Having bought a SIG P238 back in late-June, I was interested in what may be coming along in the future.

I was told that if the two-tone model I had bought would start shipping standard with aluminum grips that they would send me a set at no cost--that's not going to happen according to this e-mail from SIG's Customer Service:

Dear Sir,

Unfortunately Management has decided that the model of this pistol that you purchased will not be shipping out standard with aluminum grips. These grips will be an option in the future.
The plan with the 238 is to release different models and styles at different times. At some point in the near future aluminum grips models will be offered but, the price will reflect those changes. The same will be true with the rosewood grips and any other configurations that will become available in the future. We will also be offering the aluminum grips as an accessory for purchase in the near future, as of now however they are not available.

The model you purchased at the price you paid is our base model. As stated in our advertisement, specifications are subject to change without notice.
If you have any further questions please contact customer service at 603-772-2302 and press#3.