lightweights and even Taurus is OK, but Id do a Ruger SP101 for for a regular steel wheely,

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    my wife has a S&W 642 loaded with .38 special +P Speer Gold Dot Hollow Point 125 grainers. She even got the pink grips. I like it so much sometimes I carry it myself.
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    I think a revolver is great for a lady as it eliminates the racking of a semi auto slide which seems to be a problem for some women. I have a few revolvers and would not recommend an airweight, ultralite, etc. for anyone, man or woman. There is just too much recoil to shoot the gun well. An all steel J frame, the J frame is the smallest frame in the revolver universe, is probably the best choice. Buy it in 357 magnum or 38 special. Either one fits the bill IMO. If you go with a 38 special revolver use FMJ target ammo for the range and keep it loaded with 38 special +p JHP's for self defense. If you go with a 357 magnum revolver use the same FMJ 38 special rounds for the range and a mild 357 JHP for self defense. The best revolver mfg is Smith and Wesson. Rugers are also good and can be had for a little less than a Smith. I love South America and Brazil in particular but after owning three new Taurus revolvers I would not buy another. They are good guns, just not outstanding like Smith or Ruger. Ditto for Rossi, just less good than a Taurus.

    If it's going to be purse carry you should look at a hammerless or the gun with the shrouded hammer that's referred to as the "bodyguard". These two are less likely to snag on something in the purse as they are being pulled out of the purse. It's probably a good idea to keep the gun in a holster while it's inside the purse just to protect the hammer from being accidently pulled to the rear by something else inside the purse. Special purses are available which have a built in pocket just for a handgun. Hope this helps.
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    My wife is petite, and 69 years old. Her carry gun is a Taurus M 85 Ultra-Lite stainless steel snubby .38 special., always in her purse. She shoots the +P with no problem at all. The Taurus is as accurate as the shooter, if you miss, don't blame the gun. I have a S&W M60 in .357 and disagree that the Taurus is in any way inferior. The S&W and Ruger may cost more, but that's the only "significant" difference. It's always nice to have the hammer too, makes for better accuracy and easy shooting when you need it, or want it. It's always nice to have that choice. My wife has a normal purse with the normal compartments.Nothing in those compartments that I've ever seen to get snagged on, nor has she ever snagged it on anything in the ten years she has had it, and practiced drawing it. And, hammer-less revolvers are UGLY.
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    A S&W model 60 might fill the role.

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    (making an assumption here) Or teach her a better technique for racking the slide - use an overhand grip on the slide, elbows at one's sides, pull with weak hand and push with strong hand. Sometimes switching to a wheel gun in this scenario is just choosing a different problem - not being able to squeeze a double action trigger or at least not very well. Another tip for racking the slide in an emergency is to put the corner of the slide on a table or counter edge and using one's body weight to push the frame down.

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    My vote is for J frame S&W.
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    First have her learn how to rack a slide. Here's a link to a site that teaches that.

    Cornered Cat

    Second, there is nothing wrong with a good revolver. I'm not a fan of J-Frames for inexpirienced shooters though, so she may be better served learning proper technique and using an autoloader.

    If she is set on using a revolver I'd suggest a good K or L Frame, or a GP100 in 3".


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    When you enter the world of revolvers, things change. There are actually 9mm revolvers that use half moon or full moon clips to hold the ammo in place. Rapid reloading can be a little tricky.
    There are some revolvers chambered for the .32 H&R magnum, which might appeal to the fairer sex. A newer caliber is the 327 magnum, similar to the .32 H&R. One nice feature about these smaller calibers is that they allow J frames to hold six rounds instead of just five.
    Myself, I would buy a S&W 640 which will fire any of the myriad of .38 Spl. loads and also .357 Magnum if the fancy strikes you.
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    My wife is basically the same size and can shoot my 642 without too much trouble. I would look at the SP101 with a 3" barrel. I shot a friends and it really cuts down the recoil compared to the 642.
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    Quote Originally Posted by glock45 View Post
    my wife has a S&W 642 loaded with .38 special +P Speer Gold Dot Hollow Point 125 grainers. She even got the pink grips. I like it so much sometimes I carry it myself.
    Ditto...and ditton onthe carry sometimes......I dont mind pink grips, I mean really, who is going to call me a pansy for having a pink gripped gun!

    Seriously, I think the 642 IMO is the best choice for "mindless" carry, meaning no worries about mechanicals to fuss with.....BUT the kick with factory grips is substantial for my wife.....she shoots the Glock 19 far better and enjoys it more at the range. I recently picked up a pair of used UM's grips to try out for her to help with the my point is, take your wife to shoot, if possible, a small revolover like the 642 and let her see how she feels about recoil, trigger pull, etc.

    Good luck.
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    Glad she got it done! I can't say enough...get her back to Shooter's World. Go on Friday night and she gets free range time, free eyes and ears, and FREE RENTALS. Let her shoot a bunch of their revolvers and see what she likes and what she can handle.

    I would be willing to bet that a .38sp is where you will end up. But go shoot a bunch of them before you decide what caliber and what gun works for her.
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    The old standby - steel chief's special

    For a small revolver that won't recoil too badly, it is hard to beat the all steel S&W J frame snubbies in .38 special. They are so small that they are easily concealed on the body or in a purse, and you have the option of DA or thumb cocking for SA. They cost about $400 to $500 slightly used, and you can pick your color, blue or stainless.

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    Pogo2, you are still the man!! You never fail to impress with your marvelous handguns and excellent photos (not to mention really good advice, too!).

    I hope those who are considering small-frame revolvers do not fail to notice the grips you've very thoughtfully selected, a sometimes over-looked option in assisting with effective handling, including felt recoil.

    When considering various choices in defensive handguns, one could do much worse than searching for messages and photos posted here by Pogo2!
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