Need advice from the ladies

Need advice from the ladies

This is a discussion on Need advice from the ladies within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My wife is going to be taking her CCW class in a month. I havn't been able to get her out yet to shoot the ...

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Thread: Need advice from the ladies

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    Need advice from the ladies

    My wife is going to be taking her CCW class in a month. I havn't been able to get her out yet to shoot the guns that I own, and to the best of my knowledge she has never fired a firearm.

    I was wondering what the best "1st" gun would be for her. She has told me that she doesn't want a revolver because everyone says that women should carry them. I havn't heard that, and she's of the type that if you tell her she can't do something you better get out of the way.

    She has also mentioned that she wants to carry at the 1 O'clock position. So any input for an auto that's small, light and easy for a newbie to use would be very much appreciated.

    My thoughts are a 9mm, because .380 is more expensive to fuel , and harder to find. I'm leaning towards the kel-tec pf-9 because of price, but I will not sacrifice quality when it comes to protecting my family.

    Thank-you for your thoughts

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    For first time firing, after a .22, I recommend a full-size 'duty' style pistol.

    For carry, how about a G26? Or a PPS...

    Just suggestions, obviously she should try a bunch and decide what she wants.
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    I own both the G26 and the PF9 , the PF9 is smaller and lighter
    but because of this kicks more.
    I would let her shoot a few guns before buying though , like GWRedDragon said.
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    I would feel much better if my wife had a baby Glock instead of a Kel-tec.
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    I agree that she should try various alternatives. I also agree with your reasoning about the 380.

    Notwithstanding her posture on this, I do believe that a revolver is the best first carry weapon for someone who is a neophyte--38 special probably. A semi-auto is doable, but there will have to be a lot of practice. Semi-autos are inherently more complex to manipuate and master, in my estimation.

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    If she has never fired a gun I would start with a 22 of some kind. My very first was a PT22 taurus. It has a safety and you can flip the barrell up and place a round in the chamber. I now have a 9mm makovok, a 25 cal. a 38 pink lady and a .380 Kel tek The 380 has a kick and I would not start out with that.

    I still enjoy using my 22 for target practice. It's cheap to shoot and you get a sense of being in control. Step up to a 9mm or a .380 as she gets used to shooting.
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    You might start with a .22, but she may just surprise you. Some ladies jump right into the larger calibers pretty quickly. Let her decide, but I'll bet a light loaded .38 or 9mm would not be a problem. OMO
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    Learning to shoot on a little .22

    Carrying a 9mm. I agree with all of the above, let her shoot a bunch first to find what she likes. Personally, I LOVE my Sig P239 in DAK. I'm 5'4" and so smaller-framed. I haven't CCd it yet, but it would be the largest (frame size) gun I would probably be able to carry and conceal somewhat decently. The G26 is a bit smaller, and even though I think my Sig is sweet, the Glock is even smoother and less flippy because of its low bore axis. The S&W M&P was really fun, too, and another great smaller size gun, better for my girlie hands and build.

    I loved the Sig Mosquito in a .22 because of its size and the fact that it was so easy to shoot. Unfortunately, it seemed to be a jam-o-matic so I would avoid using that as her EDC.
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    Does your state require applicants to fire the weapon with reasonable accuracy? And if so, do they have to carry the weapon they qualified with?

    I was able to use anything from a SA .22 revolver to a Desert Eagle .50 cal if I wanted (I chose a .38 revolver BTW a much bigger guy than me was using a .22). And there are no restrictions as to what I carry.

    My wife's first pistol shots were .22 mag in a taurus revolver, yes she has claimed it. She has also fired a .25, .32, .38 special, and .357 mag. I'm not gonna count the two .45 acp rounds she didin't like.

    Try to start her on the .22 and work your way up to at least 9mm or .38 special if possible. Those are the minimum SD calibers for autos and revolvers IMO. She will need to be reasonbly accurate if the class requires it. Get her to the range and practice, practice, practice! She will want to pass the class the first try.

    Best of luck to both of you!


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    Please let her try a few options at a range

    I would go to a range that rents out guns.
    If she has never fired a gun she might be surprised by the blast.

    Start with 22s.
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    The kt pf9 is a great gun just like all there other firearms. I wouldnt be woriied about qaulity with the kt. But the pps would be your next best bet aside from the kt.But it will cost you alot more.
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    If your wife is willing: 1. Definitely rent and try a number of guns (take as many visits as needed to give her time to let her impressions of each gun settle). 2. Start with small calibers and work up. 3. Start with mid to full-size guns. 4. Once she has an idea what caliber feels comfortable, try different sizes and models in that caliber. 5. She should also figure out whether she's more comfortable with a DAO, DA/SA, or SA trigger and the resulting manual of arms.

    A semi-auto like the Kahr PM9 is small, but I found it too hard to handle, whereas the slightly larger CW9 has been very satisfactory. She needs to find out what she's comfortable with, and needs to get enough practice/experience to get past first impressions and into the region of lasting impressions.

    Hope this helps. Good luck to you both.

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    Lots of good advice - let her decide after trying different options.

    IF she can rack the slide on a semi-auto pistol, then go that route. However, if she has difficulty racking the slide, then she should not rule out a revolver. Lots of good info on Cornered Cat for female shooters.
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    Quote Originally Posted by woody99 View Post
    I was wondering what the best "1st" gun would be for her.
    The one SHE is most comfortable with. Let her try a bunch at a local range, then get the one she likes!

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    My wife started with a Walther P 22 and now her EDC is a S&W J frame 38 special.
    She has since taken my Ruger P95 9mm away from me and has been eye ballin
    my 1911.
    Start with a 22 then let her find something she is comfortable with.
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