Keep the 45 or get a smaller 9mm - Please help!

This is a discussion on Keep the 45 or get a smaller 9mm - Please help! within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I currently own a HK P30 and an HK 45c but I am trying to decide if I should get rid of one of them ...

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Thread: Keep the 45 or get a smaller 9mm - Please help!

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    Keep the 45 or get a smaller 9mm - Please help!

    I currently own a HK P30 and an HK 45c but I am trying to decide if I should get rid of one of them and get an HK P2000sk in 9mm for easier concealment. I find the HK45c easier to conceal than the HK P30 due to a slightly shorter grip that prints less. I think the P2000sk with an even shorter grip will be just right and not print as much so I can wear lighter clothing. Problem is I really cant afford to keep 3 guns right now so I am trying to decide if I should get rid of the P30 so I have 1 gun in 9mm and 1 in 45 or ditch the HK45c so I have both guns in 9mm. I like the idea of having the higher mag capacity with the p30 at 15+1 over the 45C with 8+1. However I also like the idea of having a little heavier load with the 45 when I think it might be advisable, that's why I got them in the first place. I would like to keep them both as I love to shoot them but I just cant justify the expense right now. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Do you think its better to have 2 guns in different calibers or just 2 guns of the same caliber? Thanks!

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    I think you should wait until you can afford to own three guns and then buy the other one, but if you must...I'd keep the .45 and swap 9's.

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    I would keep the .45 but which one are you better with? Higher mag capacity is a plus.

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    I would avoid getting rid of a gun I really like, seems like I'd regret it later. I'd just start saving my change and lunch money for a new acquisition!

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    If you like them both, I have to agree with the others; save pennies until you can afford the 2kSK.

    That way, if for some reason you don't like the new gun, you won't regret getting rid of one you did like.
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    Like my 9mm but would keep the .45.
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    I can't get rid of any of my guns; If I can't afford a new one then I don't buy one till I can.

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    If you are like me, a .45 fan, I would get a 1911 .45 such as Kimber, Springfield, and etc. You'll get the same level of protection and a very well built gun.
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    Keep the .45, excellent SD round, no matter what the capacity. Trade or sell the other 9mm for one you think is something that feels comfortable enough to CC everyday.
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    If you like the 45's I would keep them both. If I were going to get another round for a smaller gun, I would look at the 40 cal. Packages are about the same as a 9 mm but the energy is more. Of course, a pea shooter is good if your shot placement is good. Anyway, I would not go to the 9 but would go to the 40.


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    Keep your HK .45

    I'll +3 or 4 everyone else that has said to keep your guns and wait until you can afford a new one. I absolutely LOVE my HK usp 45 compact and wouldn't trade it for anything. However, I am a 1911 fan as well and have been saving my pennies for a Springer or a Kimber, or maybe even the new Charles Daly G4 that may or may not come out
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    NEVER sell your guns. I sold an M1 30 cal carbine years ago when times were tough. I still think about what a bad idea that was.

    Just my 2 cents

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    I will echo what most others are saying. Do not sell your HK45c or your P30. Save your money and buy the P2000sk. Never sell your guns, unless you absolutely hate it. More than likely your "printing" issue is in your head. Dress around your gun. I have succesfully carried IWB, a G17 and FNP 9 , no problem. Nobody knew. I am a small framed guy about 150 5'10' . The FNP9 was more comfortable but as far as printing.. wear a big hawaiian shirt something to break up the the lines of the stock.

    Now, an SK will be invisible. No denying that. Great CCW piece.

    If you want to sell your HK45C. I will take it off your hands.
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    From someone who has sold guns that I now miss...........keep your 45 and save up for a new 9mm. Once it's gone it always costs more to get back! Good Luck.
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    Years ago I sold my Super Redhawk 44 Magnum, to this day I still regret it. Granted it wasn't a carry gun, but it was my favorite shooter.
    If I had it back would I sell it again to buy something else, No, I would wait until I could afford the next one.
    Come to think of it, that is why the 4 inch S&W Model 29 didn't come home with me yesterday, but I have a feeling it will be in lay-away before the day is over
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