Why I Love The Revolver

Why I Love The Revolver

This is a discussion on Why I Love The Revolver within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; As some of you know I switched off duty carry platforms at the beginning of the year. I'm currently carrying a Single Action Autoloader as ...

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Thread: Why I Love The Revolver

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    Why I Love The Revolver

    As some of you know I switched off duty carry platforms at the beginning of the year.

    I'm currently carrying a Single Action Autoloader as my primary off duty gun. Prior to that I was carrying revolvers. Today I had an epiphany and may go back to carrying revolvers off duty with a BUG autoloader in the truck as a dedicated truck gun.

    Revolvers are simple. I can hand one to anyone with basic firearms training and they can use it for the first five or six rounds with no problems. I can't say that about the various autoloaders out there.

    Revolvers are less prone to malfunctions. While the autoloader that malfunctions is quicker and generally easier to clear, and get the gun up and running again, it's not unheard of for someone to go their entire shooting career without a malfunction with a revolver. I've had two malfunctions with a revolver, and my brother has had one. Mine was ammo related in one and the other was due to the "Hillary Hole" that S&W is putting on their new revolvers. My brother's malfunction was due to the Ejector Rod backing out. He discovered this in the middle of a gunfight.

    I am an advocate of carrying multiple guns, so the capacity of one gun is not so much of a concern to me. The ease of reloading the autoloader is a definate plus in it's favor, but for a defensive gun I don't think it's as much of a concern. My tactic is to drop the gun and draw another.

    Revolvers are easier to shoot more accurately in my expirience. I'm not a competition shooter, but I do like to shoot fast and accurately, which is the name of the game in winning a gunfight according to those that have been involved in them.

    I have admitted frequently on this forum, and others, as well as in real life that I love the .357 Magnum "King of the Street" loading. Yes, you can light a cigar 12' from the end of the barrel. I liken it to a mini-flashbang grenade. It has had it's failures, but every caliber has.

    When I carry a revolver I carry three of them. I also carry at least four reloads, but my preferred tactic is to draw another gun when one runs dry. Don't get me wrong, I love my P35 too.

    Some people say that hiding a revolver is hard to do, but that has not been my expirience. I've managed to effectively conceal a 4" N-Frame in an OWB Holster with only a Polo Shirt.

    Revolvers are viewed as a non-LEO weapons these days by the general public and "not as threatening as an autoloader" from my various talks with non-gun enthusiast. Revolvers also force you to focus on your sights and your tactics because you have a very limited supply of ammunition. That's not really a bad thing when every bullet you fire has a lawyer attatched to it. The also seem to point really well for me, much the same with a Hi Power or a 1911.

    If I could carry only one gun concealed at a time it would probably be an autoloader. Since I have no limitation on the number of guns I can carry off duty one of them is always a revolver. For a BUG the revolver makes a better choice in my opinion if it's carried on the ankle or in the pocket.

    Sorry for the rambling. I just have too much on my mind tonight and too many choices in the safe.


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    I hear you. I'm pretty comfortable with the 357 Mag in a heavy enough gun or the 38Spl. Not to take anything away from autoloaders. I happen to like them too.
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    The revolver is my choice. A high capacity auto is okay, if you plan to miss a lot.

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    My primary carry is a Glock 23, but I find more and more when I leave the house I have my SP101 or my 637 S&W. Theres just something about these wheelies that I cant explain. They are truly my "little friends".
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    Makes sense to me. I started off carrying a wheelgun and wouldn't hesitate to do so again if I wanted. Make mine a 3 inch K frame!
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    My BUG/off duty is a revolver, wouldn't have it any other way. Mine is set up for moonclips so reloads are practically as fast as with an auto. Like BikerRN I also keep another spare, an auto, in my vehicle.
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    Like the poster I own both revolvers and semiautos, shoot them both, and go back and forth on what I carry.

    I have had excellent experiences with the reliability of revolvers, and can't recall one failing to work when I pulled the trigger. I realize that a revolver failure is possible, but the odds of it happening seem very slim, if you use good quality revolvers. And for defensive use of a handgun, it seems to me that reliability is the top consideration.

    Every time I have a semiauto jam or fail to function in some way, it reinforces my high regard for revolvers.
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    more advantages to revolvers

    Everyone has heard the phrase, 5 for sure. (Or six, or seven depending on the gun).

    Here are a few thoughts of mine.

    Revolvers are simpler to run, as stated, you can hand one to anyone and they will be able to get at least one shot off. Maybe this isn't always a good thing.

    I just can't get used to carrying cocked and locked. I feel a lot more trusting of the double action trigger pull.

    I'll grant that a mag reload on an semi-auto is faster than a speedloader on a revolver, but in an extended barricaded at home gun fight, once all the spare mags are emptied, I think I can reload a revolver from bulk ammo cans faster than anyone can recharge a magazine of the same capacity.

    In a zombie invasion, at some point you may need to start reloading ammo. Do you want to have to crawl around looking under cars or furniture for that spent brass, or would it just be easier to catch all the brass in you hand and drop it in your pocket at once while grabbing a speedloader from the pouch on your belt all in one motion.

    Visual inspection of gun being loaded. I can tell for sure a revolver is not empty just by looking at it from across a table. Granted I can't tell if the brass is used, or if there is one round in firing position, but at least I have some indication. With a semi-auto some do have a loaded indicator, but some require dropping the mag, and racking the slide to make sure its ready to go.

    (BTW anyone notice the episode of "Flashpoint" where the distraught father is going to kill the serial killer that killed his daughter. When he takes his gun out of the bag to hide it on his person he racks the slide.
    Then as he is approaching the ambush point he racks it again. I guess Hollywood just can't get enough of that action.) You would think ex-military like he was supposed to be would know better than to dump a round on the ground for no good reason.

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    I now carry a revolver 80%+ of the time. Reliable and easy to carry.

    I'm not as accurare with a revolver at 21 feet as I am my G31 & G33, but I do ok. Most likely an attacker is going to be closer.

    I think the only weakness is round limitations. 5 rounds is just about as good as the 6 or 7 (that you can get out of most semi-autos of the same size as the revolver). When you have days you can carry more, I go more, as long it is a firearm I can get 10 of more rounds out of.

    So, for carry, hard to beat revolver for EDC. For home SD, I would say the semi-auto and / or shotgun starts to take the lead.
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    I persoanlly am looking for a Smith 340 as i have seen the light of a pocket gun for many applications
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    Simplicity is why I carry a revolver. No jams, no problems with the slide not returning to battery. Get you sight picture, squeeze the trigger. If it doesn't fire, squeeze the trigger again. I own several autos, I enjoy shooting them. I carry a revolver.

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    +1! A revolver is the AK47 of CCWs. It'll run when the most robust, reliable autoloaders are suffering. Sure there's the capacity issue but, with that single exception, even devoted self-shucker fans are at a loss to voice a valid objection.
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    I used to carry a S&W Model 19 until one night there was not enough bullets for everybody. I am a high capacity fan and a beliver of having extra weapons around.

    Semper fi

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    One thing I really like about a revolver is not having to chase brass

    I mean I really love not having to chase brass! Especially when it goes into the grass at the range

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    Sound reasoning to me. I too appreciate a good revolver. A revolver is very comforting when you are proficient with it.

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