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SP101 : Hammer or Hammer-less???

This is a discussion on SP101 : Hammer or Hammer-less??? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; In my personal opinion, defensive revolvers should be DAO. Many police agencies learned this lesson through the years, LAPD and Miami come to mind quite ...

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Thread: SP101 : Hammer or Hammer-less???

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    In my personal opinion, defensive revolvers should be DAO.

    Many police agencies learned this lesson through the years, LAPD and Miami come to mind quite easily. I don't think NYPD or Chicago learned this lesson, but that's food for another meal.

    The DAO Revolver came about due to civil and criminal liability concerns. That is something one needs to pay attention to when deciding upon what gun to carry, IMO. My hunting revolvers have the Hammer Spur and can be fired Single Action. The Double Action Revolvers are DAO.

    If you say you need the Hammer Spur because you may have to make a long shot or some such and need greater accuracy, I contend that you should spend more time at the Range shooting in Double Action as you can be just as accurate in Double Action mode if you practice.


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    I own a stainless Security Six that has the best revolver trigger I have ever used. Its an oldie but I would not part with it. I have a S&W 640 Centinnel which has a concealed hammer. Another old gun. I like a hammer.
    Its not so much how many rounds you shoot, but where they stop.

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    I have given this issue alot of thought and prefer snubs with the full external hammer. Most of those favoring the DAO snubs are worried about snagging during a pocket draw. Personally I have to try hard to get the hammer to snag, even in jeans. Even if this was a frequent occurrence, placing your thumb on or near the hammer during the draw makes snagging impossible. Another argument used by DAO fans is that there are almost no scenarios where SA firing is appropriate. This makes no sense to me. There are plenty of scenarios where the superior accuracy of single action would be beneficial, basically any where a fast draw is unnecessary. Consider an incident like at Luby's restaurant where an active shooter is between you and your family and the restaurant door. The shooter is perhaps 20 yards away and is partially obstructed. I would much rather shoot at him SA than DA. IMO, a DAO revolver is a crippled revolver that sacrifices its most accurate firing mode for the questionable benefit of being snagproof.

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    Other than my hunting revolvers, my carry revolvers are all DAO. If you cannot shoot them accurately DAO then you might possibly need more practice or you might need to have the gun worked on by a qualified gunsmith that specializes in trigger work. Chances of having the gun go off unexpectedly in SA mode is a real threat, especialy under stress, and that is why most law enforcement agencies have gone to DA guns. Most wont even let their officers carry 1911's because they are SA.
    As far as having someone grab ythe cylinder of your weapon and preventing it from turning and preventng it from firing, we were also taught to grab the frame far enough back, on a single action cocked gun, forcing the web of your grabbing hand between the hammer & frame. This produces the same effect as grabbing the cylinder on a DA gun.
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    My wife's gun is a hammerless in .357 that we had worked over and smoothed up a little, but for a close-quarters defense gun, it can't be beat.....
    "Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined". - Patrick Henry

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    While I agree that for defensive purposes, the gun should never be cocked in to single action, the ability to do so while at the range or whatever is nice. One way to eliminate snagging it to train to draw the gun with your thumb over the hammer spur, then drop into your normal shooting grip as the gun clears the clothing.

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