Handgun Reliability Poll - SiG

Handgun Reliability Poll - SiG

This is a discussion on Handgun Reliability Poll - SiG within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; OK, since reliability is arguably the most important consideration in a defensive handgun, I'd like to conduct a poll. Here are the ground rules: You ...

View Poll Results: Have you experienced a malfunction with any centerfire SiG?

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  • Never

    103 84.43%
  • Once

    7 5.74%
  • Twice

    1 0.82%
  • Three times or more

    11 9.02%
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Thread: Handgun Reliability Poll - SiG

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    Handgun Reliability Poll - SiG

    OK, since reliability is arguably the most important consideration in a defensive handgun, I'd like to conduct a poll.

    Here are the ground rules:

    You must have personally owned a firearm(s) made by the manufacturer in question.

    You yourself must have experienced the malfunction, if any.

    Malfunctions due to dud ammo are not counted, but the inability of the gun to digest a particular type of ammo is counted as one malfunction.

    Malfunctions are counted even if the manufacturer or a gunsmith later fixed the issue.

    Recalls are not counted, unless you yourself experienced a functional issue related to the recall.

    If you own several handguns from the same maker, just add up the total of any malfunctions you may have had.

    Thanks for participating!
    The number of people killed because they didn't have "enough gun" is dwarfed by those who had none at all.

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    Jan 2009
    Kingsville, TX
    I have a 229 in .40 S&W that I bought used as my carry gun. I myself have about 400 rounds down the pipe, and it has been 100% flawless. This thing shoots like a dream!!!!!!! I LOVE IT
    You can't go through life being afraid!!

    Sig 229 .40, Taurus 605 .357, Keltec P32

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    Fairfax Station Virginia
    I have owned 5 Sigs and currently have a 220 and 229. Probably fired 10,000+ rounds through Sigs. Never a malfunction except once due to a handload that had no powder!

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    SE Texas
    Can I vote seven times for seven SIGs?

    P220 - only two FTF malfs, with ammo that was so out of spec it would not chamber in any other .45 ACP weapon either, so that qualifies as zero malfs in my book.

    P229, times 4; these are broken-in, with hundreds to the low thousands through them, with NO malfs of any kind.

    I had another P229 that I bought used, that had a few FTFs when I tried Eezox, a dry lube. I later learned that SIGs work best with wet lubes and greases, and this pistol ran 100% once I went back to wet lube. I traded this one toward one of the above-listed P229s.

    I have one more P229 that I have yet to fire.

    If we factor out the unsuitable lube, and the out-of-spec ammo, this looks like no malfs that were the fault of the gun. I will vote "Never" if we are agreeable on this. Otherwise, it will have to be 3+.

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    Laurel, MD
    I had one, and it was my fault, I let my 239 get too "dry" while showing people and letting them handle the weapon during the classroom portion of a class. That caused some cycling problems tha were solved on the spot by a quick addition of lube.

    EOD - Initial success or total failure

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    Cut Off, LA.
    I voted no problems but I haven't had my P239 more than a couple of months. Maybe 200-300 rounds fired.
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    Sig 220 SAO - put 1K through it before it was sold off. No failures.

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    Senior Member Array mr surveyor's Avatar
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    Jul 2006
    Texas, South of the Sabine
    a "never" from me. I bought my P239 40 cal slightly used and have put only 600-700 rounds through it myself. All have been flawless.


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    Senior Member Array PointnClick's Avatar
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    Nov 2008
    My Sig 220 was lovingly used before it came to me, but I have had zero malfunctions...
    "Who is to say that I am not an instrument of karma? Indeed, who is to say that I am not the very hand of God himself, dispatched by the Almighty to smite the Philistines and hypocrites, to lay low the dishonest and corrupt, and to bust the jawbone of some jackass that so desperately deserves it?"

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    Senior Member Array CEW58's Avatar
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    Dec 2007


    My Sig eats any ammo I feed it and has had zero issues. I'm thinking about getting another one....for my girlfriend!
    The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits. ~ Albert Einstein

    Sig P229 DAK - .40 S&W
    Ruger SP101 - .357 Mag

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    Distinguished Member Array ripley16's Avatar
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    Dec 2007
    Bowling Green, VA
    Had a P232 once that didn't like to work right all the time. Several great ones after that one though.

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    Jan 2007
    Mine are about as reliable as gravity. The only times they have not functioned perfectly I had to deliberately create a malfunction, and some times it took more than one try!
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    North Carolina - LKN

    Unless you count the Mosquito, which I don't.
    Don't frisk me, I am the weapon.

    Sig Sauer P239 DAK (9mm)
    NRA Member & Pistol Instructor


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    Jul 2009
    Cleveland, Ohio vicinity
    I have never experienced a malfunction of any type with my Sig 228 that I've owned for about 11 years. Nor have I yet to have a malfunction with my 239 that I purchased about 3 months ago. So far, so good. I do love Sig.
    "Kimbers are the guns you show your friends, Glocks are the guns you show your enemies."

    "the wounds of honor, are self inflicted."

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    Feb 2007
    I've only owned one Sig 228. Never a hiccup.
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    -- Marcus Tullius Cicero

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