Something I'm looking into for the wife's upcoming permit and her wish for a G26. Interestingly enough, the place is in Kansas, close to where I've been visiting over the past couple of months since I have good friends there. Lenexa, KS to be exact. I may have stumbled upon a good site and a good resource by word of mouth from a somewhat local police officer. Looks good for anyone from law enforcement to FFL, to civilian, and it appears they will do the GSSF pistol vouchers since they are an authorized Glock LEO dealer. Some may already know, but for those who don't, I just couldn't keep it to myself. Just try not to scoop me on a good deal on that G26....I'll have to call them during business hours. By the way....some of the fine print reads that they will take anything of value including cows! LOL!
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