What gun next? Everyone loves these threads don't they?

What gun next? Everyone loves these threads don't they?

This is a discussion on What gun next? Everyone loves these threads don't they? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Ok, I got an itch today. Was at the office and was looking over the Gander Mountain ad, and they had a G17 on sale ...

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Thread: What gun next? Everyone loves these threads don't they?

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    Question What gun next? Everyone loves these threads don't they?

    Ok, I got an itch today. Was at the office and was looking over the Gander Mountain ad, and they had a G17 on sale for 550. I thought, man that seems like a good price for Gander so later today I will call my client and see what he is selling them for. Well that and another client called that owes me some money and wanted to know what the bill was. A new 36 gun safe is probably in the works but that is another deal.

    So when I get home, I call Chris. After about 45 minutes of talking, since his wife failed to call me and tell me that he is about to make the move from the gun shop at his house to one on a major highway just outside of town, along with a range, and the works. I ask him about what the G17 would run. He admitted that Gander's price was pretty good and he could do about that with tax or whatever, very close.

    Here is the deal. I really don't want another 9mm. I have a PT111 (12 rd), a 24/7 Pro DS (17 rd), the wife has a G19 (15 rd), every one is happy with these guns, and have had no reliability problems or anything with them.

    I don't want a revolver, the wife has a S&W 642 that she likes, and if I need, I can carry it. Don't need another one of them.

    I have a Dan Wesson 1911, that I carry very rarely because of the maintanence required with the heat down here. I also don't particularly care for the limited capacity of that frame. Don't get me wrong that is my most accurate and probably nicest shooting gun at the range, but it is not what I like to carry.

    I have a Bersa .380, a GP100 4" .357, a big old Ruger Redhawk .44 mag for hunting, and a couple of 44-40 Cowboy pistols.

    I think I want another .45 acp, but not a 1911, again, not a 1911 just in case someone didn't catch it. I don't really like Glocks, nothing wrong with the gun just don't like them that well. I would prefer something other than another 24/7 Taurus.

    So here is what I am looking for. I want at least 10+1 capacity, more would be better. Around 30 ounces, so that means polymer and steel construction. I don't care if it is SA, or DA, but if it has a safety it must be a downward sweeping safety like my 1911 or the two Taurus operate. It must be approximately the same size as my 24/7 or smaller, so that means it should be 7 1/3 inches long, 5 1/4 or 5 1/2 inches high, and about 1 1/8 inches wide.

    I don't really care about the type of sights on it, because if your within a distance that I need to shoot you, the sights aren't going to matter anyway.

    What I am coming up with is the XD, the M&P, and the Glock so far. What else is out there that fits these criteria? I am not particularly fond of Khar, but then again I used to not like anything that had plastic in it. I would like the keep the price at around 600 or less, but that isn't a hard number.

    What are the suggestions? Wow this was longer than I thought, and just for info, I don't want a .40. I reload for everything but I don't for 40, and don't want to add another caliber. If the 9 or 45 won't do it, the 40 won't either.
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    Check out the HK45, supposed to be a pretty sweet gun.

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    I was reading and thought of the M&P line. Seems like that's already on your mind though.
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    A couple of suggestions

    M&P 45 or XD 45.
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    don't think it meets all your criteria, but check out a Sig.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jca1 View Post
    don't think it meets all your criteria, but check out a Sig.
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    ive heard about the FHN FNP45 as being a good well shooting gun..

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    I like my M&P40, so with those parameters, I'd go with the M&P45.

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    I would also go with the M&P45, the M&P line are good all around guns!

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    XD 45
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    I know it may not meet your requirements, but the new Kahr TP45 or the P45 are both nice choices....My best friend just purchased one and he loves it...

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    Springfield XD Compact .45

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    Quote Originally Posted by JD View Post
    Check out the HK45, supposed to be a pretty sweet gun.
    +1...I handled one at a gun show the other day....it is very sweet. But for your money that isnt possible so the next logical step is a G30/SF model. Then buy some 21 mags for back up. That the way to go.
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    Personally, since this is what you asked, as I read through your desires and the responses, my first two thoughts were the FNH or XD. I have considered both b/c of weight vs capacity... I am not sure about the safety on the FNH, whether or not I would like that... I have heard from LEO that the HK is the best 45 they have ever shot...

    best wishes on you journey...

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    Maybe if he liked Glock, which he stated he didn't.
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