Gun Accessorizing - is it crazy?

Gun Accessorizing - is it crazy?

This is a discussion on Gun Accessorizing - is it crazy? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; First a little backstory: Myself and a couple of friends are really into traveling. Whenever classes are out (we are all working on Masters degrees ...

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Thread: Gun Accessorizing - is it crazy?

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    Gun Accessorizing - is it crazy?

    First a little backstory: Myself and a couple of friends are really into traveling. Whenever classes are out (we are all working on Masters degrees at the moment) we band up together and go on budget road trips. We stay in cheap motels, eat at waffle houses, and have an all-around great time in different cities and venues.

    Due to the different cities and venues we check out, I carry three (3) handguns in my bag depending on where we are. For just all-around traveling, it's my .38 snubnose in a SOB holster. For dining (wearing a suit) it's a PPK/S in a shoulder holster, and for certain towns *cough* St. Louis! *cough* it's a Browning Hi Power in a belt holster with two extra mags.

    Honestly - is this ridiculous? Most people I know who travel make due with one pistol, so I wanted to ask everyone here. Who actually carries more than one gun when traveling, and what is it?

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    I'll usually bring two; either a Kahr PM9 or J frame, then my always gun, a 228.

    That covers all my bases no matter the dress, location or occasion.
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    This last trip north, I took my Kimber Ultra, my Glock-36, and my KelTec .380...then we also packed away a KelTec .32 for my wife.
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    Funny story, back in '85 when I went on my honeymoon I didn't have a vault for my gun collection. So I hauled it in my trunk through Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota and Nebraska. Fortunately all pro-gun states.
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    Usually 2 - XD and Kel-Tec. Sometimes a long gun, not usually though.

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    Oct 2008
    If it is an extended trip, I carry poth pistols and my AK47. I do not want to leave it at home in case my home gets robbed
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    Usually 2, unless I plan on doing some shooting on the trip. My CZ75 P-06 and my CZ RAMI if something smaller is needed. The nice thing with it, is the RAMI will use the full size CZ75 mags.

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    Usually carry 3 on a trip. Primary and bug and backup/alternate carry.
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    Generally 1, but I have been known to take a primary and a BUG/deep concealment gun when needed.

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    Always two - primary and backup. Don't want to be away from home and have my primary fail and leave me with nothing.
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    A few times, now, I've traveled to places where concealed-carry was fine. I take two pistols, to be able to better choose between carry situations and to have a spare. Spare mags and ammo, belt, clothing that will work with either carry method. That helps the "carry" destination to be little different than daily SOP here.

    Several times, while driving on a trip, I've brought a long gun as well. So, three (3), at times.

    As for "accessorizing," I'll leave that to other more-creative types.
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    Usually my glock 27 or 23 and then a rifle under the back seat at all times. Sometimes both pistols, and a shotgun with the rifle. Depends on where I am going, who is going with me, and what I intend to do there.
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    Well i voted 1 because it stated "how many do you carry" but i normally dont travel alone & my wife carries as well as most of my friends, so there are normally 2 or more pistols in my vehicle
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    Don't have a small pocket gun or BUG, though I am in the market as soon as funds allow. But travelling, I go with the Glock 23 as my EDC, and take my 228 with me as a Backup, in case something happens, to my 23 or whatnot. The 228 is an amazing gun. Dont know how I got along so long without one in my collection.
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    2-my edc and a sa 1911 under the seat

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