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FN Hi-Power

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Thread: FN Hi-Power

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    FN Hi-Power

    I looked at a new FN Hi - Power today in Franklin, TN. It had a feature I had never seen before. There was a thumb activated lever that cocked the hammer from half-cock(safety) to full cock. I don't have much knowledge of the Hi-Power, but I want to own one. Any advice or insight would be greatly appreciate.
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    It's called the SFS, Safety Fast Shooting, they make it for 1911s as well.

    I view it as a fix to something that's not broken.

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    I think SFS is a remarkable feature. First let me say the Hi-Power is one heck of a great design. It is amazingly ergo friendly, has decent capacity, lots of aftermarket gear available and behaves like a good pistol should. The guns are terribly expensive new but are built better than some older models. (also aviod Charles Daly like the plague!). A genuine Browning is worth the $ and the SFS will not negatively affect the operation or reliability of the pistol. It's a nice feature that could prove useful to you. If you have the financial means, and the stamina to carry a relatively heavy pistol, by all means buy it up!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JD View Post
    It's called the SFS, Safety Fast Shooting, they make it for 1911s as well.

    I view it as a fix to something that's not broken.
    I agree.

    There's nothing wrong with the original design, IMHO.


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    Nice guns--maybe the second best of JMB's pistol designs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coffeecup View Post
    Nice guns--maybe the second best of JMB's pistol designs.
    A couple of us like them better!
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    I like my practical, but was not impressed when the ambi safety broke. Poor quality casting.

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    Hello. Like many others, I have a strong fondness for the original, single-action Hi Power and have carried one regularly for over three decades.

    At the same time, I can understand the interest in the SFS versions.

    The usual "answer to a problem that never existed" can be a truism to some but SFS can offer the ability to be able to carry the Hi Power to others who otherwise would not. I have known a some officers in the past whose agencies would allow about any autoloader that didn't require cocked-and-locked carry for immediate emergency use.

    I am perfectly at ease with Condition One Carry. Many, many people are. I remain convinced that with a mechanically sound Hi Power, it is safe but agree that it can look scary or dangerous to those not familar with firearms. Some within the shooting community itself simply don't "trust" cocked-and-locked carry. That Condition One carry has been proven safe for decades doesn't matter if the individual wanting to carry a Hi Power simply cannot trust it.
    While SFS may really be "an answer in search of a question" for some, it does at least offer the ability to carry a Condition One shooter that appears "gentler and kinder" but still offers a consistent, short trigger-pull from the first to last shots. Firing still requires but depressing the thumb safety and pressing the trigger.

    It is true that the number of parts in an SFS-equipped Hi Power is greater than for the original single-action design and while I have not personally owned an SFS Hi Power, I've "kept up" with how a couple are faring after a few years of use by regular shooters. In a word, "fine". Statistically invalid to be sure, but these two seem to just keep working fine. Though a lemon can be born from any make or model firearm, I have not seen it with the SFS-equipped Hi Powers. It may very well exist, however, and I suspect that it does...just as for "regular" Hi Powers, and other makers' handguns.

    I don't currently own an SFS Hi Power and have no plans to do so as I'm pretty well wedded to Condition One carry. At the same time, I find the SFS Hi Power a viable alternative for people who by either regulation or personal "demons" wouldn't be carrying a Hi Power otherwise.

    Not a cheap proposition, but if a fellow had an SFS Hi Power, replacing the SFS parts with "regular" single-action Hi Power parts would result in a traditional single-action shooter.


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    First, to have Mr. Camp's input on a Hi-Power discussion is like having Tiger chat about your choice of pitching wedges. Thanks Steve!
    Second, there is no bigger Hi-Power believer than...ME! I've never owned one featuring the SFS system. But I've also never owned a single-action FN/Browning Hi-Power that wasn't a treat to shoot, and I've owned a bunch. My custom (.357 SIG) BHP chock-full of pro-installed C&S parts is my absolute favorite fighting handgun. Ohhhhh, you're gonna' like this!
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