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Which handgun and why for Concealed carry

This is a discussion on Which handgun and why for Concealed carry within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; XD compact or a glock 19 IMO...

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Thread: Which handgun and why for Concealed carry

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    XD compact or a glock 19 IMO
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    I have recently purchased a sig p232 and love it. Truly one of the best guns I got.

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    If it is price the keltecs are the bet if not well the first post said it opinions are like noses and feet . . . we all got them . . . they are useful to the owner!!

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    If you can conceal it and shoot it accurate, then there you go. Make sure to shoot all the guns you're interested in before you buy cause lives are on the line and if you're not comfortable enough to practice with your choice,when the time comes to God forbid use it for real you probably won't when you should or will when you shouldn't.

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    +1 to the Glock 26... although I would like to try a PM9.

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    I am a fan of my Glock 26. It has not let me down.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lrsimpson58 View Post
    Do you think Slide width is the most important factor in concealed carry?
    No, I think the most important issue is what you can shoot well. If the only pistol you can shoot well is a huge revolver, figure out how you're going to carry it.

    If you're extremely recoil sensitive, then weight/caliber relationship might be most important.

    It's just too difficult to tell without knowing more about you and your shooting style.

    Personally, of your list, I started with a USP Compact (not a sub), then eventually moved to a smaller P11 and PF9...but I like small light pistols and am OK with their handling and recoil.

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    I chose none on the list... I like my XD 9 SC.
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    Another +1 for an XDsub compact. Get the 40 and you can always downgrade to a 9mm if you need to with a simple barrel swap

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    My vote is for the PM9 hands down! Can't beat the size/quality in my book. A close recent addition for me has been the Walther PPS 9mm and .40. With such a slim profile, the PPS is growing on me. I will say this, if you're not dead set on the 9mm, then I'd highly recommend the PM40 for obvious reasons.

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    I prefer a Full Size S&W M&P 357Sig w/CTC laser grip as my concealed carry piece. I can draw and place 3 shots inside a 3inch diameter circle within 2 secs @ 10 yds. This round has plenty of power and the M&P has a 15rd Mag. in 357Sig. This platform is not a problem to conceal for me being I am 6ft. 5in 285lbs. also probably helps a little

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    I like my G30, but the slide is in the "wide-body" range. Still, a .45 on my hip is a real comfort (mentally).

    I use a Blade-tech Ultimate IWB (tucked), and I have to blouse the shirt a bit. I'm considering going to the hideous appearing but well recommended Cross-breed. I really want one for my 1911.

    I'm not into the whole "pant-pull-up" thing everytime I get up. Draws too much attention...
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    Another vote for the Glock. If you are renting guns to try, try the 27.
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    CZ 2075 Rami P 9mm will be my CCW once I decide on a holster.

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    PM9 first choice, but only for the DAO trigger. Can't go wrong with either Glock or Kahr. The Glocks will run in the mud and IMO are a true combat pistol, but I like the size and elite trigger on the kahrs. Best of both worlds. Skinny Glock 27 with the Kahr elite trigger DAO. One can dream right?

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