Glock 30 or 30SF?

Glock 30 or 30SF?

This is a discussion on Glock 30 or 30SF? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hey guys getting ready to buy a Glock 30 should i go with the 30SF or the 30? Any advantages or disadvantages of one over ...

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Thread: Glock 30 or 30SF?

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    Glock 30 or 30SF?

    Hey guys getting ready to buy a Glock 30 should i go with the 30SF or the 30? Any advantages or disadvantages of one over the other?

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    The SF is smaller from backstrap to trigger. IIRC, the 30 will take SF mags but the SF will not take 30 mags. They are VERY accurate in my experience. It is a fine choice of a CCW weapon.
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    As long as they are newer magazines (newest design), they are interchangeable between the SF and regular line. I think the difference is whether or not it is a ambi mag release, but I am not 100% sure on this one. I don't even think they make an ambi mag release in the 30, I thought it was just the 21, and then only if it has to doohickey, picatinny, rail? Like I said, not sure on this though, I am sure someone that has more Glock knowledge will chime in here soon.

    I have an SF 30, but a regular 29, and it is not enough of a difference for me to get one over the other. I bought the 30sf, cause that is the one they had, and I bought the 29 cause they didn't have a 29sf.

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    Hold each and see which one feels the best to you. Grip size is the only difference. It's a personal choice.
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    I have a 29SF and it's a similar size to the 30SF. The only difference between it and the 29 is 3mm from the front to back strap. As already noted, just try to hold both of them to see which one is more comfy to you. The SF just felt better to me. Oh, the mags for the 29 and 29SF are the same.

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    I have the G30 and love , although I have never saw the SF. Bottom line either would make a great choice for CC. Good luck

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    I have the 30SF and it is an excellent firearm. I bought regular glock 30 10 round magazines (no ambi cut) and they work fine. 30SF does not have ambi release anyway (thats 21SF).

    The grip angle is different from "regular glock" and it fits my hands way better. I added pearce floorplates to improve pinky finger grip to my 10 round mags.

    Best thing is go to a gun show and hold 30 and 30SF in your hand. It should be IMMEDIATELY apparent which one fits your hand better. Other then that it is the same gun.

    Mine has about 1000 rounds through it and not one failure. 100% reliable including wolf ammo.

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    If you have already grabbed a hold of the thin grip of the '36', then it's the G-30...that's my vote.
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    Here is a side by side comparison (SF on the left)...

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    I have a 30 and it fits my hand just fine. I have long fingers. I wouldn't need the SF. Try them both out. See which one fits your hand better. If you like the 30, let me know. I may be looking to sell it.
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    It doesn't look like much but I like the feel of the G30 but I love the way the SF feels.
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    No wrong choice, just go with what feels the best. Be sure to wait until you have a chance to try both.

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