Shooting the LCP, 1911 and Buckmark

Shooting the LCP, 1911 and Buckmark

This is a discussion on Shooting the LCP, 1911 and Buckmark within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Not sure if this is the place to post this, so if it's in the wrong place mods, move at will! I usually shoot at ...

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Thread: Shooting the LCP, 1911 and Buckmark

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    Shooting the LCP, 1911 and Buckmark

    Not sure if this is the place to post this, so if it's in the wrong place mods, move at will!
    I usually shoot at least once a week and this morning was so nice I went to a friend's place down the road from my house with target board, ammo and 3 handguns. A little LCP I've only shot once (half box), my Dan Wesson Bobtail anf my Browning Buckmark dipped in TacSol. I had the 22 put together after ammo got hard to find and now just really like shooting it.
    I'm not new to shooting, have 50 years of handling guns and my dad was known for being a crack shot. In Kentucky you have to be pretty darn good to be considered a crack shot! Anyway, my shooting has been a little off lately. I mentioned this to my brother, who is like my dad, really good with a shotgun, rifle and handgun. He said "let me put a snapcap in your magazine". I ask had I been "jumping". He just said try it. I didn't but today I saw myself jump somewhat after the LCP had dumped it's load and I pulled the trigger on an empty chamber (the LCP slide doesn't lock back when empty). After that one little incident my shooting improved 100%. I thought I'd post this as I'm sure I'm not alone.
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    I don't usually count my shots, I know I should, but I get the same feedback from my revolver. Both the snap cap and a gun that doesn't slide lock can tell you a lot.

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    Yep, that's a good test to see if you are flinching...glad you got out to shoot today....
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    since the LCP is pretty much a copy of the KT P3AT, I would guess that the screw for the extractor on the LCP also holds the firing pin in place, as does the P3AT. If you dry fire the P3AT (without a snap cap) you risk damage to the firing pin and/or the screw threads that hold the extractor in place. One remedy for this problem at the range (not when carrying for SD) is to put the snap cap in the magazine first so that it will chamber last when practicing. That way the firing pin will always hit the necessary resistance and avoid "overtravel".

    just a tip... and it's free.


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    Sometimes I will ask the RO or somebody else at the range to load one or two mags for me and substitute one or two snap caps for live rounds, one time he put two snap caps back to back, worked real well as I found myself anticipating a live round and was jerking the trigger.
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    Good tips as I have caught myself doing it especially if I'm doing any type of semi-rapid firing. My thing is I'm more worried about the "next" shot and trying to get the sights back on target as quick as possible that I inadvertantly push the gun down to "help" reduce muzzle flip. That kind of "help" can sure be fustrating LOL! It's kind of like shooting have to make the first shot before you can take the second.

    BTW, nice collection of guns there kingdaddyoh!

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    Getting past jerking the trigger is easy.

    While at the range, load up whatever you are shooting with some live and some spent cartridges in random order and fire away. It will clearly show how much you are anticipating the shot (jerking) and you will quickly learn not to do it.

    The other great thing about this method is that it trains you to tap & rack while in the line of fire which is something everyone should be training more for anyway.

    The side benefit is that you will be dropping the hammer on an actual round (sometimes minus the primer) therby negating the dry fire issue on some weapons.

    Win, win, win situation.

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