**|- Switch to H&K... Good or Bad?? -|**

**|- Switch to H&K... Good or Bad?? -|**

This is a discussion on **|- Switch to H&K... Good or Bad?? -|** within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hey guys... My current EDC is my trusted Sig 239. Been through alot with it and it has never faltered, but after a recent trip ...

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Thread: **|- Switch to H&K... Good or Bad?? -|**

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    **|- Switch to H&K... Good or Bad?? -|**

    Hey guys... My current EDC is my trusted Sig 239. Been through alot with it and it has never faltered, but after a recent trip I realized i'm going to have to make a change in my carry somewhere. No printing allowed in certain situations to say the least, not that I make printing a habit, but that's another story. After talking with a friend of mine who swears by his P2000SK, I'm thinking of maybe jumping on the HK bandwagon. Don't get me wrong I love my 239, but the SK is smaller, still single/double action, and holds two more rounds in .40. I just need more convincing before letting my Sig go. I've never felt the trigger or shot a HK so I don't know how they compare. Any opinions?
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    I have never handled a H&K, but I have handled Sigs and I know a Sig is awefully hard to beat. In my opinion, I think you should find one borrow/rent it. Then go handle it and get some range time with it before you give your Sig up. Just my 2 cents worth.

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    I have a H&K USP .45c I carry a lot and has never given me an issue. However, I don't think it is any better/any worse than a Sig and IF you can't conceal a Sig I don't think you will have much more success with an H&K IMHO. I would recommend you go to a Glock 23 or 27 if you want to stay with .40 S&W as they are somewhat slimmer and shorter in grip length, most notably the 27.

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    I just went through this same debate and ended up with a Sig. The HK triggers are really horrible and long in double and never smooth out. The newer sigs are a bit rough at first but smooth out with a couple hundred rounds. Plus the sig has a better single action trigger with a shorter reset.
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    I carry a HK45 and love it. Its a big gun but Im a big guy so its cool. 100% reliable from day one and accurate as hell. The only other 45 I own that may be a bit more accurate is my Kimber Pro CDP II but only by a hair.
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    No printing allowed in certain situations to say the least, not that I make printing a habit, but that's another story. After talking with a friend of mine who swears by his P2000SK, I'm thinking of maybe jumping on the HK bandwagon. Don't get me wrong I love my 239, but the SK is smaller, still single/double action, and holds two more rounds in .40.
    First, let me be clear, IMO the HK P2000sk is the finest CCW made today, bar none. If I thought there existed a better one, I'd carry it.

    That said... your reason for switching is to acquire a smaller, more concealable pistol, and I do not think the HK is smaller or at least that much smaller than your Sig P239. Thin and svelte the HK is not.

    If enhanced concealability is your goal you need to look for a thinner CCW than the HK. It pains me to say that, but it's true. Here's a shot of my beloved HK P2000sk with a Kahr CW9. You can see a thickness differential. I still prefer the HK, but truthfully, there are times I wish it were on a diet.

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    I'd say hang on to the SIG for now...try the other thoroughly. It's a terrible feeling of regret when you sell a pistol and find out later it was a mistake.

    You can't have too many carry pieces!
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    I looked hard at the P2000SK when I was looking for a carry gun, but ended up with a Sig 239. I don't think the P2000 is much smaller than a 239 (if at all). The Glocks are also about the same thickness. Weight may be an issue, but I don't think you'll be able to conceal an HK any easier than your Sig.

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    Hold on to the Sig. I traded a 239 in for an XD45 and now regret it to an extent. The XD is a fantastic gun but it is a bit large and gets to be uncomfortable. I know it's not quite the same situation - I got caught up in the bigger is better.

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    I carry an H&K P2000sk. It is very close in size to the P239.

    Working from the published specs, the Sig 239 is 6.6" long, 5.1" tall, and 1.2" thick.
    Working from the published specs, the P2000sk is 6.41" long, 4.6" tall, and 1.27" thick.

    I would be wary of comparing the specs directly - I've tried measuring my p2000sk and it takes a bit of fiddling to figure out exactly what they're measuring. For example, the slide width of the p2000sk is 1.14", the grip width is 1.15", the thickness across the slide release levers is 1.36" so it's hard to figure out how they got the 1.27" figure. The 4.6" height is from the top of the sights to the bottom plate of the magazine, but it's measured using a flat plate, not the standard plate with the grip extension. With the standard magazine (grip extension bottom plate) the gun measures 5.1" tall (but beware, the bottom plate is not flat, so the 'effective height' is a bit shorter.)

