Here's my predicament

Here's my predicament

This is a discussion on Here's my predicament within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My current concealment firearm is a Kahr MK9. I love the gun and shoot it very well. However, since it is pretty damn heavy I ...

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Thread: Here's my predicament

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    Here's my predicament

    My current concealment firearm is a Kahr MK9. I love the gun and shoot it very well. However, since it is pretty damn heavy I can't keep in in the pocket, so it stays on my side. And since I'm in Florida I wear t-shirts 10 months out of the year and don't feel comfortable with it there, even though I have a decent holster. So I don't end up carrying anything most of the time.

    I have been thinking of selling it for a S&W 642 (hopefully without the internal lock) with crimson trace sights since it's light and can go in the pocket. Also it would be nice to have a gun with the ability for snake loads since I am in the woods a lot. But the gun just doesn't line up the way my MK9 does. Maybe I haven't given it a try. All I hear are good things about the 642. Any suggestions?

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    I don't think selling one gun to get another is ever a good idea. What kind of holster you carrying in? A quality IWB/OWB could make the difference for the Kahr.

    Everyone should have a J frame so plan on getting a 442/642. You can't call yourself a gun guy, if you can't run a wheel gun.
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    If you are talking about pointability... I had the same problem until I replaced the standard non-CT grip with a Hogue Monogrip. It's a little larger, but still fits in my pocket. It has completely changed the pointing characteristics of the gun... I can't comment on the CT grips.
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    You build may have something to do with finding the right position and holster, I hate t-shirt even larger ones now that I carry. I almost always wear a polo shirt even untucked the slightly heavier weight allows it to hang better/straighter. Most of the time I am tucked, I live in the same state. I will sometimes only carry a pocket pistol but usually on the hip. I am the same, if I have a gun I like I wouldn't trade for another, nor sell (even more so if it is my only one). I would just try some others and see if I like them better for the purpose. Then if I found I was happier and didn't use said gun, I would find something else I liked better even before I got rid of it.

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    I think that you need something that you will carry all the time. A J- frame Smith would be my choice and I would practice with it until I was comfortable. Anything new will require some getting used to.

    If carry weight is a huge problem get one of the light weight J frames, but realize it will never be much fun to shoot. Everything is a trade off. Also I would sell the Kahr. If you don't feel comfortable carrying it, what good is it for you?

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    Just adopted a 642 of my own last week. Eeeeeasy carry. Not so easy to shoot. I've only put the first 50 rounds through it though. I'm shooting low and getting my thumb cut up by the cylinder release button. Still, I love it. You will too.

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    Soooo, let me know if you want to sell that MK9 . . .
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    how about a fanny pack/waist pack carry for your MK9?

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    Get a PM9!
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    A Kel-Tek P11 in 9mm holds 10+1. Its small, lightweight & about $250. (google it-websites devoted feature 10,000rnd torture tests). On plus side,
    it accepts most dbl-mags (not Glock) and really loves the S&W 5900 series
    full size. Dbl action, descent trigger and tons of options. One great option is
    an oversized clip like your pocket knife has. It replaces the plastic frame pin
    with a metal one (their only weakness) and allows you to slip it IWB & clip to
    whatever pants your wearing, even if it's a speedo with a tee-shirt (try that
    with a heavy gun). It's slim and disappears when dropped into pants pockets
    or jacket (inside/outside). With the savings over most of those wheapons
    mentioned, you could probably buy 3 of them. Or better yet, get a really small
    Kel-Tek .380 or the .32 that you'd swear was a toy-smaller than a squirt gun,
    but can drop in your shirt pocket behind the ink pen. If you can't carry it, you
    won't have it when needed most. Statistics say that's going to be 21ft or less
    and if it's 100+ degrees I probably won't be carrying my custom .45 cause let's face it, where would a big guy like me hide the thing?

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    tdgator - Might I suggest you try a Smartcarry holster before you spend lots of money on a new gun? If you don't like it, you get your money back.

    The Smartcarry will distribute the weight all around your hips, and will not drag your pants down - because it has its own "belt." You can even carry a gun concealed with no shirt on!

    I carry a Glock 26 in one every day, and carried a G19 every day for 18 months - plus a spare magazine. Weight has never been a problem. I wear it over at the 11 o'clock position (I'm right-handed).

    Good luck!
    The number of people killed because they didn't have "enough gun" is dwarfed by those who had none at all. Get a gun you will always carry, and add more capability as you grow.

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    A lot of good inputs here.

    I have an MK9 and love it BUT it does have a "sense" of weight out of proportion to it's size. I think it's because all of the weight is focused in one small spot because of how compat it is.

    My recommendation is to KEEP it and use it for IWB carry with a good belt, holster and pants when that's your mode of dress...then....

    Get the Airweight for pocket carry BUT the guys who've said they're hard to shoot aren't kidding!!!

    The kick out of the Airweight with any +P rounds is stout to say the very least. If you have larger hands you can get the LG405 crimson trace grips that cover the backstrap a bit, they'll help.

    My j frame has been the hardest gun of any I own to get proficient with. I got an all stainless steel Mdl 60 J frame and that's a lot easier to shoot but then you have the weight back and it feels heavy in the pocket. If you're going to put that on the waist you'd be better off with the MK9.

    So it's a tough spot you're in. The smart carry works well for many and I tried it. It was too uncomfortable for me because of my size and style of dress. Baggier looser pants/shorts would work better. I think the MK9 would feel like a brick in your pants but it might be a good way for you to carry a J frame.

    The PM9 that was mentioned is a great carry gun for a smart carry, in the pocket if you're a big guy with big pockets or even as a very light and compact IWB carry with shorts but I would imagine that it's very snappy and not easy to shoot. I have it's cousin the P9 and that has a bit of muzzle flip even with a full grip.

    But if you can keep the MK9 and then get whatever you decide to try next, I believe you'll be glad you did some day.

    Good luck, it's a touch decision!

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    Wow, thanks for all the quick replies. I agree that it is not a good idea to sell a gun you like, however, with my budget and my wife's major dislike of guns I get 2 (my home defense gun, and my concealed gun). And since I am not carrying my MK9 too often I think I may need a change. The holster I have is a Mitch Rosen IWB.

    My pointability issue with the regular 642 was when I held the gun out naturally it pointed high. I have heard the CT grips have a bigger backstrap and may help with that.

    I'm kind of soured on the PM9 issue as a good friend of mine had one with nothing but problems, although a lot of people love them. I will look into the Kel-Tec.

    I just want something reliable that is going to go bang every time, combined with being light enough to carry in the pocket or maybe IWB. The snake shot would be a plus when outdoors. Thanks again and keep the commentary coming.

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