HK USPc: First Impressions

HK USPc: First Impressions

This is a discussion on HK USPc: First Impressions within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have been lusting after a USP for a long time now, and I finally satisfied that lust! I actually found it at a gun ...

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Thread: HK USPc: First Impressions

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    HK USPc: First Impressions

    I have been lusting after a USP for a long time now, and I finally satisfied that lust!

    I actually found it at a gun show, and was able to trade my XD .45 for it. It's a brand new USP Compact in .40 S&W.

    First off, I'd like to talk a little bit about the HK's in general and the USP in particular. Hecklar & Koch. What can you say about them? Especially on the internet, they almost have a negative connotation because there are so many fanboys who like the HK line because they are prominently featured in Movies, TV and Video Games and not because they have ever shot one. Other experienced shooters think negatively of HK because their opinion is that they are overpriced. I must admit, that I'm a little bit of a fanboy and I wouldn't be able to form a rationed option without owning/shooting one. On the USP series itself: The USP is a very old design and for what it is, the full size seems rather antiquated. It is a huge gun, but relatively low capacity compared to the other modern firearms. I settled with a USP compact in .40 S&W. It carries 12 in the mag, which isn't too bad. The frame fits my hand very well, and isn't too large. I've always liked the USP's lines. It is a good looking gun and the Harsh Environment finish is slick, black and evil looking.

    Onto the the more practical side. I can't rightly call this a range report, as I only ran 100 rounds through the gun, and didn't track targets or anything. I shot a 9" pistol target at 50 feet, running the gun in DA/SA mode. My first few mags were barely on the paper - normal for me (new gun jiiters). Towards the end, I was holding four inch groups, without too much trouble from the DA/SA transition. I fully plan to carry the gun Condition 1 though. Having a safety/decocker is nice though. I can carry it like a SAO (which I'm most comfortable with), but still practice with a DA/SA to learn the action.

    So, the gun went bang every time I pulled the trigger. It ejected every spent casing (in a rather neat little pile, I might add). It chambered the next round without fail. It put the 180 grain FMJ slug where I put the sights. What more can you ask of a combat gun?

    This is where I come to the criticism part. Many people who know what they are doing and criticize the USP say that it is overpriced. I always wondered if they knew something I didn't, or if they were just die hard 1911 fans lumping the USP into the GLOCK price/quality range because it had a polymer frame.

    So, here goes:
    I find myself comparing the USPc to my Sig P220R Carry SAO because they are in about the same price range.

    1. Frame material - Aluminum Vs. Polymer - To me, a wash. Each has pro's and cons and is more a matter of taste, rather than function.

    2. Fit - Both the Sig and HK have an excellent slide to frame fit and there are few (if any tool marks). They look like precision firearms.

    3. Finish - The HK finish looks better than the Sig's, but that is cosmetic. I think they'll both hold up the same.

    4. Reliability - About the same as far as I can tell.

    5. Accuracy - Both are more accurate than I am

    6. Lifespan - IIRC, both are rated for about the same round count on major parts (please correct me if I'm mistaken)

    7. Perceived Recoil- Here, I can't really compare the Sig and HK as they are different calibers. My closest comparison to the HK is my M&P .40 Full Size. It is a larger gun, but despite that, the HK has a little less perceived recoil. I know HK has put a lot of engineering into recoil dampening technology. It certainly seems to have paid off.

    8. Trigger - I compared both guns in SA mode (as my P220 is an SAO). Here is a definitive difference. The USPc's SA trigger (after the take up) is just a little mushy without a perfectly clean break. It isn't bad, but the Sig's perfect trigger just puts it into stark contrast. The Sig's trigger after the take up, requires even pressure (about four pounds) and breaks cleanly like a pane of glass. It is a textbook great trigger. You couldn't get a better trigger without custom gunsmithing.

    Feature for feature, they Sig and HK are about even except on two fronts. The HK has a very slight edge with the recoil dampening system. I'd have to compare to to P229 to be sure though. The Sig has a definitive lead in the trigger department. And the trigger is one of the most important aspects of a firearm. It is hard to have fast, accurate shots with a bad trigger. Now, the HK doesn't have a bad trigger - it just doesn't have as good of a trigger as the Sig. To me, it is on par with the single action striker fired trigger on my SA XD. Oh.... and the HK looks better than the Sig (to me, at least- not an important feature though, unless everything else is equal).

    Considering the price point, I think the HK should have a better trigger. That feature alone, to me, makes it a little over priced.

    All that being said, I'm happy with my USPc. I like the gun, and since I traded for with (with a bit of cash), I don't feel I over-paid for it.

    I almost forgot the customer service aspect. Apparently HK has bad customer service. Oh well. To quote Larry Correia (because I think it's catchy, and funny). HK's slogan should be:

    HK: Because you suck. And, we hate you.

    Well, thanks for reading my rambling diatribe on my new weapon. A small cookie for playing along:

    Not a great picture, but it was dark, and I was in a hurry.
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    GREAT GREAT GUN! I have the same caliber with a Stainless Steel slide and Night Sites.

    I have put every ammo know to man thru it prob over 2000 rounds and it has NEVER EVER hic-uped!

    Flawless IMO!

    My one complaint is I tend to shoot it low for whatever reason. Thats not a gun prob but a ME prob!


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    Nice. HK makes sweet ,sweet weapons.

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    That sure is a fine looking weapon!

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    Nice looking weapon...sounds like you've found a new SD friend.
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    I'm very happy with mine! I've put about 500 rounds through mine and it has worked FLAWLESSLY. Shoots exactly where I aim it. GREAT GUN!

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    Congratulations and good luck with your new friend!
    *WARNING - I may or may not know what I am talking about.

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    They are very nice guns....the only thing I dont like about them is the rail on the dust cover. They should have modified it long ago you have to "rock" a light on and off of it , and it eventually chews up the polymer. But I guees that is what the newer "P" models are for now I guess.
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    I have to agree with your post in most ways especially the trigger issue. I have 2 "P" series because they fir my hand better. Like my Sigs they are as reliable as a rock.

    H&K owners are almost 100% behind the trigger work done by Bill Springfield. Fast and priced right: Bill Springfield -
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    Nice Gun!
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    I have a HK USP c in 9mm. Never had a failure of any kind. The sight picture on an HK is that the dot covers the target, so if you expect the impact to be above the front sight, you'll shoot low.

    Example in pic.

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    The USPc is one of my favorite pistols of all time. A great range gun that can go all day, work without fail and pamper your hand while doing it. I lucked into a stainless model years ago, and it has never failed. Good luck with your's and enjoy.

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    Perhaps try a shorter front sight (for the poster shooting his USP low).
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    Nice looking, thanks for the review.

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    Congrats on the new gun! I have the same exact one and love it. Never had a problem. A little bulky for me to conceal, but a great one for the home.

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