    The best thing you could do would be to arrange to handle both guns at the same time and compare. It's really more about shape, as the two guns are very close in size.

    I like my P2000sk a lot - I chose it after considering a lot of different guns for concealed carry, and one of the guns in the final short list was the P239. That said, the p239 is a fine gun, and honestly I think you would not gain anything at all in concealability by switching to the p2000sk. (but you would get another two rounds magazine capacity)

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    The posters above have pointed out that you won't gain much in size or dimension difference by going from the Sig P239 to the H&K P2000SK. You will pick up a couple of rounds in the magazine, and slightly lighter weight because of the polymer frame of the H&K. But you said that printing with the P239 was your problem, and that otherwise you liked the Sig.

    Two alternatives to the H&K come to mind. First,you could look for a different holster that might conceal better for you. You didn't mention what you use now, but maybe you can improve on it to stop the printing.

    The second alternative is to clearly go down in size from the P239 or the P2000SK, to a polymer or steel frame Kahr like the models PM40, PM9, MK40 or MK9. These Kahrs are very thin - about 0.90 across the slide and 0.95 across the grip, as shown in the picture posted earlier. You might give up some magazine capacity, but you will be much less likely to print, if that is your main concern. My "no printing" solution is a Kahr MK9 (9mm, 6+1 rounds) in a Comp-Tac 2 O'clock IWB holster. The little gun disappears in these conditions.

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    I agree with most that you are not going to gain much by the switch. I will say that my P2000 and P2000sk have replaced my Sigs as EDC. But the Sigs were P226/P220.

    I will say that once you get used to the grip the double recoil spring makes shooting the P2000sk very easy.

    As for the trigger: I think the Sig is better BUT all over the H&K forum everyone swears by Bill Springfield's H&K trigger job and it is very reasonable.
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    The jump from a SIG to an HK is much like jumping from a late-model Ford F150 to a late-model Toyota Tundra. It's more a subjective choice of preferred features than a objective choice of moving "up or down" in utility or quality. Pick what you want, practice (practice, practice...), shoot well & enjoy your choice!
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    Wink P2000? Try the P30!

    Quote Originally Posted by ripley16 View Post
    First, let me be clear, IMO the HK P2000sk is the finest CCW made today, bar none. If I thought there existed a better one, I'd carry it.
    Hey Ripley? I'm told the P2000 is being phased out. I did find a better H&K for ccw: The P30. I got rid of my beloved USP45 because it (like most Glocks) was too ergonomically "blocky" for my smallish hands. So I tried the P30 with the smaller backstrap insert and it was perfect! That is now my EDC. I will probably pick up an H&K45 as well. Still trying to decide between the full size and the compact, though.

    I bought my USP on the advice and a challenge from one of my buddies who recently retired from Special Forces as a Lieutenant Colonel. He said if he could choose one handgun to take straight from the box into combat without oil, cleaning or lube it would be a USP45. So, I bought one. I determined to do exactly that: Go from the box to the range without cleaning or lubrication and shoot till she failed. I figured based on my buddies assertions the gun might go 500rds or maybe 1000rds till I had either an FTF or FTE. Get this: 2,000 rds later the gun was still burbling along happily like a new Harley. I had to clean her after that out of sheer respect.

    That has also been my experience with my P30. The only other gun that even comes close to that kind of performance is my Sig P245. Those guns are the reasons my 1911s are currently "Safe Queens" although they are also always ready for my wife to grab as she learned on them and with which she feels most comfortable. That's fine by me.
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    I bought a new 9MM Sig P239 when they first hit the market, and it was an excellent 9mm pistol.. The Sig was accurate, and absolutely reliable. I did NOT care for the long trigger, but at the time did not know there was a replacement "short trigger" or I think I would have given one a try. I put CT Lasergrips on the Sig and it made for a very good carry weapon.

    I have a 9MM P2000sk V3 (TDA) and it is amazingly accurate.. Absolutely reliable, and being a lefty I appreciate the ambi-features it offers.

    Crimson Trace Lasergrips are not (to my knowledge) available for the HK P2000sk.

    Both the Sig P239 and the HK P2000sk are excellent choices. I suggest you try and hold, and if possible shoot, both before making a decision.

    No matter which you chose you'll wind up with a fine pistol.

    Best Wishes,


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