Help me find the right .45

Help me find the right .45

This is a discussion on Help me find the right .45 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm in the market for a reliable, accurate, slim (I've got small hands), somewhat easily concealable, .45 or possibly .40. I would prefer the .45. ...

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Thread: Help me find the right .45

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    Help me find the right .45

    I'm in the market for a reliable, accurate, slim (I've got small hands), somewhat easily concealable, .45 or possibly .40. I would prefer the .45. I've got a Glock 19 and S&W 640 that are great personal protection firearms, but this one will serve a different purpose. We are setting up a "Safety Group" at Church. I know shot placement is key, even more with the congregation so tightly packed in the pews, but I really feel convinced I need something with more knock down in this situation than a 9mm. Price point not over $600. I was thinking M&P or XD 45, or even a PT1911. I've heard the Taurus has had reliability issues, which I absolutely can't have in this situation.

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    I have a springfield micro 3 inch barrel 1911 .45 and I love it.

    1911's are as slim as they come and with the short grip and barrel it's very easy to conceal. Dissapears IWB as well as with a Smart Carry

    What I like about it vs say a glock 36 is the thumb safety. I just don't feel comfortable carrying a glock with one in the chamber and the only safety being on the trigger... to me that's no safety at all

    I also love the crisp trigger pull of my 1911 as well as the accuracy.

    The springfield micros are hard to find (got mine used off gunbroker).. you can also try a kimber ultra carry II (might be able to find a used one close to $650) or kimber ultra CDP II.

    Here is a pic of mine

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    My best shooting is with a good 1911, because of the SA trigger and long sight radius. You'll have to save up a bit more for it, but it will be worth it. You already have some great guns, and if you want to add another, make it a really nice one with a good shoulder rig for sitting during those long sermons.

    I carry the Kimber Ultra CDP IWB. It's a tack driver in spite of it's shorter sight radius.
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    I'd go with the M&P45 in either the midsize or compact model. It has the interchangeable backstraps so you'd be able to customize it to where it fit your hands perfectly. The M&P's have great ergonomics, are extremely reliable and very accurate. I have the M&P45 in the full size and was so impressed with it that the we got the wife the M&P9c and it was equally impressive. Smith really hit a homerun with these guns and you won't be disappointed.

    I also second the idea for a good shoulder holster...ideal for this type of environment.

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    Well, if you already like Glocks, look at the Glock-36. It has the smallest grip of all the got me started on Glocks.

    My other .45's are both Kimber CDP's...the Ultra and the Compact...both have great grips.

    Stay armed...go .45...stay safe!
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    I'd go with the M&P45 in either the midsize or compact model. It has the interchangeable backstraps so you'd be able to customize it to where it fit your hands perfectly. The M&P's have great ergonomics, are extremely reliable and very accurate.
    I agree with "FreakDaddy" M&P's are great guns, very reliable like a Glock but feel much better to shoot
    I had a 9c for a few months (before trading it towards a Kahr PM45) & it never had so much as a hiccup
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    I carry a Glock 36 daily. It's been 100% reliable, thin, light weight and my favorite carry gun. It's in your price range, and I don't think you will find one of the "mini 1911s" in that price range.

    Too light for heavy work, too heavy for light work!


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    Here ya go:

    Love my M&P 45 compact!
    Slow is smooth.....smooth is fast.

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    I've got a Taurus 1911, only a couple hundred rounds in it so far, but no problems
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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    Well, if you already like Glocks, look at the Glock-36.
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    I too have small hands and recommend the Springfield XD .45 Compact. It's small enough to easily conceal with the 10 rd mag and comfortable to shoot at the range with both the 10 and 13 round mags.

    Do what I did, compare the XD Compact size to a Sig 239 or the Glock 19/23. As you can see the XD is a very compact .45

    XD .45 C, 7.3" length, 5" height (10 rd mag), 4.04" barrel, weight 29 oz unloaded.
    Glock 19/23, 6.8" length, 5" height, 4.02" barrel, weight 21 oz.
    Sig 239 9mm/.40, 6.6" length, 5.1" height, 3.6" barrel, weight 29.5 oz.

    I alternate carry between the XD C .45 and a Glock 27 .40
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    I have a Taurus 745... runs like a watch, and easy to carry/conceal... it's actually a little small for my hand...
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    In the situation you describe, I would go with the G30. 11 rounds of .45 (with HSTs or Double Taps) + 10 in a spare mag in a super reliable package is what I would go for.
    G36 is only 7 rounds.
    G21SF, G30, G36, Ruger SP101 DAO, S&W 642

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    Your price point of $650 really limits your choices.
    I can not think of a single 45 in that price range that I would trust with my life.

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    Try looking at the Witness line imported by EAA. These pistols are based on the CZ. I'm not sure how small a frame you can get in what caliber. To get an idea of which models might suit your needs and be most reliable try searching for CZ Forum and then go to the CZ Clone Club. These handguns are comparable to the 1911A1 and there's a ton of info on them. You'll find your $650.00 will take you farther.

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