Glock 29 vs Glock 27

Glock 29 vs Glock 27

This is a discussion on Glock 29 vs Glock 27 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; This is a poll to see which you would prefer to have and why. Glock 29 (10mm) + 40sw conversion barrel Glock 27 (40sw) + ...

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  • Glock 29 (10mm) + 40sw conversion barrel

    12 30.77%
  • Glock 27 (40sw) + 9mm conversion barrel

    27 69.23%
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Thread: Glock 29 vs Glock 27

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    Glock 29 vs Glock 27

    This is a poll to see which you would prefer to have and why.

    Glock 29 (10mm) + 40sw conversion barrel
    Glock 27 (40sw) + 9mm conversion barrel

    I am torn on which to get as these 2 baby glocks seem to be very versatile with the conversion barrels. I am concerned about the recoil of the 10mm and also concerned about the knockdown power of the 9mm. Which would you choose and why?

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    Senior Member Array Danimal's Avatar
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    I have both. But I voted for the 29. I would actually rather have a 29 with a .357 sig conversion barrel. Are you looking for a bigger bore gun with a conversion barrel for cheaper range sessions?

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    practice with .40 protect with 10mm

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    i love my 27

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    My 27 gets carried off-duty most of the time. The 29 is bigger than the 27. I'm not a fan of conversion barrels. Do they include different ejectors or is it just the barrel that gets swapped out?

    In any event, if you do get a 9mm barrel and 9mm mags, that round will serve you well. When I don't carry my 27 off-duty it is usually because I'm carrying the 19. I never feel undergunned with 9mm. I use 124 gr +p Speer GDs.
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    Smaller and less weight for EDC piece. It's all a comprimise. Otherwise, we would all be Abram's right?
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    Bob from Southern New Hampshire
    I too have the Glock 29 with a 357 Sig conversion barrel. Works flawlessly. I also have the 27 with the 357 Sig conversion so I guess it's just a question of "what am I going to carry today" thing.
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    I have the 27, I'm thinking about getting the 9mm conversion kit . It's getting too expensive and too hard to find .40sw
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    My vote was G27. It really depends on you & what you're looking for. I'm not going to get into comparison of the calibers 10mm vs. .40 and the history- most of us know it, and if not it's easily searched.

    I will talk about my experience- because I own both. The G29 is termed a subcompact, but the dimensions (length and height) are the same as the G23 only wider and heavier. Therefore the G29 is noticeably larger and heavier than the G27. The gun shoots great and handles the round well, despite the power.

    The G27 is a GREAT concealed gun. It's my go to gun thru the summer- its light, small but accurate and respectable defense caliber.

    I don't know how you feel about recoil- The .40 is stronger than the 9mm. The 10mm with full power loads are a couple of steps above the .40. Also consider- it's harder to get the ammo for a 10mm. You can always order it, but it's hard to find in my local shops.

    If you want a gun that is MAX power and cool- the G29 is for you.
    If you prefer something that disappears when concealed, and cheaper to shoot then it's The G27.

    I hope that helps!
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    Senior Member Array adaman04's Avatar
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    With some hesitation I chose the 27.

    I have a 26 and a 30 and the 26 is a lot smaller of a gun. I don't really consider the 29/30 a subcompact when it is fractions of an inch different in size from my G19.

    Other than cheaper ammo for range use, I wouldn't use a conversion barrel at all. I personally wouldn't carry one for defense. With that said, of your choices I would probably get a G27 and run .40 S&W through it. If you really wanted to shoot 9mm through it at the range, sure go for the conversion barrel. Just my .02.

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    Prefer 9mm in Glock

    I have shot the 10mm in full size Glock and it didn't like me or I didn't like it. Could just be my experience. I have shot the 10mm on 1911 platform and it was much better for me. Too me Glock is 9mm and I really like them. I would consider the 357 sig with 9mm conversion...

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    I would suggest the G27 (in fact I have one for sale on the board right now if you are interested). The cost and availability of .40 and 9mm ammo is the key factor. Walmart doesn't carry 10mm.

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    Buy one use it as it is standard is the key when you start all that conversion stuff you will eventually have trouble with one or the other.

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