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Your Back-up Ammo..SAME?

This is a discussion on Your Back-up Ammo..SAME? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Almost always...same gun...back up mags...all have the same ammo....

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Thread: Your Back-up Ammo..SAME?

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    Almost always...same gun...back up mags...all have the same ammo.
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    .45 230 gr JHP in all mags when carrying. El Cheapo hardball for practice, but still 230gr.

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    Backup (spare?) ammo same as what is in gun.
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    Backup ammo same as the primary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PastorPack View Post
    I take the opposite stance: The 99reasons I want JHP loaded in my carry piece (expansion, expansion, expansion) are the same reasons that I want JHP in a back-up mag. If I have depleted my first mag, i still want the stopping power of a good SD round.

    I prefer to leave the FMJ for the range and "Stuff Hits the Fan" scenarios.
    Your "Stuff Hits the Fan" is the scenario I'm talking about. And should I ever end up in one, then I want penetration, not expansion.

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    I have 20 rounds of .40 cal. Hornady Critical Defense Ammo for EDC. (CA mags = 10 per mag) but I rarely carry an extra mag.

    In the home, I have 150 rounds of .40 cal Federal Classic 180 grain Hi-Shok JHP that were my favorite birthday gift.

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    I carry 9mm 124 grain Gold Dots throughout my carry system.
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    All the same: Winchester Ranger SXT .45 ACP 230gr JHP.
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    I have 15 rounds in my Glock, I trust it, so I usually do not carry an extra magazine. If I did, I would go with the same SD ammunition. However, range ammo is better than no ammo.

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    I don't have my permit yet, but the ammo in gun and spare magazines is Speer Gold Dot .40S&W 180gr

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    I usually carry 1 or 2 spare mags with JHPs. I do have a few different brands, one brand per mag sometimes though, in order to keep ammo relatively fresh.
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    With revolvers, I have carried spare ammo with a bullet profile that fits easier into the chambers. As a really poor rookie cop, in the mid-1980's, budget was another factor. In my M58 duty sixgun, I kept Silvertips in the weapon, and 210-grain LSWC in the speedloaders, and for the back-up J-snub, I was known to carry round-nosed lead spare ammo, for my third or fourth reload. This had little or nothing to do with a desire for greater penetration.

    More recently, while carrying magnums in the SP101s, I have carried light-bullet .38 Special in speedloaders, because its shorter overall length allows the loaded speedloader to get past the grips on my SP101. Magnums in the speedloader can cause binding against the grip. Obviously, greater penetration is NOT the motive in this case.

    Well, now that i think about it, for a while I carried one reload of .357 mag 180-grain Federal Castcore. I saw it as more of something to swap into the cylinder while enroute to something like a felony car stop, when on duty. Then, I progressed into keeping a whole spare sixgun so loaded, in a bag, in the passenger compartment. No need to swap anything that way; just grab the whole sixgun with the desired ammo in it.
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    I use the same ammo for primary and backup. When I decide to go with something new, like I'm about to do, I order enough for all my clips plus some to make sure their reliable in my guns. Getting ready to switch to Fed HST.

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    I use Gold Dot +P in alll my handguns for SD and load my spare magazines with the same. My BUG 38 gets Gold Dot +P as well. My range time also includes a box of the same at the end of my shooting for each handgun that I practise with on that day. I believe you alway shoot some of what you are going to use, just to rrember the feel of it.

    No my magazines, just stopping power.
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