wich is better to carry and shoot alot at the range

wich is better to carry and shoot alot at the range

This is a discussion on wich is better to carry and shoot alot at the range within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm having trouble witch type of glock i wanna carry the glock 22 or the glock 23. if any one has had any of these ...

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Thread: wich is better to carry and shoot alot at the range

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    Question wich is better to carry and shoot alot at the range

    I'm having trouble witch type of glock i wanna carry the glock 22 or the glock 23. if any one has had any of these guns can you shed some knowledge on me.

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    I have the standard (full size) and subcompact version of Glocks in .357 Sig (G31 & G33).

    For a while I carried the standard size (like your G22). What I selected to wear (clothing) was always based on the gun. I considered the compact version (like your G23).

    IMO, that longer the grip, the harder to CC. The longer the upper, the less comfortable to CC. They really are seperate issues, and normally one goes with the other anyways.

    For me, it came down to comfort. Maybe for you it will be easier to CC. So if you are having either issue, G23 is the choice.

    As far as what one is better in a SD situation, both about the same.
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    The Glock is a great range and Carry pistol. Put thousands of rounds DR with my G23. The .40 would be good for both situations. Good luck with your choice, you can't go wrong with either IMO.

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    How you are going to carry is going to play the biggest part in what you're going to keep at hand. Then....what you'll be doing with it. The large frame Glocks are...well, large...full size pistols to be exact. Good for competition, back-up in-the-woods-while hunting, target shooting, and of course carrying. I only carry (carried...we'll get to that in a minute) my large frame Glocks during the winter OWB under a jacket or such. I also use my large frame Glock (I only have the G17 now since I traded my G22 for a G23 at a local gun show in June). I had my G22 for about eight years, but ever since I bought a new G19 two years ago, I knew the G23 would be best for me for CC and range time or matches. I mainly shoot the 9mm in matches since the expense is comparatively low to the 40S&W. The compact (G19/G23) pistols work exceptionally well for me, so that's what I have gravitated to. I really like the 40S&W caliber and I started out with CC (concealed carry) in mind when I bought my first Glock...a G27. Then I wanted a target/range pistol, so the G17 and G22 came next for me. Then I dabbled in the 45 auto Glocks and they went by the wayside since the G21 was a bit large for me to carry/operate, and the G30 was nice and accurate, but a bit too heavy in the muzzle for me to feel perfectly comfortable carrying concealed. I need something that works for me 100% and always feel confident in since it will be there to save my life or my loved ones. I've been through the Glocks in 9mm and 40S&W, and what I've come out with is that for me, the best of Glock lies in the compact line G19/G23/G33. I've never shot the 357sig caliber Glocks, but the medium frames (compact), in my mind, and for most on average, they seem to be the best all around pistols and it aint just me. In my opinion, your best option would be the G23 for an 'all-around' Glock pistol. The G23 is actually more accurate for me than the 9mm or my previous G22. I have yet to shoot my 40cal Glocks in competition, but I love shooting them at the range, and I carry either my G19 or G23 daily in jeans and t-shirt. Last but not least is your ability to hit with and hide your Glock. It's essentially up to you no matter what advice you get here. You'll find your piece of Glock perfection, and it may be instant, or it may take some time. Just be willing to work with what you're given or what you have...know when it's time for change, and most of all feel 100% confident in your decisions. Glock on!
    P.S. I have holsters that are pretty much generic when it comes to my Glocks. Most fit all or all fit most! Birds of a feather Glock together!

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    The 23 carries quite well. That extra length on the 22 can make a difference depending on your body type/composition.

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    Being able to do both was my first 2 criteria for selecting my first carry gun. Has to be concealable, but I want to be able to run 600 rounds a day through it at a handgun class.

    I chose the G19 and it has been perfect for all of the above. I think you should go with the 23

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    Go with what feels best in your hand.

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    I would carry the 22. You may not be able to pull it off, but I prefer a full sized gun.
    The preceding post may contain sarcasm; it's just better that way. However, it is still intended with construction and with the Love of my L-rd Y'shua.

    NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, World Drifter

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