Pocket Carry Snub w/ Hammer

Pocket Carry Snub w/ Hammer

This is a discussion on Pocket Carry Snub w/ Hammer within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Does anyone out there pocket carry a snubbie with an exposed hammer? Does the hammer ever snag and hinder the draw from your pocket?...

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Thread: Pocket Carry Snub w/ Hammer

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    Pocket Carry Snub w/ Hammer

    Does anyone out there pocket carry a snubbie with an exposed hammer? Does the hammer ever snag and hinder the draw from your pocket?

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    I have a S&W 637 that I sometimes pocket carry...simply put your thumb on the hammer when drawing...apply a little muscle memory here...shouldn't be a problem.

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    I have always had hammers on my pocket snubbies. Learned a long time ago to place thumb on hammer and draw. By the time the revolver is clear of my pocket it is cocked and my thumb is where it should be. I have been doing it this way for more than 30 years and it is second nature to me and a totally automatic movement that works every time I draw.

    This is the same method I use when I draw from the waist. My first shot is always fired single action as I bring the gun forward from the holster (pocket) and by the time I have the sights in view I have at least 2 rounds off. I do practice this type of draw A LOT. I use those Speer plastic bullets (primer powered) and a hunk of old carpet as a basement backdrop 20 feet from where I shoot.

    May not work for anyone else, but I generally put the first two in COM and real fast. This is not NRA 50 foot slow fire, but then again that type of shooting has never interested me.

    The only time I fire my first shot double action is when using a center of back holster or shoulder rig since the shoulder setup has a retention snap to manage and with both styles of carry I would be sweeping across a non targeted area.



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    I'm another who prefers hammer spurs on my snubs and who places a thumb over it for the draw. Speedy enough and a non-issue.

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    Thoroughly disagree with what others have posted here. I have tried to carry snubbies that still have full spurs in tact and they hang up on pockets, etc. when I try to draw them.

    The whole thumb over the hammer crap seems like good advice on paper, but if the shiite were to ever hit the fan, the last thing this cowboy wants to worry about is whether or not that gun is coming out as quickly as possible. And if some guy is hitting me in the face, or spraying me with mace, or doing anything else to put me out of commission, the last thing I want to try to do, is cover up the hammer with my thumb, while I slowly pull the gun from my pocket.

    If nothing else get the hammer mini bobbed, or take a dremel to it and get the rough edges off of it. But my first choice would be an internal hammer snub, or at least a shrouded hammer. If you want a range gun that you can make single action, then get one, and use it at the range. I want no b.s. defensive gun on my person when hitting the street.

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    If you carry in a pocket holster that covers the hammer and the holster fits the pocket, then there is no hangup of the hammer during the draw. The holster which is shown I made for a jean pocket and have carried my model 36 in it for a few years now. I have no problem drawing without hammer hangup.
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    I've got a 637-1. Putting my thumb on the hammer only worked for non-denim jeans and shorts. Because of that, I had mine bobbed for about ~$30.

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    I like a hammer I can cock if desired. Learning to place your thumb over the hammer as you draw becomes second nature with practice. A holster for pocket carry that covers the hammer spur is necessary to keep the hammer from wearing out your pants pockets.

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    Had a "bobbed" concealed hammer on mine. Next one will have same. Only reason I can see for a hammer is if you want to cock the gun (making it SA) before shooting it.
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    The hammer spur hasn't caused any problems. As other folks said, put your thumb on it as you draw. A Mika posket holster covers the hammer pretty well in your pocket.

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