gun selection help

gun selection help

This is a discussion on gun selection help within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I was having a hard time selecting either a glock 33 357 sig or glock 27 40 s&w, It just seems the 357 sig would ...

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Thread: gun selection help

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    gun selection help

    I was having a hard time selecting either a glock 33 357 sig or glock 27 40 s&w, It just seems the 357 sig would be less prone to the possibilities of jamming. And once selected would you buy a lasermax or crimson trace,

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    Glocks are pretty darned reliable no matter what. You need to do your part and they shouldn't be jamming at all. The sub-compact Glocks may take a bit more of the good techniques than the larger pistols here, but that's what you should be ready for when selecting one of the subs in any caliber. One would think that the bottleneck cartridge of the 357sig should be less prone to jams or other issues than other cartridges, but I don't figure that's a proven point yet. Other things to consider would be the availability of ammo in either caliber you might choose, and the cost of each if available. Remember, if you get the G27, it is rather easy to convert to the 357sig with just a barrel swap.
    As far as semi-permanently attached laser devices go, I'm not a real fan of them, but if I was, I would more than likely favor the guide rod laser over the external grip laser for my own reasons.

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    Hmm... I really like the 357 sig, however, I'd probably choose the 40 S&W simply because of logistics.

    Crimson Trace or Laser max... I wouldnt have one on my pistols. I'd rather spend the money on training or ammo. But, if I had to choose, I think the CT is a better product.
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    I had a Lasermax (in a G19) and an Armalaser (on a PM9).

    I also have CT Lasergrips on a SP101 revolver. So, I've used all the major brands.

    I like the fact that the Lasergrips come on automatically just by gripping the gun. I have since standardized on CT. Lasergrips on the G19, and Laserguard on my G26 and LCP.

    I would not carry a defensive handgun without a laser. They are not a substitute for training, but they ARE a substantial tactical advantage.

    With regard to gun selection, I would agree that you can get the .40 and then convert to .357 or 9mm if you wished to.

    Good luck to you!
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    I went with the G33 because I wanted my 'native' carry round to be a .357SIG, not the .40. I did end up getting a good deal on a .40 and 9mm conversion barrels later but I haven't even used them yet. I'm loving my 33.

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    Select .40

    I would get the .40 caliber Glock over the .357 Sig caliber Glock because:

    1. Jamming isn't generally a problem with any Glock, regardless of caliber.

    2. .40 ammo is more readily available and cheaper than .357 Sig.

    3. .40 effect on the target is as good as .357 Sig, based on gelatin tests I have seen using Winchester Ranger and Federal HST.
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    Of your two choices...neither would be mine...I'd go with the .40.
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